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Customers often request multiple estimates before choosing a service provider. When they ask for an estimate, they are not only evaluating the price but also what it would be like to work with you. In short, customers want personalized service as fast as possible.

Therefore, Zuper’s field service management platform simplifies your workflow to limit the time it takes to process job estimates and reduce customer wait times.

Zuper empowers your field service technicians to customize, send, and follow up on customer estimates, all from within the Zuper app. Ready to discover what superior estimate management can do for you? Let’s delve in.

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Win More Customers

You know a customer with a busted pipe or a leaky roof cannot wait days for an estimate. They need you to respond now. In fact, almost half of customers expect businesses to respond to requests within four hours. Therefore, businesses that respond quickly to inquiries win more customers.

However, responding to customers is more than just returning an email or phone call. It is also having a designated process that moves them from initial contact through job completion – and the first step in that process is providing fast, accurate job estimates.

Generate New Estimates From Saved Templates

Crafting a quote from scratch for routine services creates a bottleneck in your prospect-to-customer progression, especially if you rely on your field service technician to generate them from their mobile device.

Instead, you must equip your field service team with predefined service estimate templates that require only minimal changes. This way, your technicians can deliver an estimate on the spot.

Zuper allows you to create as many customizable service templates as you need and makes them easily accessible in both Zuper Web and Mobile Apps. By utilizing pre-determined line items, configurable project rates, and labor costs, your technicians have a hassle-free estimate solution that saves them minutes on each job.

Furthermore, Zuper allows you to send your digital estimate to your customer via their preferred email for faster approval.

Track Estimate Progress

An organized estimate process helps you keep track of your leads, ensuring no estimate gets overlooked. With Zuper, you can see the status of your estimates at a glance. Your Zuper dashboard displays your estimates and helps track their status so you can see how many estimates are:

  • Drafted
  • Awaiting response
  • Accepted
  • Declined
  • Converted to an invoice

The estimates panel in your dashboard lets you stay on top of your recent estimates to track your pipeline and more accurately predict supplies, equipment, and workforce demands.

Convert Estimates to Invoice

With Zuper, once a customer has accepted an estimate, the process of generating an invoice is made simple and efficient. You can quickly convert the accepted estimate into an invoice with just one click. This not only streamlines the payment process but also eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time.

Additionally, the invoice can be easily customized to match the branding of your business, which can help to improve customer experience and trust. Overall, you can ensure a seamless transition from estimate to invoice and offer your customer a hassle-free payment experience.

Improve Customer Follow Up

Too many businesses rely on the customer to respond after an estimate. But Zuper recognizes that your customers are busy, and if you do not want to lose them, you need a follow-up system.

Zuper enables you to set up follow-up workflow steps for customers who have not responded to ensure that you do not miss an opportunity. These automated reminders notify customers of the pending estimate, prompting them to act. Additionally, you can customize the reminders to fit the tone and messaging of your business.

Plus, Zuper allows you to easily log and monitor all previous communications so that your field service technicians and office staff are not working over each other and frustrating your customers.

Create Contracts from Estimates

Once your prospect has accepted your estimate, generating a new contract is easy when you choose Zuper. With the tap of a button, all your customer and job details are automatically pulled from your estimate and populated into a clean and ready-to-share contract. That means that your technicians can get started right away.

Beyond that, you can use the same customer and job details to create new job records and invoices to complete the workflow without changing platforms or re-entering duplicate data.

Take Control of Your Revenue

Only you know what it takes to keep your business running smoothly, including if a project requires too much upfront cost for you to carry. Thus, Zuper helps you take control of your revenue with configurable advanced payment requirements, down payment thresholds, and estimate expiration dates.

Introducing payment guidelines in your estimate workflow protects you from starting a job without the necessary funds. In addition, an expiration date protects your business from potentially losing money on fluctuating supply costs if a customer takes months before moving forward with the proposed project.

Optimize Your Estimate Workflows

Your business deserves a better way to create estimates that feel customized but are easy to create and share with customers in minutes. That is why Zuper’s field service management platform delivers a comprehensive yet flexible estimate solution.

Your estimate is one of your first contact points with your prospective customer. If your estimate process is unorganized and convoluted, it does not create confidence that your business can deliver the level of service they need.

Additionally, it leaves your field service technicians feeling frustrated that they are spending excessive time on administrative tasks – a frustration that compounds if the estimate does not progress to a job.

If you want to win more customers, Zuper’s field service management platform is here to help. With Zuper, you can simplify your estimate workflow and create the ultimate experience for your technicians and customers alike.

Schedule your demo and see how Zuper’s extensive features and integrations can transform your business today.

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