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TRIM Modernized and Scaled Their Operations to Empower Solopreneur Landscapers

TRIM Landscaping, formerly BJs Landscaping, is a fast-growing landscaping company servicing large cities in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.
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TRIM Landscaping, formerly BJs Landscaping, is a fast-growing landscaping company servicing large cities in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Ben Souza and Jacob Krum are co-founders, owners, and day-to-day managers for TRIM Landscaping. Their goal is to scale and grow their business nationally by reinventing and modernizing how solopreneur landscapers operate and manage their business and by building a recognized brand that delivers an exceptional customer experience.

To drive success, TRIM relies on expanding their contractor, solopreneur workforce, and to do this, they must empower these field heroes by equipping them with all the tools they need to run their business efficiently and successfully.

TRIM’s vision is to “elevate the landscape professional” by taking care of the mundane and time-consuming business and administration part of securing customers and jobs while enabling these “landscape artists” to focus on what they do best and love the most– being creative and providing the yard services, in a more efficient way resulting in the ability to make more money.

As a growing, mid-sized services organization, operational inefficiencies and business challenges were getting in the way of TRIM’s ability to scale their business for growth so they began their search technology to support their goal.


With over 344 recurring jobs across approximately 13 different service group areas just in the Phoenix area alone and a few additional routes also in Tucson, they were looking for new tools to digitally transform their operations in Arizona to start and then with success, to roll out to their other markets.

Outgrew Jobber

TRIM’s current all-in-one field service management solution didn’t have the full customer management functionality needed for all their desired workflows and was too rigid and not customizable enough to be able to do what they needed and so they began looking for an industry leading CRM and marketing automation solution. After evaluating various CRM options and taking a deep dive look at Salesforce and HubSpot, HubSpot was selected as that priority tool. Unfortunately, Jobber did not integrate into other CRMs and so they then looked for a field service management software that would integrate into HubSpot to deliver a complete end-to-end streamlining of work order processes, customer communications and collaboration capabilities.

Manual Processes

Despite having the Jobber technology in place, many processes were still being done manually including uploading pictures and job details via google forms. TRIM’s team complained these, and the other manual processes slowed them down and was the #1 source of pain across the team.

Operational Inefficiencies

Mapping out the dispatching routes for the landscapers out to the job sites was still a manual and time-consuming process, and often resulted in errors and significant operational inefficiencies. Landscapers were spending too much time driving around to job sites, wasting gas, time, and money.

Need to Scale

With ambitious growth plans, TRIM needed modern ways to do scale their operations and improve efficiencies across the board.


As the only field service management solution with a premier integration with HubSpot, ZUPER was the obvious choice for TRIM. ZUPER’s highly flexible and customizable no-code workflows made it easy to configure the automations necessary to streamline their processes and eliminate manual processes.

Streamlined Work Order Processes

The ZUPER + HubSpot integration enables real-time sync on all of TRIM’s customer and job details and allows scheduling and dispatching of jobs right from with the HubSpot sales and service hub modules. TRIM’s sales and service team members, as well as landscapers in the field, can, as needed, create, and manage jobs, and collaborate in real-time, saving time and eliminating manual or time-consuming steps.

Mobile Applications

TRIM’s landscapers are empowered at the job site with the easy-to-use ZUPER mobile app enabling them to view job details, utilize map capabilities to find the job site, capture before and after pictures and, if required, chat directly with the TRIM team. The best part? Google forms are no-longer needed saving them time and aggravation.

Route Optimization

With over 344 jobs being scheduled each week, TRIM recognized the urgent need to optimize their recurring jobs and routes to maximize the number of jobs each landscaper could do each day and minimize the amount of time their landscapers spent in the car. ZUPER’s sophisticated approach to using data-informed algorithms in optimizing their routes and schedules was a game-changer for TRIM.

Customer Management

Delivering consistent, quality service is a critical requirement and indicator of success for TRIM. Having HubSpot, the leading customer relationship management solution paired with ZUPER has resulted in a more streamlined, personalized process from start to finish. Automation enabled invoicing is triggered from HubSpot including photos uploaded from the ZUPER app at the job site. Automated emails and texts are personalized and tailored for the customer and job.

Empowering our solopreneur landscapers so they can get more done and make more money has been great. The capabilities from ZUPER and HubSpot has enabled us in making it easier to recruit more landscapers and deliver better overall service.
Jacob Krum
Co-Founder, TRIM Landscaping

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