Company Overview

Pro-Vigil was founded in 2006 with the mission to be the leading provider of comprehensive surveillance solutions. Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, the company has over 18,000 cameras deployed at more than 2,500 locations. With a team of expert designers and engineers, Pro-Vigil specializes in designing, installing, and operating cutting-edge surveillance systems to meet their customer’s unique needs.

Pro-Vigil provides two leading solutions: Fixed and Mobile. Their Fixed solutions services customers who need a permanent security presence at their location. And Mobile solutions are ideal for those who need high-quality video footage on the go. Their security products are used by some of the largest logistics, neighborhood watch, agricultural, transportation, and other commercial businesses in the United States.


As a market leader in intelligent surveillance and a fast-growing organization, Pro-Vigil encountered the following challenges:

  1. Disparate systems for CRM, ERP, Customer Support, and Field Service Management
  2. Cumbersome processes around managing a distributed hybrid workforce consisting of W2, 1099, and on-demand workers
  3. No end-to-end visibility on inventory and asset utilization
  4. Manual scheduling and dispatching of field technicians affecting productivity and efficiency
  5. Siloed business applications impacting collaboration and communication across globally distributed teams

Enter Zuper

Pro-Vigil discovered Zuper from the Zendesk marketplace. The initial goal was to leverage Zuper’s first-class integration with Zendesk to streamline the communication between customer support and the field service team to improve the dispatchers’ and technicians’ productivity and utilization.

Pro-Vigil soon learned about the full capability of the Zuper platform, including rich inventory and the asset management modules, and decided to ramp up and take a bigger bet on the Zuper platform.

Zuper was selected as Pro-Vigil’s platform of choice as it was the most flexible and customizable solution to meet their needs. The implementation process was rapid, easy, and successful, with Zuper’s team providing expert guidance along the way.

Breaking the silos

Zuper offered Pro-Vigil the ability to integrate Salesforce CRM, Oracle NetSuite ERP, and Zendesk Customer Support to remove the silos and automate the end-to-end process flows.

With Zuper, the standard operating procedure for installation and service scenarios became automated, enabling Pro-Vigil to improve the collaboration between sales, project management, service, support, accounting, and production teams by streamlining the workflows and reducing manual or redundant processes.

“Here at Pro-Vigil, we have many departments that operate in their own silos, out of their own systems. We were looking for something to pull together all the information to be housed within one system, and Zuper was able to do this for us. We presented them with some challenges that we were encountering, and they were able to replicate those workflows within Zuper from beginning to end very seamlessly.”

Amanda Harris, AR Supervisor at Pro-Vigil

Streamline the field service operations

Pro-Vigil is leveraging Zuper’s rich integration with Zendesk to seamlessly connect customer support and field service teams to improve customer experience. Customer support teams can now easily convert a ticket into a field service work order from within Zendesk and get real-time updates on the progress. The dispatching team has rich views and comprehensive tools to dispatch the work orders to the right person based on skills, location proximity, availability, and customer preference.

Field technicians are empowered to offer a better experience to customers with best-in-class mobile applications with all the required information at their fingertips. Field technicians can capture unlimited rich media, including images, documents, audio, and video files, and attach them to the work orders. Upon completion of the work, field technicians can collect the signature from the customer and their feedback to continuously improve the process.

Pro-Vigil has created smart operating procedures with Zuper’s industry-leading no-code workflows to enforce policies and protocols and have complete visibility and transparency on the end-to-end process.

This enables Pro-Vigil to reduce return revisits, improve first-time fix rates, and offer customers an incredible experience.

“Zuper gives us the ability not only to schedule based on skill set but also to have a visual calendar for each technician that allows our dispatchers to accurately predict when our technicians will be on-site as we can have a very short time window with our customers guaranteeing our service. And that’s a huge plus for our customers to have the comfort and confidence to know that when their systems go down, Pro-Vigil is going to be there for them and be there quickly”

Quentin Peterson, Field Service Manager at Pro-Vigil

Manage a hybrid workforce

Pro-vigil offers complex installation, maintenance, and repair services to customers across the breadth of the USA for mobile and fixed surveillance systems. This requires highly skilled technicians to perform these services at the customer locations in the required service level agreements. For the same reason, Pro-Vigil has adopted a hybrid workforce model, including full-time W2 technicians, vendors, and on-demand technicians from Field Nation. The hybrid model provides Pro-Vigil the flexibility and adaptability to deal with the business needs but creates operational challenges to manage, maintain, and govern.

With Zuper’s flexible user management, role-based access control, and integration with Field Nation, Pro-Vigil could create comprehensive workflows embedded into the standard operating procedure to ensure consistency and high-quality outputs irrespective of who performs the work or where it is done.

Zuper offers bi-directional integration with Field Nation and enables the organization to complement its in-house full-time workforce with a nationwide network of the on-demand workforce. Intelligent dispatching and smart routing help Pro-Vigil improve productivity and efficiency and enable them to offer a personalized experience to the customers.

Improve inventory and asset utilization

Pro-Vigil has multiple warehouses and storage locations for storing the inventory and the fixed assets. Numerous parts and pieces of equipment are utilized to build an asset and deploy it at a customer location. The assets are built at the headquarters in San Antonio and shipped to local storage units and customer locations for installations and replacements.

Pro-Vigil uses an ERP system to track procurement and manage the master inventory. The system works great from an accounting point of view, but does not allow Pro-Vigil to track and manage the visibility of its stock and assets across the various warehouse locations and the customer deployments.

With Zuper’s inventory and asset management capabilities and the integration with the ERP system, Pro-Vigil now has end-to-end visibility of the inventory and asset utilization and consumption in work orders. Pro-Vigil can map an asset to the customer and manage the complete life cycle, including the entire history of repairs and maintenance activities. They can track the availability of assets in each location and better allocate resources for the customers.

The warehouse production team and technicians can use the QR code scanning in the Zuper mobile application to perform their operations seamlessly. All the transactions are audited, and rich reporting empowers Pro-Vigil to have a 360% view and better control of the inventory and assets, resulting in cost reduction, improved utilization and minimized inventory wastage.

“Zuper is an integral part of our business growth. It allows us to tie in all the loose ends, gain maximum visibility of everything we’re putting into a customer site, from labor inventory rolling up to the fixed asset level”

Stacy Kamish, Accounting Manager at Pro-Vigil


Zuper has enabled Pro-Vigil to get a 360-degree view of their service business, supercharge the business process workflows, reduce operating expenses and offer a seamless experience to their customers.

“Zuper offers a number of demonstrable benefits for us. We’re expecting some material ROI. We anticipate anywhere from a 1.5 to 2.0 points improvement in our gross margins. And that’s not even including optimizing our fixed asset utilization, which is capital expenditures across the organization. Holistically, Zuper has provided us a path to become just a much more well-rounded business, both from the P&L and the balance sheet perspective.”

Myles Oswald, CFO at Pro-Vigil

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your field service operations, contact Zuper today. We’ll be happy to show you how our platform can help you improve your business.

Zuper has helped us take our business to the next level. The customized workflows have given us greater efficiency and reporting provides insights into our operations and allows us to make more informed decisions.

Myles Oswald

CFO, Pro-Vigil
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