Increase Employee Productivity and Efficiency Of Your Field Workforce

Equip your field technicians with the right information, tools, and techniques to improve their productivity and increase first-time fix rates. Help your technicians access complete work order history, create and share estimates and invoices, and collect online payments all in one easy-to-use mobile app.

Make Your Field Team's Job Easy With Streamlined Processes

Minimizing manual paperwork, streamlining job steps, and ensuring a quick, easy process to follow are critical for setting your field service employees up for success. Zuper enables your field teams to deliver a consistent experience with rule-based workflows and automated checklists.

Boost Productivity And Employee Morale With An Intuitive Mobile App

Give your field service pros easy access to their schedules, open work orders, and customer details even when they are on the go. Help your field teams accomplish more by providing them with all the information they need to resolve a customer service request on the first visit.
Send timely job notifications to keep your field technicians on track
Help your field teams find the best route to their next service location
Enable technicians to make notes, attach images, share documents, and collect payments
Improve communication between the field team and back-office staff with in-app chat

Help Your Field Technicians Make The Most Of Their Day

Whether your field technician is making a regular maintenance visit or doing a brand-new installation, give them all the information they need to get the job done right. Equipped with Zuper, your field teams can finish their paperwork right at the job site and save time.
Capture customer signatures as a part of the work order or job completion checklist
Add parts and services to the work order, estimate, or invoice as and when required
Access existing contracts, customer history, asset information, and job details easily
See images, notes, and in-app conversations that are linked to the work order

Eliminate Data Silos And Reduce Errors Through API Integration

Zuper allows you to integrate seamlessly with the third-party tools you use daily. Tap into the power of our ready-to-use integrations to break down data silos and boost your operational efficiency. Connect instantly with third-party software solutions that keep your operations up and running.
Maintain a single source of truth using Zuper's uni- and bi-directional data sync
Extend your tech stack using our 50+ pre-built connectors to leading third-party tools
Access reports on successful and failed integration run to make adjustments
Integrate with third-party tools using simple application programming interfaces (APIs)

Give Your Field Teams A Holistic View Of Customer-Owned Assets

With Zuper, your field technicians no longer need to sort through cluttered asset-tracking spreadsheets. Zuper's asset management module provides them with a holistic view of all business and customer-owned assets. Your technicians can find any asset-related information like warranty details or service history with ease.
Attach images or files to an asset record right from the mobile app
Track asset health and utilization metrics with visual-rich reports
Diagnose and solve asset performance issues with detailed asset history
Increase first-time fix rates and improve customer satisfaction

Leverage The Power Of An On-Demand Workforce With Field Nation

Take up more jobs quickly with even more flexibility by tapping into the power of Zuper's Field Nation integration. Manage a diverse on-demand workforce team comprising W2 employees, 1099 contractors, and gig workers easily.
Give your on-demand workforce all the tools they need to resolve service requests
Use conditional access to restrict confidential information from gig workers
Capture accurate time logs from your gig workers and process payrolls swiftly

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Increase Employee Productivity, Job Satisfaction and Loyalty

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