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CMC Streamlined Its Complex End-to-End Workflows

To sum it up, Zuper was highly responsive in our request to customize the platform for our needs around project and job management and job details
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CMC is a leading international air compressor manufacturer and maintenance provider. CMC prides itself on “designing controls without compromise that add value to the manufacturers that incorporate them.”

The company specializes in developing multi-unit air compressor systems that serve the needs of large-scale commercial customers while meeting strict international regulations—which is no easy feat. As a division of the larger company, CMC serves its customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Company Quote: “When it comes to compressed air control, performance, and monitoring solutions, CMC’s comprehensive approach to creating market-ready solutions knows no bounds.”

Since 1985, they have helped commercial customers across the globe deploy intricate and elaborate air compressor systems. Thus, CMC requires a comprehensive field service solution to manage its complex operations and deliver a best-in-class experience while maximizing productivity and profitability.


CMC installs, monitors, and maintains fine-tuned compressor systems for their clients. However, their operations lacked the integrated solution required to efficiently deliver the highest level of service without siphoning their service technicians’ time. They needed an all-inclusive solution that still molded to its unique workflows.

Complicated Project Management

A complex product introduces unique project management challenges that cannot be solved with predefined workflows. CMC needed a field service management solution that could be personalized, including system installation, ongoing performance monitoring and maintenance, and routine follow-ups.

Demanding Product Delivery

The compressor systems delivered to customers need to be flawless. One missing piece or wrong step during installation can prevent the entire system from working. Given the high-stakes installation process, the company needed to reduce product delivery errors.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Beyond installation, CMC provides complete system maintenance for its customers. However, they lacked an efficient solution to monitor ongoing system performance and track preventative maintenance schedules long-term.

Limited Insights

The company faced a significant challenge around gathering and monitoring base-level insights. CMC wanted increased confidence in its field service operations, as well as profit clarity, through concrete data and analytics.


CMC chose Zuper’s field service management software due to its robust customization features. Zuper’s industry-leading flexibility allowed them to develop tailored workflows and gain access to advanced analytics and reporting they previously lacked.

Structured Operations

After three months, CMC established its custom workflows, streamlining each step of its complex processes. Due to the size and detail of the compressor systems, installations are large, elaborate projects. These installations require management to ensure the specific sequence of steps through completion.

Zuper support configured parent and child jobs so that when a parent job gets created, the sub-task child jobs automatically populate to eliminate missteps in the workflow. Further, Zuper established parent and child jobs for ongoing performance and maintenance services as well, creating a customized end-to-end field service management solution.

Advanced Insights

Through Zuper’s advanced analytics and reporting, CMC Animatics monitors job details and next steps, providing greater project oversight from beginning to end. Additionally, Zuper provides detailed insights that allow the company to verify the status of each job at a glance to identify any stalled workflows that may be impacting profitability.

Quality Service and Support

Zuper’s hands-on onboarding and 24/7 customer support helped CMC Animatics feel confident in integrating the updated workflows. Moreover, Zuper continued to add and implement features quickly that supported its operational needs.

Zuper excels in effective communication between staff members and customers. With Zuper, our customers can receive timely notifications and stay well-prepared for visits from field technicians. Moreover, Zuper streamlines processes, saving valuable time and enhancing logistical operations.
Nils Spileers
Technical Support Engineer, CMC

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