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Grow Your ISP Business with Field Service Management

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As a gatekeeper to high-speed Internet and overall connectivity, your business importance cannot be overstated. However, with 92% penetration, the Internet industry is a fiercely competitive environment. Internet Service Providers (ISP) have to work hard to win customers.

ISPs are also contending with a number of other challenges:

  • The recent economic downturn and disruptive technologies
  • Fielding regulatory changes on everything from cyber laws and lawful intercept to credit card processing and privacy requirements
  • Operational issues like billing errors, repeat visits, communication gaps, and scheduling inefficiencies
  • Challenges in job and performance tracking or forecasting revenue

To scale your business efficienty, you need streamlined workflows and effective communications. Customer service is your key differentiator and the ability to deliver on time and at quality is a must, whether for small or large-scale installations. You need to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Digitizing and automating your field operations with field service management can help you do this. Zuper field service management delivers the integrated, cohesive, end-to-end solution you need.

Powerful Work Order Management

Zuper offers work order administration with no-code automations, checklists, and workflows that can be customized to match your particular field service processes. Office and field crews work together to manage infrastructure deployment and repair and maintenance jobs easily, whether small cells, fiber, or towers.

The Zuper FSM platform helps boost your teams productivity by reducing manual operations. Your office team effectively tracks the work of field employees on multiple jobs while field technicians have all they need to complete a job.

With Zuper your company maintains a central record of each job and all its associated files. Onsite and back office staff upload notes and site-capture images of various formats with no size restrictions and tag them with unique search functionality. Teams digitally organize, track, and update all documentation. This brings better accuracy and shortens job turnaround time.

Your business also enjoys increased productivity via time and location tracking. Geo-fencing grants management better oversight regarding job status with automated updates on work orders based on tech proximity to locations. Supervisors coordinate workflows, track working hours, and calculate billable hours for reduced timesheet errors, data discrepancies, and miscommunication.

Smart Scheduling and Dispatching

Drag-and-drop scheduling allows dispatch to easily assign all incoming work orders and service requests. Job assignment and reassignment can be automated based on key criteria, helping to avoid scheduling overlap and other errors. Your back office has complete transparency about unassigned, unscheduled, or overdue jobs. They can assign urgent requests in real time without interrupting other scheduled work.

With Zuper GPS-based live location tracking, dispatching is more efficient because office staff has up-to-date information about technician locations, and field staff avoid wasted travel time. Scheduling changes are synchronized with the mobile app to alert technicians in the field, allowing them to respond in real-time. Staff can also automate or manually generate team alerts,arrival times, and customer notifications to increase service time accuracy.

Additionally, your supervisory staff efficiently manages field techs using Zuper route optimization, maximizing the number of jobs techs can handle. The platform delivers recommendations using algorithms based on customer, equipment, and employee location data as well as criteria like constraints around time and distance between jobs.

Optimizing service routes ensures that your staff travel uses the least possible distance for all locations. They have a clear view of the arrival times to ensure that customers are not left waiting.

Expedited Estimates and Invoices

As an ISP you have a host of fixed costs that fluctuate as your subscriber base changes and demand for upgrades to infrastructure, equipment, and bandwidth increases. To keep up with these changes you need an accurate cash flow forecast, something stymied by slow invoicing cycles.

With Zuper your business fast-tracks it’s estimating and invoicing. The platform provides fully customized and digitized estimate creation and tracking. Field technicians secure approval more quickly by easily sharing estimates digitally and capturing signatures onsite.

Those estimates can then be auto-converted to jobs and invoices. Ongoing invoice payments can be set up with digital credit card capture and integration with prime accounting apps like Quickbooks for financing and Stripe for payment processing. All these features speed up the payment cycle considerably.

Organizational Oversight with Reports and Analytics

Zuper offers comprehensive, visually rich reporting capabilities that allow your executive team to gain insights into employee productivity and customer satisfaction. They can customize the interactive reports dashboard to monitor certain data so they are better able to address critical issues.

Data is viewed using simple drag-and-drop report configurations. Staff views KPIs, task completion, and milestone performance. Reports are included for work order management, accounting, employee timesheets, inventory and assets, customer feedback, and more.

Ultimately, real-time organizational oversight helps you improve processes, increase profitability, and identify opportunities for innovation.

A Mobile App That Empowers Field and Office Staff

Oftentimes communication is lacking between back-office and field staff. With the Zuper Pro mobile app your teams are empowered to successfully collaborate on any job, whether working to install and maintain distributed infrastructure or address the unique needs of legacy systems.

Field techs enjoy automated job processes around communication, inventory, and paperwork. They have full visibility when it comes to job details, customer preferences, and accounting. Each tech can manage scheduling, punching in and out, estimates, and digital payments right from their phone.

Office staff engage in real-time communication with technicians and monitor their location and job status updates. They can view job histories, notes, labor time, and material usage. Supervisors ensure job quality via service and compliance checklists, completion items, and before and after image capture. Customers are kept in the loop and share feedback and communication regarding service requests quickly.

Best-in-Class Integrations

Zuper offers the most comprehenive field service management solution from end-to-end due to industry-leading 3rd party integrations with best-in-class CRMs, accounting, payments, communicaiton and collaboration apps.

With integrations, your data syncs in real-time across platforms. Customer contact information, preferences, payments as well as job logging and archiving exists in one cloud-based location are all connected for a smooth end-to-end flow. This removes the need for complex data transfers, ensuring that data stays up-to-date and accurate continuously.

Optimizing your field operations with Zuper allows your team to more quickly and easily honor customer commitments, better control assets and maximize your company resources. As the most flexible and customizable field service management software in the industry, Zuper powers your ISP business in being better able to achieve the kind of operational stability to scale and grow your business for the long-haul.

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