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Transforming Your Landscaping Business with Field Service Management

A complete guide to growing your landscaping business with a field service management platform that increases operational efficiency and fosters streamlined communication across all teams.
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What You’ll Learn

The past few years have meant quite a few challenges for landscape and lawn care companies. Labor and supply availability has been inconsistent, rising gas prices and inflation have driven up costs, and the pandemic certainly brought a whole series of pressures around operational effectiveness.

Your business may also be contending with problems that tend to be symptomatic of most field service businesses: work order and fleet management inefficiencies, disorganized paperwork, cash flow issues due to difficulties collecting on invoices, poor equipment management, erratic communication among office and field staff and customers, and high customer acquisition costs.

Although you are able to weather some of these difficulties, most of them are systemic issues. This means that switching things up around how you manage your operations just might be the difference between getting by and thriving. As a business owner, there are several things you can do to shift these things that drain your bottom line and get in the way of staying competitive and scaling.

Field service management (FSM) is a software solution that helps field service businesses automate and streamline workflows, processes, and overall operations and customer interactions. Key features include:

  • Work order management that allows office and onsite teams to coordinate
  • Work order scheduling and dispatching
  • Fleet tracking to get real-time updates on all ongoing jobs
  • Organization of documentation of customer data
  • Real-time and automated office, field, and customer communication
  • Analytics and reporting to help make well-informed business decisions

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