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How to Choose the Right Escalator Maintenance Company for Your Business Needs

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Escalators are snappy machines that can make traveling smooth in restaurants, malls, and other commercial hubs; no one anticipates the dreaded ‘out-of-order’ sign. But when your customers are complaining amidst a broken escalator, you can only yearn for quick resolution and the presence of a skilled technician.

Isn’t there a way to avoid escalator mishaps and sidestep nausea that comes with your customers voluntarily climbing stairs? It turns out there is: all you need is the right escalator maintenance company.

Finding the best maintenance partner for your business can be a daunting task since it must be tailored to all your unique needs. Luckily, we’re here to help you navigate this search and find the perfect fit. Once you have partnered with the best escalator maintenance company, you can expect escalators that perform better, last longer and bid farewell to those dreaded ‘out-of-order’ signs for good.

Checklist for choosing the right escalator maintenance company

Here is the checklist you must go through before choosing an escalator maintenance company.

1. Best preventive maintenance plan

The first and foremost thing is seeing if the escalator company has the best preventive maintenance plan. Preventative maintenance is the foundation for mitigating the risks and the successful functioning of an escalator. It is more than just setting up regular service checkups; anything could happen before and after the routine maintenance visit.

So, a proper preventive maintenance plan should include the following,

  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Safety mechanism operations
  • AI-powered risk analysis and alerts
  • Guaranteed instant response
  • Provide adequate signs and warnings
  • Regular inspection

2. Commercial service providers

When choosing an escalator maintenance company, prioritizing a commercial service provider is essential. Why? Commercial companies have solid experience in managing projects of all sizes, from small-scale to large-scale. They are familiar with every facet of escalator technology and capable of maintaining buildings of all types, be it the sprawling 20-floor business complex or the cozy three-story residential building. By opting for a commercial provider, you won’t compromise on maintenance quality, and operational costs will significantly reduce – a smart win-win situation.

3. Use of non-proprietary arts

The ongoing debate surrounding proprietary parts highlights potential threats to your business, including limited options and higher costs. Proprietary parts not only come with a hefty price tag, but they also allow you to purchase them exclusively from the manufacturer. This essentially locks you into the manufacturer’s service plans, contracts, and technicians.

Conversely, non-proprietary parts offer affordability, often being more budget-friendly. They are readily available for purchase in various shops and platforms, allowing you to choose from a wide range of options. By opting for non-proprietary parts, you reduce expenses and gain the flexibility to explore and select the most suitable options in the market.

4. Get the best service level agreement

It is essential to discuss the various level of service agreements escalator maintenance companies provide to choose the right fit for your business. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options available. If you are primarily concerned with repairs and damages, you can choose a corrective maintenance agreement.

But if you want to prevent potential risks, opt for a preventive maintenance agreement. There is the parts and services agreement in which the maintenance service provider takes care of the costs associated with both parts and services, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses. A full-term agreement is the best bet if you want all-inclusive service.

5. 24×7 maintenance support

Consider this scenario: You are working on the 100th Willis Tower (dear Chicagoans, it will always be the Sears Tower for us, too), and suddenly the elevator bank stops working. Taking the stairs is probably the last thing on your mind, right? You will likely contact the building managers ASAP, who need to dispatch the escalator maintenance company responsible for running things smoothly. But what if they don’t answer your call? Or worse, what if they take forever to send a technician to the scene?

That’s why it’s crucial to consider the responsiveness and availability of the maintenance service you choose. Opting for a provider offering round-the-clock maintenance support and a reputation for swift response times can make all the difference. After all, you deserve a hassle-free experience.

6. Experienced workforce

You might wonder why is an experienced and qualified workforce essential. Choosing a well-known escalator maintenance company is not important alone. The longevity of a company in the market helps build trust, but its workforce speaks for its genuine service. So, having an experienced and qualified workforce matters.

There is a wide variety of escalator types available in the market, such as belt-type escalators, staircase escalators, and crisscross escalators, to name a few. Each escalator type requires specific knowledge and skills to ensure proper maintenance. Without an experienced technician, executing the job correctly and efficiently becomes challenging.

7. Expertise use of technology

When we talk about choosing the best escalator maintenance company, we need to, without any doubt, look for a level of service that uses advanced technological solutions. As discussed earlier, predictive maintenance is the crux of the maintenance of escalators, and technology plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

In a way, technology simplifies preventive maintenance through automatic sensors, cloud-based solutions, and analytics. In today’s world, we can use technology to detect failures and automatically receive timely alerts. This proactive approach significantly reduces downtime and extends the overall lifespan of escalators.

8. Follows government safety compliance

Finally, and most importantly, the escalator company you choose must follow the government safety rules. In the United States, the ASME A17.1/CSA B44-2019: Safety Code For Elevators And Escalators sets the standards for maintenance companies, covering everything from design and construction to operation and repair of elevators and escalators.

You have to ensure that the company follows the latest safety codes released by the government and has strictly educated their technicians on the same. You can download the US safety codes for escalator maintenance for free here.

Get your escalator running like clockwork

Don’t let those unexpected breakdowns stop you any longer! Take charge of the situation using our handy checklist and choose the perfect escalator maintenance company that suits your requirements. Give your escalators regular care and make them work like clockwork-never stopping.

Remember that finding a maintenance service that meets your immediate needs and has a long-term commitment to keeping your escalators in optimal condition is crucial.

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