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How Grime Fighters Uses Zuper to Save the Day in Emergency Snow Events

Grime Fighters has a long history of satisfied customers and is committed to providing the best possible service for its clients.
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Grime Fighters has been providing building maintenance and cleaning services to the Lower Mainland Region of British Columbia (BC), Canada encompassing the Greater Vancouver urban area and coastal and valley rural areas. The company specializes in working with professional property managers and building managers to keep their commercial, strata, and public buildings clean and safe throughout the year.

Grime Fighters provides a complete range of services for high-rise and low buildings, including pressure washing, dry vent cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, salting and snow removal.

During the intense winter season between October through March, they offer a full-service winter solution that includes salting and snow removal to maintain accessibility and reduce the liability associated with slips and falls.

Grime Fighters has a long history of satisfied customers and is committed to providing the best possible service for its clients.


The Lower Mainland of BC experiences unpredictable snow days. During winter salting and snow events, for example, Grime Fighters covers 30+ routes staffed by over 70 people in about 160 locations. The company must quickly adapt to changing weather conditions and customer needs to maintain its high level of service.

Grime Fighters also recognized the need to better integrate with their existing Salesforce CRM to improve communication and coordination between the field and office staff. They were looking for a way to improve their job tracking and documentation in order to meet SLA requirements.

The conventional work order management system that Grime Fighters was using was not well adapted to the needs of a field service company resulting in a number of problems:

Manage accountability:

Work orders were not tracked properly, increasing the chances of something going wrong. For instance, a worker might miss a critical task or an address might be entered incorrectly, leading to a missed appointment.

Poor visibility:

There was no easy way to see which workers were available and where they were located. This made it difficult to dispatch the closest worker to a job, ensuing in longer wait times for customers.

Reduced efficiency:

The lack of communication between the office and the field led to workers having to call the office for updates or clarification, which slowed down the work.

Higher costs:

The lack of visibility made it difficult to optimize routes, resulting in wasted time and fuel. In addition, the manual process of creating and dispatching work orders was time-consuming and error-prone.

To alleviate these growing pains, they needed a system that would allow for better tracking of work orders, more efficient dispatch of workers, and reduced costs.

“We knew we needed a better solution. We looked at a few different options and ended up choosing Zuper Pro field services management app because of the easy-to-use and customizable nature of the solution and the great customer service.”

Jon Caiger, GM, Grime Fighters


Grime Fighters implemented the Zuper Pro field service management app to address their challenges. The app allowed them to:

Integrate with their existing Salesforce CRM

The integration between Grime Fighters’ Salesforce CRM and the Zuper Pro field service management app has had a number of benefits for the company.

The integrated solution has led to:

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy, enhanced by automation.
  • Simplified collaboration between office staff and field workers.
  • More accurate data collection for reporting purposes.
  • Proactive customer service.
  • A sense of ownership and responsibility for every job, no matter how big or small.
  • Pride in a job well done – knowing that their hard work is making a real difference for their customers.

In addition, Grime Fighters was able to improve their job tracking and documentation. The app allows workers to upload pictures and job details directly into the system, which helps with their SLA compliance.

Automate Scheduling and Dispatching

The app’s automated dispatch feature allowed the office staff to quickly dispatch workers to jobs based on their location and availability. The app’s route optimization feature helps with scheduling by optimizing routes based on customer location and job type. The dispatch feature helped Grime Fighters to reduce fuel costs and improve customer service by ensuring that workers are sent off to jobs in the shortest possible time.

Improve field operations

Zuper Pro has allowed Grime Fighters to improve their field operations in a number of ways. The app has automated the scheduling and dispatching process, making it easier to send workers to the right job at the right time. Next, it enabled time and job tracking, which helps the company stay on top of their field operations in real-time. This in turn allows them to make better decisions about staffing, routes, and job priorities. Finally, the app has helped with data collection, which can be used to improve future operations.

Provide Accurate Reporting

With the Zuper Pro field service management app, Grime Fighters office crew are now able to track salts used in their field operations. The information collected is valuable to create better job efficiencies.

The Zuper Pro field service management app has been a real game-changer for us. We can now easily track jobs and communicate with our workers in the field, which has led to a significant improvement in our service delivery. The app is easy to use and it’s been a huge help in managing our growing business.”
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Jon Caiger
GM, Grime Fighters

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