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Zuper’s Job and Estimates module proved to be the perfect solution for the company to manage and streamline its repair order management
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This company is one of the world’s largest direct-selling retail giants, well known for its multi-level marketing (MLM) business model operating in over 100+ countries. It offers a wide range of products, from health supplements, skincare, and beauty products to household items, and has successfully built a loyal customer base with its sustainable and ethical business practices.  

Being one of the largest direct-selling retailer in the world, the company turned to Zuper to resolve its repair order management challenges. Zuper’s Job and Estimates module proved to be the perfect solution for the company to manage and streamline its repair order management, improving process efficiency, and increasing workforce productivity. 


The company needed a better way to effectively manage after-sales repair orders as they used manual processes resulting in a lack of efficiency, longer operational cycles and delayed customer service. 

Additionally, they had an existing technology solution that limited the retailer from providing timely repair status updates to All Business Owners (ABOs) and All Privileged Customers (APCs) and product owners, causing dissatisfaction among stakeholders. Additionally, they faced these additional challenges:

  • Manual and inefficient repair order tracking
  • Insufficient payment notifications on completion 
  • Lack of visibility over outstanding repair orders
  • Additional costs incurred due to other ad-hoc tasks

How Zuper Jobs and Zuper Quotes helped the company overcome key challenges

With Zuper, the company could quickly create and manage quotes for repair orders and share via text and email, shortening the time taken to share the document with consumers and retrieve their approval. This seamless experience enabled the retail giant to provide better service and speed up the quotation and invoicing process, improving the overall customer experience. 

In addition, Zuper made it possible for the retailer to track and control every aspect of the repair process, giving them real-time visibility into the status of each and every step. Zuper’s checklists and automated workflows eliminated any chance for errors and process gaps.


Customizable features to meet unique requirements

The company’s existing field service application was customizable only with the help of developers or an IT team, limiting the ability of their business team users to tailor their processes to meet unique business needs.

Zuper, the most customizable and flexible field service management platform, allowed the retailer to tailor processes and workflows to meet their specific requirements, transforming the way they were able to operate and ensuring a more effective and efficient operational cycle. 

Enhanced communication by connecting everything together

Back-office teams struggled to provide regular updates on repair statuses to their business owners, privileged customers, and product owners, resulting in a poor customer experience. With Zuper, all stakeholders receive regular repair status updates reducing back-and-forth calls, improving customer satisfaction, and streamlining communication. 

Streamlining workflows to avoid manual errors

Their FSM process was subjected to manual errors, service delays, and operational problems due to the inefficient scheduling and field operations management. Having a modern field service management solution helped the company streamline its repair order management workflows, eliminating scheduling conflicts and improving service delivery timelines.

Sending real-time notifications secured faster payments 

Previously, their field service technicians had no visibility on when a customer paid for a repair order, causing ambiguities and delays. Zuper empowered technicians with payment confirmation alerts and notifications, reducing confusion and delays and enhancing after-sales efficiency.

Real-time visibility into outstanding repair orders

Shop managers and area retail managers (ARMs) had trouble managing repair orders with limited visibility. Zuper’s robust tracking and reporting features offered shop managers and ARMs a bird’s eye view of outstanding repair orders, allowing them to schedule, manage, and track repair orders more efficiently.

Seamless integrations with existing stacks 

The company faced challenges finding a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their large tech stack and third-party tools such as Hybris, Global Warehouse Management System (GWMS), and MAGIC Distributor Management System (MDMS). However, Zuper’s field service management platform’s flexible nature helped the retailer tackle this challenge easily.

Zuper’s integration with Global Warehouse Management System (GWMS) and MAGIC Distributor Management System (MDMS) automated asset and customer details management, while integration with SAP Hybris streamlined inventory management and notification triggers. 

Additionally, configuring SMS notifications through Infobip (a collaboration tool that was integrated with Zuper) enhanced customer communication and improved operational efficiency. In summary, Zuper’s integrations helped the company optimize its processes, reduce manual redundancy, and deliver a superior customer experience.


Zuper’s field service management platform helped the retail giant significantly improve their operational efficiency by better managing repair orders, streamlining the job creation and scheduling process and reducing manual efforts on estimates, quotes and payments collections. 

Zuper collaborated closely with the company to integrate their unique system with other 3rd party and proprietary tools, enabling them to provide the best possible service and support to their community. As a result, the company improved overall customer experience and scaled its operations for growth setting them up for continued success.


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