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9 Types of Equipment Needed to Start a Pressure Washing Business

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If you have decided to start a power washing business, that’s exciting news. With low start-up costs and high-profit margins, a pressure washing business is a great side hustle that can very well grow into a full-time career.

There are many different types of equipment you will need to start your power washing business. This article will list the basic equipment you’ll need for your pressure washing business. If you don’t have the budget to cover the high cost of certain equipment, you can consider renting them.

Here’s the list of equipment needed to start your power washing business.

1. Trailer, van, or truck

You’ll need a trailer, van, or truck to transport your tools and machines. Considering your budget, you can either choose to buy or rent it. It’s recommended to buy a closed truck/van as it provides better protection from loss, damage, and theft. You can also use your vehicle as an effective advertising tool. Make sure the vehicle can take the heavy load of your power washing tools and equipment.

2. High-pressure washers

You’ll need a power washer that provides a force of 3,000 PSI or more. The higher the pressure, the better and faster is the cleaning. If you want to use a lower pressure on certain surfaces, you can always attach a larger spray tip to it.

3. Electric motor or a gas engine

You’ll need this motor to generate pressure or to heat water for various cleaning operations. When buying an electric motor or gas engine, make sure you stick to the ones that are known for reliability and consistency.

4. Hot water units

You’ll need a hot water unit to give you the hot water you need to clean surfaces efficiently. This unit must be at least 18 HP with V-twin motors.

5. High- and low-pressure water hoses

You’ll need these hoses to regulate the pressure depending on the surfaces you are working on. A hose of 50 feet in length with portable carrying cases is ideal. You might have to consider different hoses for using hot and cold water and the ones designed to carry chemicals.

6. Nozzles

You’ll need a turbocharged nozzle that can be used on concrete and other hard substances.

7. X-jet

You’ll need an X-jet to wash houses, buildings, and other structures using soap and chemicals. You can use this tool with or without hoses or lances. An X-jet is also useful for sterilizing chemicals when cleaning livestock/poultry barns and pens or spraying insecticides.

8. Sewer jetters

You’ll need a sewer jetter to flush sewers. So make sure the sewer jetters you buy are powerful, exerting pressures of 2,500 PSI to 4,000 PSI that can clear all the debris. Sewer jetters are also effective in removing mineral residue or corrosion.

9. Pressure washer gun assembly

You’ll need a pressure wash gun assembly that has a gun, a hose connector, and a mosmatic swivel. All these work together to save time and effort on the cleaning job.

Advantages of using high-quality equipment for pressure cleaning

When purchasing or hiring pressure washing equipment, make sure you get the highest quality equipment and tools available.

  • In the initial stages of your power washing business, it’s important that you build goodwill to earn repeat business and referrals. High-quality equipment helps you do a thorough cleaning job, earning the loyalty of your customers.
  • High-quality equipment is studier and lasts longer.
  • Using high-grade, expensive equipment helps you build credibility in the mind of the client, who will appreciate the quality of service you are providing.
  • Pressure cleaning is a labor-intensive business. When you use the right, high-quality tools and equipment, the time and labor you spend on each job are reduced.
  • High-quality equipment usually has a written warranty. This helps you save costs on repair.


Depending on the type of pressure washing services you provide, you may need to add more items to your list. However, the equipment listed above are the ones without which you wouldn’t be able to start a pressure washing business. So, make sure you have all of them.

That being said, ensure that you follow the directions and instructions of the manufacturer carefully when using the equipment. This is for your own safety and that of the people and property around your worksite.

If you are a pressure washing enthusiast, keep an eye out for our power washing blogs.

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