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LOGIC Centralized Their Data and Gained Enhanced Visibility

Zuper transformed our field service management operations. We went from multiple apps to centralized data and optimized routes. Our customer experience, reputation, and problem-solving have all improved thanks to Zuper.
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LOGIC is a leading provider of plumbing, electricity, heating, air conditioning, and gas services in Quebec City. Backed by a team of certified experts, the company has been delivering exceptional installation, repair, and maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers since 2008. LOGIC is recognized for their 5-star service, which includes convenient appointment booking and timely, dependable service.


LOGIC struggled to effectively manage their field service management (FSM) operations as they were using multiple, disparate apps. Switching between apps to locate addresses, work order details, and manage other tasks was challenging and time-consuming.

Disparate tools impaired their efficiency levels, making an already difficult job even more complicated. LOGIC recognized the need to resolve this problem and understood the need to address this issue promptly to improve their overall FSM operations and performance.

  • Multiple software tools to manage customer relationships, enterprise resources, and field support
  • Limited insight into inventory and asset utilization
  • Difficulty in tracking and managing the billing process
  • Field service apps with a long learning curve and complicated interface
  • Lack of transparency into the work and daily tasks of field service technicians

By implementing Zuper, LOGIC was able to address their inefficiency issues. Zuper helped eliminate manual, repetitive tasks with automated workflows and an updated ticketing system, allowing the staff to dedicate more time and attention to critical responsibilities.


Store data in a centralized location

Zuper centralized LOGIC’s database and helped them store everything from customer contact information to spare parts and asset details under one roof, providing enhanced visibility into customer data, appointments, billing, and more. This gave LOGIC the ability to organize and easily access information and enabled them to make data-driven decisions.

Improve the productivity of field teams

LOGIC’s team felt their technicians had an effortless user experience, making navigation and execution of tasks simple—even for new technicians. LOGIC was able to accurately record information for jobs and easily record it for analysis. Customer visits, feedback from a manager, and tracking information about day-to-day activities were made easily available with the adoption of Zuper.

Optimize and enhance route planning

Equipped with the Zuper Mobile App, technicians can take the most efficient route to their service locations without doubling back. The route optimization feature makes it possible for technicians to visit points A, B, C, and D without circling back. This helps reduce the time spent on the road and maximizes employee productivity, increasing the number of jobs completed on the same day.

Integrate easily with other applications

After extensive evaluation, LOGIC determined that Zuper provided a unique advantage in its ability to streamline app integration and offer outstanding field service capabilities. LOGIC also found it to be much simpler to integrate with other third-party software.

Streamline the billing experience

Zuper’s streamlined billing experience made it easy for LOGIC’s field service team to create accurate and professional-looking estimates and invoices for their customers. They can pick a ready-to-use template right from their Zuper Mobile App, add a part or service to a job, and share custom estimates and invoices with their customer via email or SMS instantly.

Offer a first-class integration with Zoho CRM

Zuper allowed LOGIC team members to effectively and efficiently manage customer data in real-time. The seamless integration with their existing Zoho CRM enables data synchronization across both systems, resulting in improved management of customer details and increased efficiency. This ultimately saves LOGIC both time and money, allowing their team to focus on other areas of their business.

Implementation of Zuper

Since implementing the Zuper field service management platform, LOGIC has experienced numerous benefits. With Zuper,

  • Managers can monitor the progress of jobs through various stages
  • Authorized stakeholders get to modify or edit technicians’ timesheets
  • Data collection and analysis can be improved for better reporting
  • Vacation and other time-off requests are streamlined and displayed on the dashboard, eliminating scheduling conflicts

Zuper allowed us to raise the bar in customer experience, a better customer experience gives us a better reputation in the region.
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