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Zuper + Freshdesk: A Powerful Combination to Enhance Customer Experience

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Streamlined Field Service Processes Without Switching Platforms

Technology has been growing tremendously in recent years, and many field service businesses are incorporating the latest technologies to operate more efficiently. Today, many of us interact with each other via our mobile devices. Though we are connected, we need to communicate efficiently, particularly in a business environment driven by interactions with customers out in the field. 

The Zuper + Freshdesk integration makes this kind of efficiency possible. Freshworks is an award-winning, AI-driven CRM and customer engagement suite providing ticketing and self-service support, team chat, and performance data analysis. This integration allows businesses to capitalize on Freshdesk’s customer experience capabilities and Zuper’s premier field service workflow management without slogging through switching platforms or resorting to manual solutions. 

The integration empowers businesses in a number of ways:  

  • Eliminates manual tasks with automation and no-coding, two-way data syncing 
  • Ensures office and field staff are well-informed and in communication 
  • Enhances employee efficiency and workflow visibility over all stages of the service job 


Below we step through exactly how the Zuper + Freshdesk integration brings an unparalleled customer experience from the initial service call to resolution. 

Ensuring the Right Technician for Every Job

Workflow management is effortless beginning with initial calls to agents and continuing through to the creation of work orders. Helpdesk agents capture the relevant service call data in Freshdesk, and the Freshdesk tickets seamlessly flow as work orders to the Zuper widget embedded in the ticket screen.  

Agents quickly match jobs to the ideal field technicians using Zuper’s assisted scheduling capabilities and map the locations using smart dispatching. Dispatchers also, enjoy flexibility around creating work orders and scheduling as they can complete the tasks from the web app or on the go via the mobile app. 

In the below video, watch Michael from US Parking create a Freshdesk ticket for Lisa’s parking sign needs, which quickly transforms into a Zuper work order. 

Staying Connected with Field Technicians in Real-Time

Moving forward, everyone continues to be on the same page with the Zuper + Freshdesk integration. Both Freshdesk ticketing and the Zuper platform grant agents and back-office supervisors complete access to work order progress, technician locations, and the latest asset and customer data. They also stay in real-time communication with field technicians and customers via the in-app chat and alerts.   

The field technicians, in turn, have everything they need to manage their workdays and stay in touch – on the go. The Zuper mobile app gives them access to notifications about work order assignments, comments, and job requirements and locations. Techs can change job statuses (I.e. On My Way, In Progress), use optimized driving routes, and send messages to customers and supervisors. 

A 360-Degree View of Workforce Activities

With this integration, back-office staff have a holistic view of technicians on the jobs, allowing them to monitor performance in the field. The Zuper mobile app enables technicians to arrive on-site with all necessary documentation and equipment, increasing the likelihood of completing the job during the first visit. 

From the initial start of jobs to completion, helpdesk agents and back-office staff can check uploaded images and timestamps in either Freshdesk or Zuper to make sure jobs are on track or to provide additional assistance if they are not. Techs on the jobs can ask questions, receive feedback, or provide real-time updates to supervisors as they work. This two-way collaboration via the two integrated platforms minimizes the time required to resolve issues that pop up in the field. Agents and other office staff easily navigate among resolved tickets to review timestamps, technician and customer communication, and assess the complete lifecycle of the jobs from the Freshdesk tickets or within Zuper. 

Enhance Customer Experience with Zuper and Freshdesk

When you integrate a CRM (customer relationship management) system with your field service management solution, you can have all your workflow management in one place for both your company staff and customers. This integration ensures that all the information and data gaps are bridged so that the right person is in the right place at the right time, saving everyone time. With this integration, your office and field teams can work together to deliver exceptional customer service, guaranteeing a positive customer experience and growth for your business. 

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