SaltPay Streamlines Field Operations and Gains Happier Customers with Zuper's Field Management Software

Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and businesses must continually find new ways to streamline their operations to keep up.
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Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and businesses must continually find new ways to streamline their operations to keep up. SaltPay, a leading European payment solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), was no exception.

After launching in 2019, the company has expanded to 1,300 employees in 14 offices across 12 countries. The lack of a standardized global process made it difficult for SaltPay to manage its field operations effectively. As the company grew, it became harder to track job statuses, keep technicians and customers informed, and plan work schedules. Another need was to find a system that would leverage data to allow dispatchers to manage an increasing number of micro-jobs.


  1. Find a field service management (FSM) solution that could help them achieve their customer service goals to increase customer satisfaction, reduce delivery times, improve delivery SLAs, and operate more efficiently
  2. Integration of the FSM solution with Zendesk to enable then improve the collaboration between customer support and field service teams


SaltPay found Zuper, an FSM solution that integrated directly with their customer service platform, Zendesk. Zuper’s capabilities and flexibility met all of SaltPay’s requirements. With Zuper, dispatchers can now easily create and manage jobs of all sizes. Job statuses are updated in real-time, so both technicians and customers are always kept in the loop. Additionally, Zuper’s powerful reporting features give SaltPay the insights they need to improve their operations.

"We were looking for an FSM that could help us manage our growing number of micro-jobs, and Zuper was the perfect fit. With its powerful reporting features, we’re able to track job statuses in real-time and make better decisions about our operations. We’re very happy with the results and would recommend Zuper to any business looking for an FSM solution.”

Hugo Nascimento

Global Logistics Technology Manager for SaltPay


Since implementing Zuper, SaltPay has seen a number of benefits:

  • Happier customers due to quicker and more accurate deliveries
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Improved delivery SLAs
  • Operated more efficiently, with less need for manual input and fewer errors

Balancing field service efficiencies with rising expectations

Saltpay onboarded Zendesk as their customer support platform to offer an omni-channel experience to their customers. Saltpay’s field service teams were working in silo using tools and processes that were disconnected and disjointed resulting in operational inefficiencies, redunatant and inaccurate information and repetitive manual efforts. Zuper with its first class integration with Zendesk enabled Saltpay to improve processes and workflows across support and service teams to streamline communication, collaboration and offer a better experience to their customers. Support and Service teams are able to exchange information intelligently in a fully automated end to end solution.

Moving towards a future of real-time data-driven decisions

Saltpay’s goal is to leverage the data across different systems to identify patterns and proactively eliminate any bottlenecks to continuously improve their operations.

  1. Real-time visibility on the entire supply chain of parts, materials, external dependencies and resources
  2. Turnaround time for end to end completion of work order across different services
  3. SLA miss and impact
  4. First time fix rate
  5. Performance of the technicians
  6. Forecasting of inventory and resources

Zuper offers real-time insights on the entire field operations enabling Saltpay to improve the productivity and utilization of their resources, better manage parts and inventory and meet their SLA requirements.

Delivering on the promise

Zuper enabled SaltPay to focus on what they do best — delivering an excellent customer experience. With Zuper’s help, they modernized their services organization’s processes by:

-Automating tasks and streamlining processes for the field services team so they could focus on serving their customers.

-Integrating with best-in-class tools including CRM, Zendesk-ticketing, and other productivity tools for a seamless workflow across platforms.

-Building flexibility and customizations with Zuper’s easy-to-use, no-dev required business workflow settings.

-Accessing robust features and functionality that allowed their non-technical staff to develop, manage, and use functionality and get the most out of their data.

-Focusing on real-time data-driven decision-making for advancing operational efficiencies, innovation, and optimization.

Scaling growth with Zuper

Saltpay is on an aggressive growth trajectory, adding more clients and expanding its operations. Zuper has enabled and empowered Saltpay to accelerate the growth with the right tools, processes, intelligence and insights to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

SaltPay is looking ahead to bigger and better results in 2022 and beyond.

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