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iScent Reaped Operational Success With Zuper: The Real Power of Automated Scheduling and Dispatching

iScent is a Dubai-based sensory marketing company that specializes in delivering commercial fragrances that enhance the ambiance, communicate brands, and create memorable experiences for customers.
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iScent is a Dubai-based sensory marketing company that specializes in delivering commercial fragrances that enhance the ambiance, communicate brands, and create memorable experiences for customers. iScent helps create a relaxing atmosphere at home or elevate business with the power of scent marketing.

iScent works closely with brands to craft a unique experience that improves customer journeys and helps brands get recognized with precise, calculated strategies. iScent offers top-of-the-line scent-diffusion capabilities for offices, hotels, properties, and businesses. It helps enhance the ambiance of a place and create an unforgettable experience with its state-of-the-art scent marketing systems.


iScent needed help with communicating and coordinating within the team. While it was relatively easy to coordinate with the team inside the office, they lacked a system that helped them efficiently interact with their team that was out in the field.

Lacking the right tools further impeded their ability to efficiently complete their work. iScent identified where they had been falling back and understood the need to resolve these issues immediately.

Below are the challenges they needed assistance with:

  • Depending on old inefficient dispatching tools like spreadsheets
  • Keeping track of job progress updates over phone calls
  • Problem sending broadcast messages across the team
  • Inefficient verification processes due to paperwork
  • Trouble picking up a task from where it was left off
  • Generating custom reports was time-consuming

By implementing Zuper, iScent was able to efficiently break through these inefficiencies surprisingly fast. Zuper’s user-friendly nature and lack of a learning curve helped their team get familiar with the software within a short span of time.


Effective and efficient communication

Zuper allows iScent to stay connected with their technicians at all times. With Zuper, iScent can send messages in real time, track where technicians are located on the map, and communicate the best route on the fly. Any cancellations made by the customer at the last minute can be instantly communicated through the Zuper Mobile App.

Dispatch board for simplified scheduling

Zuper’s dispatch board helps iScent plan for the week and month ahead with intelligent dispatching. This view helps iScent avoid any missed appointments and double bookings. Zuper enables iScent to schedule jobs faster based on many factors, including a technician’s location, skill set, and more. This allows iScent to locate field technicians closest to the customer and ensure they reach the customer’s location in time.

Customizable reports

Zuper allows iScent to schedule reports based on their specific requirements. This saves iScent a lot of time and allows them to turn available data into meaningful insights, which help spot potential gaps and make informed decisions. Custom reports can be enabled for different users within iScent, and access controls help ensure that the data is shared with the right people.

Real-time job progress

At iScent, it can get hectic during business hours, as their employees need to juggle multiple tasks. Zuper allows iScent’s in-house team of dispatchers to stay up to date with their technicians’ location on the field. Dispatchers are able to look up the entire work log and plan the rest of the day accordingly. They also use Zuper to send customers alerts based on the live scenario, allocate emergency jobs to available technicians, and much more.

Messaging and notes

Zuper enabled iScent to save a lot of time by turning their dispatch team into avid multitaskers. Earlier, the dispatch team had to juggle between different devices to reply to messages and update notes. The importance of the notes and messages feature in Zuper enabled technicians to review the message log or notes left by the previous technicians to complete the pending task.

Tracking our technicians’ movements and progress has never been easier, thanks to the tracking functionality offered by Zuper FSM. We can now monitor the exact location of our technicians on a map.
Saif Madhat
Founder/ CEO, iScent

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