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Meet High Demand in Snow Plowing with Field Service Management

Snow removal
October 17, 2023

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For snow-plowing businesses, winter is a time of both challenges and opportunities. While everyone sees the problem of heavy snowfall, you see the potential to grow your business. With heavy snowfall and high demand for services, it can be difficult to keep up. You may find yourself working long hours, dealing with angry customers, and struggling to stay ahead of the demand. , This increased demand can represent a new opportunity, but capitalizing on it without sacrificing quality can be challenging. 

Don’t worry we have you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how you can transform your snow-plowing business operations to more efficiently manage your fleet and keep your customers satisfied.. 

Need for winter weather preparedness

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), the demand for snow removal services in the United States increases by an average of 20%-30% during the winter months. This provides you with an opportunity to attract new customers and scale your business. To effectively grow, it’s crucial to understand the factors that influence the demand for your services. Consider the following: 

  1. Historical Data: The first step is to examine your past sales data. By analyzing trends and patterns, you can gain valuable insights into how demand for snow plowing services has fluctuated over time. This historical perspective will serve as a foundation for your future forecasting efforts.
  2. Weather Patterns: Every region has its unique weather patterns. Take into account historical weather data for your area. How much snowfall can you typically expect each year? Are ice storms a recurring issue? Understanding the local climate will help you anticipate spikes in demand.
  3. Competition: Assess the competitive landscape. How many other snow-plowing businesses operate in your vicinity, and what are their pricing strategies? This knowledge will enable you to determine competitive pricing for your services while maintaining profitability.
  4. Seasonal Trends: While winter months are your primary focus, keep an eye out for seasonal trends. Unexpected spikes in demand, like those following a major snowstorm, can significantly impact your resource planning.
  5. Special Events: Be aware of any major events happening in your area, such as sports events or concerts. These occasions can lead to increased demand for services.

Trend projections and forecasting demand

Forecasting demand is quite difficult. To effectively forecast your future demands, a well-structured process unfolds, starting with trend projection. This step involves collecting and examining historical data where past sales data, encompassing service requests, revenue, and customer behavior over multiple years, is collected and meticulously examined to uncover trends. 

As you sift through the data, you may recognize a seasonal pattern, particularly in the winter months or during specific weeks when demand for plowing services consistently spikes. Understanding these nuances helps you to fine-tune your preparations for the future.

Once you analyze past trends, look again to the future—with historical data in hand, it’s time to take proactive steps. If your historical data reveals a positive trend in demand, it’s an opportune moment to consider resource allocation. This might mean bolstering your workforce by hiring additional staff or making strategic equipment acquisitions. Conversely, if the data advises caution or a different approach, it’s important to take these insights seriously and act accordingly. 

But remember, there’s always a bit of uncertainty. Things sometimes go differently than planned. So, it’s better to be prepared for anything that comes your way. 

Eight uses of field service management software for snow plowing

FSM software is the key to modernizing your snow plowing business. Here’s how you can use it effectively:

1. Know who, where, and when 

Imagine having a bird’s-eye view of your entire snow plow fleet right at your fingertips. That’s precisely what field service management software like Zuper does for you. This means you can pinpoint the exact location of each technician as needed. 

Now, let’s talk about scheduling and dispatching—the heart of your operation. As snow starts falling, you get a flurry of service requests. This is where the dispatch software really shines. You can see exactly where each technician is so that you can send the right technician to the right place at the right time.

Dispatch board

2.Efficient scheduling for timely service

Adhering to fixed schedules during high-demand seasons is no easy feat. During those times, you need automated scheduling software to oversee the task for you. Zuper’s intelligent scheduling allocates the right technician with the right skills and parts for the job. This way, quality service is guaranteed while also optimizing time and resources.

3. Responsive dispatch for quick adjustments

Zuper’s intelligent dispatching software is a quick and easy process. Three clicks and you are done! Sudden changes in demand are no problem. You can ensure your services are rendered in in a timely and effficient manner. Snow plowing will be easier than ever! By using real-time data, you can reroute and reassign vehicles as necessary, minimizing delay and optimizing resource usage. This flexibility helps you prioritize high-demand areas, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

4. Navigate the quickest way through the snow

Think of finding the quickest path through a snowy adventure—sounds impossible. Well, that’s what FSM software with advanced location intelligence capabilities does. As the snow starts falling, you want your technicians to be as efficient as possible. Zuper’s route optimization enables your team to take the fastest and shortest routes possible to reach the customer’s destination, allowing you not only get the job done faster but also use less fuel. That’s a win-win for your business.

5. Improving service efficiency with analytics

Zuper FSM software provides you with valuable data on crucial aspects like response times, job completion rates, and customer satisfaction scores. When job completion rates rise, you know your team is performing well. When customer satisfaction soars, you’ve not only met expectations but exceeded them. These metrics aren’t just numbers; they’re the foundation for continuous improvement. They empower you to adapt, evolve, and always stay ahead in the competitive world of snow plowing.

6.  Improve workforce efficiency with a mobile app

With a mobile app, your workforce can access job details, maps, instructions, and updates instantly, no matter where they are. This reduces miscommunication and delays, ensuring that your team can respond quickly to changing conditions. Real-time reporting from the field allows for immediate updates and better decision-making. Ultimately, this boosts productivity and enhances the overall efficiency of your operations.

7.  Ensure equipment reliability with easy maintenance

Regular and easy maintenance of your equipment ensures that your snow plowing vehicles are always ready for action. By scheduling periodic maintenance checks, you can prevent unexpected breakdowns during critical times. This proactive approach extends the lifespan of your equipment, saving you money on costly repairs and replacements. Consistently reliable equipment means you can provide uninterrupted service, keeping your customers satisfied.

8.  Seamless contract management for reliable service

Having a strong relationship with contractors is essential for high quality service. A contract management software product helps ensure all agreements with contractors are clear and enforceable, leading to consistent and reliable service. By simplifying contracts, you can avoid misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding service expectations. This helps to maintain high standards of service, avoiding penalties for breach of service-level agreements.


Predicting seasonal demand is only one step away 

Use our powerful tool to handle high demand and keep your team and customers happy. With Zuper’s field service management software, meeting seasonal demands is a cakewalk for snow-plowing businesses. Don’t just take our word for it—check out our customer stories to see how our solutions have made a difference. We assure you that by next winter, you’ll be taking on more jobs and doubling your customer base. All you need to do is take the leap and try out our free demo. Trust us, it’s worth it!


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