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Creative Irrigation Improves Workforce Productivity by 10x in 6 months With Zuper

Creative Irrigation & Lighting is a DC-based irrigation, lighting, and draining solutions provider that has been operating for nearly 30+ years.
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Creative Irrigation & Lighting is a DC-based irrigation, lighting, and draining solutions provider that has been operating for nearly 30+ years. The company’s Better Business Bureau A+ rating clearly speaks for its expertise, commitment, professionalism, and commitment to delivering services of exceptional quality.

With a growing business and a commitment to offering the best customer experience, Creative Irrigation was exploring options to optimize its back office and field operations to improve scheduling, dispatching, and work order management. They tried several products before landing on Zuper.

Within six months following deployment, Creative Irrigation has completely transformed its field service management, back-office operations, and customer experience.


As one of the fastest-growing landscaping companies, Creative Irrigation encountered the below challenges.

  1. Scheduling and dispatching were arduous. Rescheduling was a nightmare. Whenever they received a customer request for scheduling or rescheduling, the dispatcher could not resolve it in a single call and had to go through stacks of reports to find an available slot. It was always addressed in a call back to the customer resulting in a poor experience and missed opportunities.
  2. Field operations were complex and challenging and no real-time collaboration with the back-office.
  3. Customer experience was impacted due to the challenges in the operations.


Creative Irrigation has deployed the Zuper field service management suite and leveraged Zuper’s comprehensive app marketplace to integrate with its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to create a single view of their customers across sales and services.

Zuper intelligent work order management that includes the best-in-class scheduling and dispatching has ensured that the dispatchers and operation administrators at Creative Irrigation have complete visibility of every technician’s schedule and entire field operations.

Creative Irrigation leveraged the Zuper platform’s flexibility to create policies and configure business process workflows to govern and control the quality of operations irrespective of whether they are performed in the field or the back office. Smart checklists have enabled them to standardize processes in the field.

Creative Irrigation can keep its field teams, back-office, and customers in a tight loop. Automated notifications, alerts, and Uber-style ETA tracking have ensured that customers always have up-to-date information and eliminated manual calls and emails.

Enriched invoice management and integration with QuickBooks has enabled Creative Irrigation to streamline its payments and accounting. Customers can receive automated invoices after the work order is completed and the information is synced with QuickBooks in real-time.

Zuper’s ever-growing app marketplace offers additional ongoing value to Creative Irrigation with new applications, integrations, and scenarios to create a unified end-to-end experience.

“I love the responsiveness of the Zuper team. After a swift and smooth onboarding experience, the team was, and remains always available to help us with any queries and resolve issues the moment they arise. While they may take a day or two to fix some of our more complex requests, their support team manages to fix nearly 90% of our issues on the same day, that’s what reinforces my decision to choose them.”

“Zuper has not only met our current business requirements but it has also opened up a ton of possibilities for future opportunities in our scheduling procedure.”

Before Zuper, scheduling meant Creative Irrigation would have to sift through overflowing spreadsheets and calendars filled with 100+ appointments to find an opening, and repeat the whole process, every time. Not anymore.”
Amy Rojas
Operations Manager, Creative Irrigation

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