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Automated Notifications And Reminders: User-Friendly Settings For Effective Communication In Field Service Management Software

August 17, 2023

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Automated reminders are the linchpin to any successful communication. Learn how FSM software lightens your load, making scheduling appointments and keeping track of deadlines easier and more user-friendly.

You have made the right choice by choosing a field service management software product to put an end to your business’ communication problems. Hiring human resources will only result in an endless exchange of calls and SMS messages—it will not going to solve your team’s communication issues. Only with automated reminders and notifications features do you save time and costs and improve customer satisfaction. So, let’s learn more about the user-friendly features of field service management software for enhancing communication in doing field operations.

How do automated reminders improve communication?

1. Notifications and alerts

Automated reminders are sent to the customer at various points in the job, starting with job creation and continuing throughout the life of the project, sending additional messages upon dispatch as well as for payment receipt and follow-up surveys. It can be upcoming appointments, dispatch of a technician, change of technician, or future schedules—automated notifications will remind customers and technicians to take action. The automation can be in the form of an email or SMS.

Suppose your customer has not responded to the estimate or invoice you have proposed; you can easily send an automated follow-up/reminder e-mail. Not only that, automated reminders help field service businesses in sending regular, customized notifications on pending payments and contract renewals.

2. Emergency notifications

When a technician’s vehicle breakdowns and he is in a situation where he can’t reach the customer to fulfill his duty, he will need time to inform the customer about the situation and inform back-office staff. In cases like this, Zuper’s “SOS alerts” come to the rescue. To use the Zuper SOS alerts, all you have to do is select a contact and add their number. You can add multiple contacts as well. During critical emergencies, you can use the saved contacts to send messages quickly with just one click.

3. On-the-way alerts

Customers feel more satisfied when they have greater job visibility. Sending on-the-way alerts ensures that the customers are informed periodically. This way, they know when to expect the technician at their doorstep—without being surprised by an unexpected arrival. With Zuper FSM software, technicians can share their ETA while on the way, and provide tracking links for their customers.

4. Communication tools

Automated reminders are not the only feature of FSM software that stimulates effective communication. You can also make use of third-party communication apps to further streamline communication with your team. For example, Zuper FSM software is integrated with communication tools such as Twilio, Slack, and RingCentral. This integration simplifies communication back and forth with the benefits of video calling, adding attachments, and sending audio clips.

5. Real-time updates

What’s better than real-time updates? Real-time updates are displayed on a scheduling and dispatch board of currently active jobs. The dispatch board provides a bird’s-eye views of your team’s movements displaying it in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. You know every movement of the technician and their assigned tasks. When the technician’s service is delayed, you can send automated SLA breach reminders to the technicians.

User-friendly settings in Zuper FSM software

1. Customizable notifications

You have the flexibility of customizing the automated reminder settings that are sent to customers and technicians based on your requirements. This user-friendly setting enables you to customize your content and formatting in the way you want—warm, professional, and uniquely you! You decide which notifications are sent at what frequency and to whom they are sent.

2. Scheduling and dispatching dashboard

To send real-time notifications to your team and customers, you need to first know what is happening in the field in real-time. You need to be updated with information like job details, customer details, technicians’ current location, and availability of technicians in that area. You can view this insightful data from the schedule and dispatch dashboard in our FSM software, which is well-organized and user-friendly, placing all relevant data in one place.

3. Mobile application

Have you ever considered the convenience of managing notifications from a remote location? This possibility has become a reality through our mobile app. Using Zuper mobile pro app, you and your technicians can manage automated reminders on the move. In fact, our mobile app is accessible in offline mode, ensuring that the chain of communication is not broken.

4. Integration with communication tools

Zuper FSM software’s integration with communication tools eliminates the need to switch between various platforms. It fosters collaboration between technicians, managers, and customers as it allows a quick and efficient exchange of messages and insights and addresses concerns in a cohesive manner. Integration minimizes the risk of miscommunication. This is particularly crucial in time-sensitive scenarios, where instant communication can prevent bottlenecks and optimize service delivery.


The user-friendly settings inherent in FSM software assist in a new era of streamlined scheduling and communication, sparing businesses the burden of manual coordination. As you tread this path, it becomes clear that automated reminders and notifications hold the key to time and cost savings, as well as elevated customer satisfaction. By capitalizing on these innovative features, businesses not only optimize their operations but also cultivate an immersive experience that resonates with their customers.

Grab your chance to try a free demo and see for yourself how automated reminders effortlessly bridge the communication gap.


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