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PK Property Services Improved Productivity With Efficient Work Order Management And Intelligent Integrations

PK Property improved operations by implementing Zuper’s automated scheduling, ensuring precise field service task assignments.
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Managing a cleaning business presents itself with various challenges and comes with several demands from its customers. Understanding your customer’s needs and effectively addressing them while maintaining unwavering service excellence is essential. 

PK Property Services is one such company, enabled by an experienced clean-up crew who know what they do. They have been delivering top-notch, extensive facility cleaning services to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) metro area with outstanding quality since 1996.  

They offer commercial cleaning services and pride themselves on the care and thoroughness they deliver on every job, providing timely cleaning done right the first time. Whether it is office buildings, healthcare facilities, or manufacturing facilities, they have you covered. They offer year-round seasonal services, from grass cutting in summer, landscape maintenance in spring, raking leaves during fall, and snow removal in winter.  

Addressing Every Challenge For Their Customer’s Needs  

PK Property Services has consistently focused on quality over quantity, ensuring they get the job done right from start to finish. To accomplish this, they had to tend to a few pressing challenges and ensure they stayed on top of their game.  

The most pressing challenge was the time-consuming invoicing process, which took up to 3-4 days to finalize and obtain customer approval. They were also looking at optimally allocating resources to avoid delays and ensure they fully utilize their workforce.  

Providing their dispatch team with the right tools was essential. It was important to allow their team to access all the information they needed without flipping through several screens since this impacted the customer response time and overall service.  

Storing vital service information in Excel spreadsheets introduced the risk of inaccuracies and the potential for data loss. The manual data entry process proved time-consuming, and this effort could be spent on other essential activities. 

Stumbling Upon Zuper 

Joshua, who has been the COO at PK Property for over three years, was one of the major decision-makers to introduce Zuper to the company. He was searching the internet for a solution that could project manage and integrate with QuickBooks online to address their need to streamline the invoicing process.  

Joshua hadn’t used a Field Service Management (FSM) software before and was searching for the right software to improve the business. As he learned more about Zuper, he was thrilled to learn about the custom notifications and the easy-to-use dashboard, which provided him with a birds-eye-view of what was happening in the company in real-time.  

An Efficient Dashboard For Effective Work Order Management 

Zuper’s intuitive and user-friendly dashboard provides real-time insights and easy-to-consume data visualization. This allows businesses to monitor operations, track performance, and facilitate well-informed decision-making. Zuper helped centralize work orders, track progress, optimize work allocation, enhance productivity, and ensure a smoother workflow.  

This made it easy to track the progress of work orders, making the process efficient and transparent. PK Property’s field service managers gained real-time visibility into each work order’s status, from assignment to completion, allowing for enhanced insight and informed decision-making. 

Embracing Digitization and Dropping The Manual Process  

Zuper played a pivotal role in eliminating manual data entry through centralized and automated data management. This transformation significantly reduced manual errors and provided valuable time and effort for more productive tasks. Additionally, Zuper introduced customizable invoicing solutions, which helped to streamline the invoicing process. This allowed businesses tailor invoices to precisely match unique customer requirements and preferences, enhancing efficiency and delivering a more personalized experience. 

Automated Scheduling And Dispatching  

PK Property improved operations by implementing Zuper’s automated scheduling, ensuring precise field service task assignments. This enhancement optimized resource allocation and expedited service delivery, improving customer satisfaction. Moreover, with the help of Zuper’s efficient dispatch board, they could streamline their dispatching procedures, providing dispatchers with real-time decision-making insights. This led to faster response times and improved communication between the back office and field teams, enabling more agile and responsive service delivery that met customer expectations. 

Integrating With QuickBooks Online

In their quest to find software that could integrate with QuickBooks Online, PK Property discovered that Zuper provides this essential compatibility. Zuper’s ability to customize invoices further impressed them, allowing them to align invoices with their branding, specific details, and relevant customer data. 

PK Property also found immense value in Zuper’s quotations feature, which aligned with standardized pricing structures. This streamlined the quotation process, ensuring pricing consistency and transparency when presenting quotes to their customers. 

The ability to synchronize customer information between Zuper and QuickBooks Online ensured the consistency and accuracy of customer records. Zuper’s automated invoicing feature significantly reduced manual data entry while minimizing the risk of errors. This synchronization between QuickBooks Online and Zuper improved payment tracking and overall efficiency. 

Results That Mattered 

PK Property integration with Zuper and QuickBooks Online showcased the power of collaboration. Proving how field service management integration, when combined with accounting software, could significantly boost efficiency. PK Property was looking for FSM software that integrated with QuickBooks online, and Zuper perfectly fit the bill; in addition to this, Zuper was the first FSM software they used.  

Zuper’s Dashboard significantly added value to their business by allowing them to see the job stats, profit and loss margins, team productivity, employee availability, and much more in one glance. 

Within the short duration of using Zuper, they noticed an immediate 10% increase in efficiency. Not only were they happy that Zuper’s capabilities allowed them to approve invoices instantly, but they were also glad that Zuper could customize their invoices to their specific needs.  

PK Property went on to appreciate the constant support from Zuper’s customer success team, who helped them get familiar with and adapt to Zuper’s environment quickly. 

Zuper allows the visibility we need to not only get the job done efficiently, but also provide the customer with the assurance that the work was done correctly and with urgency.
Joshua Beckfeld
COO PK Property

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