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Open Infra Prioritized Streamlining Their Work Orders for a More Organized System

The Swedish company Open Infra has been providing fiber infrastructure for households, companies, and municipalities since 2009.
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Open Infra

The Swedish company Open Infra has been providing fiber infrastructure for households, companies, and municipalities since 2009.

With over 20 years of experience as an expert in fiber infrastructure and networks, Open Infra has been involved in expanding Sweden’s digital infrastructure. Open Infra’s fiber installations in multi-family houses with companies such as Bredbandsbolaget help municipalities and the countryside of Sweden to utilize world-class connectivity.

To address these problems, Zuper came into play as a simple tool that enabled Open Infra staff to automate their workflows and improve employee productivity. Automated workflows and an automated ticketing process allowed staff to spend less time on paperwork.


Prior to using Zuper, Open Infra’s infrastructure team was struggling to manage tickets in real time. They could neither see the real-time status of their tickets nor determine the priority level of service requests that came their way. The entire process was not only time-consuming but also caused a dip in their productivity.

Using excel before an actual software

The team managed an overflowing spreadsheet with multiple colors and tags. And it was quickly getting out of hand as it was muddled with a lot of data. Navigating through rows and rows of data to find the right information for resolving a ticket was a huge challenge. Employees spent their valuable time hunting for data when they could get work done.

Prioritize the ticket

Their dispatching team had difficulty prioritizing tickets and identifying the right sub-contractor for each ticket. As a result, they spent most of their time manually figuring out the right fit, dragging the dispatching cycle longer than necessary.

Lack of real-time updates

Open Infra did not have an up-to-date status of their operations at any given time. There was no straightforward way to see which workers were available and where they were at a specific moment. This made it difficult to find the worker closer to a service location, resulting in longer wait times for customers.

Delay in communications

There was little to no communication between the office and the field, which led to employees playing phone tag with each other for updates or clarifications. Such instances of manual follow-ups disrupted the productivity and efficiency of employees.


Accurate information

Zuper provided accurate information on how to prioritize each ticket and suggested the right technician for a job instantly. With Zuper, dispatchers could find the right subcontractor for each job in less than a minute. And the best part? Open Infra felt that Zuper was simple and easy to use.

Listed below are some of the benefits that Open Infra experienced after using Zuper. Zuper helped Open Infra:

  • Save a lot of time and money
  • Create team leaders easily
  • Automate the ticketing process
  • Reduce the manual workload of staff
  • Make job assignments to sub-contractors seamless

Features They Love

  • Location mapping – Using Zuper’s GPS-based live location tracking in real-time, Open Infra empowered their dispatching team to efficiently assign jobs. By geotagging work orders and timesheet statuses, Open Infra helped their team to improve productivity and efficiency. Zuper’s Route Optimization empowered field teams by generating highly optimized routes in just a few clicks.
  • Reports dashboard – Open Infra can track and see what needs to be prioritized. Zuper’s dashboard gave their users an up-to-date view of their field service operations, including job status, dispatching, and employee productivity. The dashboard enabled their managers to quickly spot any critical issues.
  • Ability to create status for each job – Open Infra has unique needs when it comes to creating a job. The ability to create and customize specific statuses that were tailored to their business process was a specialization that Open Infra was looking for. Zuper gave them the flexibility to do just that.

Integrations with Zuper

  • Freshdesk- customer service platform
  • Webhooks- send information from one system to another

After switching over to Zuper, all their challenges were resolved! Open Infra now considers Zuper as an easy-to-use tool that lets them assign tickets to different technicians and identify the right sub-contractor for each job. They also can automatically create status for each job and keep track of the ones that take most of their time so they can prioritize accordingly.

One of the biggest benefits was the quick communication from the Zuper support team and the knowledge for really smooth onboarding experience.
Gonzalo Escudero
Growth Hacker

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