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Sora Partners raises the bar with Zuper and HubSpot

Sora Partners was looking for a flexible and adaptable technology solution to scale their business and improve efficiency.
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Sora Partners, a white glove service provider specializing in point-of-sale implementation and network services, faced limitations in scaling and efficient operations due to the lack of flexibility in existing solutions. Initially relying on HubSpot and Google Calendar to manage work orders, they encountered inefficiencies such as missed emails and challenges in coordinating resources and technicians. These systems were not optimized for field service management (FSM), limiting effective collaboration between back-office and field service teams. 


  1. Find a highly configurable solution to improve workforce productivity and increase revenue.  
  2. Improve collaboration between back-office and field service teams. 
  3. Adopt a user-friendly mobile app for their field technicians.


Sora Partners found Zuper, a tailored FSM solution that could adapt and enhance their HubSpot workflows better than any other platform. Zuper’s integration with HubSpot streamlined their operations by converting deals and service tickets into work orders, allowing back-office teams to dispatch jobs solely in Zuper. Now the back-office staff has more visibility of their available workforce and can coordinate them with ease. As a result, team synergy has improved, they’ve eliminated juggling between multiple platforms, and everyone can spend more time on their core tasks. Technicians have happily adopted Zuper’s intuitive app, simplifying tasks like logging job times and inputting service completion notes in real-time.

Sora Partners’ pursuit of optimizing and streamlining their operations with Zuper has set them on the trajectory to reach maximum potential. 

“If you want to scale your business, you need technology that will grow with you. We looked at other solutions, but they lacked configurability and key integrations. Zuper’s integration with HubSpot connects everything and significantly improves our team’s efficiency.”
Mark Scharaga,
CEO & President of Sora Partners

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