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Why a Commercial Security Door is Mandatory for Your Business’ Security

February 19, 2022

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As a business owner, security is part and parcel of your day-to-day life when opening a physical location. Having proper commercial security systems in place can be a major deterrent to would-be burglars. Whether you have items that are of low or high value, having a commercial security door, burglar alarms, and CCTV cameras, can all make your life as a business owner a lot easier, not just in terms of protecting yourself with lower insurance rates and easier claims, but also in actually preventing burglars from entering your premises in the first place.

But what are commercial doors? How do they enable your business’ security? What kind of security door is right for your business? And what other security systems do you need if you choose to go for a business door installation?

Why strong security doors are important

Exterior doors are not only going to be the main way in and out for your customers and employees, but they’re also going to make the storefront experience a lot nicer instead of having an open gap in the front of your storefront property.

But you’d typically see storefront doors with glass and some aluminium to provide some aesthetic appeal to your customers when they walk in. Apart from these aesthetic doors, a commercial security door is also a key component of your storefront’s security. As far as commercial door needs go, these steel security doors are a lot more durable and secure compared to standard counterparts. Not only will they be able to protect you from burglary attempts, but they can also provide safety during errant weather patterns too.

Why do I need a window?

A glass window will let in a lot of natural light that can be very attractive for customers coming in to shop. In retail, these windows also make great places to display products in, which entice customers to come in and check out the store.While they are visually attractive, they should also be strong enough to ensure that burglars and miscreants aren’t able to enter your premises, at least immediately. Almost all burglaries don’t even take place through the front door (although that does not cause to ignore front door security altogether), they take place through the store’s glass windows.Career criminals will often be able to identify the weakest points of a building’s security just by looking at the building from outside. An experienced group of criminals will be able to get into a location quickly, possibly disable alarm systems, and get out with your wares before you know what happened or the authorities arrive to investigate.This means the best way to ensure that burglars are unable to get into your location, or at least slow their advance, is to have proper security systems in place. When it comes to commercial doors and windows, you should be reinforcing the glass and protecting the doors so that they can withstand forced entry for a while before giving out.

How to reinforce commercial windows

Reinforcement depends entirely on the level of security you want and the budget you’re able to afford. But once you’ve finalized these factors, there are a number of options you can use to reinforce your commercial doors and windows.Traditional and inexpensive options include having a metal grate or bars in front of your windows and doors to prevent immediate access to your glass doors. While these can seem unattractive at first, they’re only going to be present after-hours when your customers aren’t visiting.But if you are running a 24/7 store when you don’t have the option of providing security grates and bars on your doors, then it’s mandatory to have a security system that can protect your commercial property without affecting visual appeal. Here are some ways to reinforce glass against burglars.

  1. Laminated glass for security
  2. Security window film
  3. Glazing shields with polycarbonate

Security films and laminated glass are very popular options for glass reinforcement, but the problem is that they don’t prevent your glass from breaking. It only increases the time to actually break into the property.If you’re looking for real security, then having some polycarbonate glazing shields can have the visual appeal of glass while being nigh unbreakable. One major advantage of polycarbonate shields is that they can be fitted easily onto existing door systems with little to no modifications. With the strength of polycarbonate glazed shields, even the most determined burglars would be unable to force their way into your premises.

How to reinforce commercial doors

There are a few choices you can use to reinforce your commercial doors. These vary depending on the visual style you want, the budget you have, and the security you want on offer.

  1. Interior and exterior security doors
  2. Aluminium security doors
  3. Wooden security doors
  4. Hollow metal doors

Interior and exterior doors are great if you want to maintain a sense of cohesion for your storefront between the exterior and interior. But the interior doors will not be as sturdy as the exterior doors.Aluminium security doors are very strong and naturally resistant to rust, so they won’t be subject to regular maintenance like steel or iron doors are. These are a bit more expensive, but they do provide better security. Another advantage is that since aluminium is lightweight, it can be a lot easier for your customers and employees to use these doors instead of steel or iron doors.Wooden security doors are mostly chosen for their aesthetic appeal. While wood is a great material, it’s not as secure as aluminium or metal doors can be. Commercial wooden doors are often also filled with particle boards to help with reduced costs.Hollow metal security doors are one of the most secure options since they are able to easily absorb a lot of impacts. The internal layer of air makes it easier for hollow doors to withstand blunt force attacks burglars might use to break-in. This is arguably one of the most popular choices for commercial security, as most professional installers would tell you, due to the lightweight nature of the doors and the added security they bring.


Ultimately, the security of your business is dependent on how much you can afford to spend to protect your goods. As we’ve mentioned before, the weakest points of entry in your commercial property are the doors and windows. How much you choose to spend and which options you choose to avail are entirely dependent on what you need to protect, what you can afford to spend, and what goes well with your aesthetic choices.Any commercial building’s most vulnerable entry points are its glass doors and windows. That’s why all business owners should take steps to reinforce their commercial storefront doors and windows against forced entry.


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