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Mastering Your Zoho Books and Zuper Integration

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Zoho Books is leading accounting software that allows field service businesses to record payments effortlessly, create invoices and estimates calculate payroll, and perform other accounting tasks involved in balancing the book. The Zuper-Zoho Books integration allows you to sync your estimates and invoices in real-time and eliminates hours spent in tedious bookkeeping work. While Zoho allows the back-end and financial teams to create invoices and estimates, Zuper empowers the field service teams to easily create invoices and estimates.

You no longer have to key in a stack of invoices at the end of the day into Zoho Books manually. This integration sends new invoices and billable items to appropriate accounts in Zoho Books automatically, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry and associated errors.

Apart from other FSM solutions, many of which only offer a one-way sync with Zoho Books, Zuper provides a two-way data sync. For instance, if your accounting team takes care of the invoicing process for a specific enterprise client and sends invoices from the Zoho Book app, it will be instantly reflected in the Zuper platform on that particular customer’s page. What’s more, Zuper gives the operations team a clear view of historical invoices and estimates so that decision-making becomes a breeze.

What’s more, this Zoho Books integration also allows connections with Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM. Parts consumed during a field visit can now be captured accurately and tallied up with your Zoho Inventory. Similar to the Zoho Books app, there is a proper two-way sync between Zuper and Zoho Inventory to the extent that both systems can share and update a single pool of data in real-time.

Calculating taxes for every invoice manually can be a nerve-wracking task. There are third-party service providers available to help ease down this process. What’s even better is that Zoho lets you integrate with these third-party tax calculation tools seamlessly and generate accurate invoices, every time. This integration extracts all tax-related information from Zoho into Zuper’s interface seamlessly so that the right values are reflected on invoices on both platforms.

Zoho Books Zuper Integration Dashboard

Whenever field service pros collect payment through the Zuper App, the transaction ID and payment details reflect back in Zoho and vice versa. Likewise, invoices created in Zuper can be configured so that they are either raised directly to the company or the individual who avails the service.

Finally, this integration gives field service pros a 360-degree view of essential payment details like customer payment history, overdue payments, and more. This information helps them deliver better customer service and field any customer questions related to payments. Sign up for Zuper today and see how effortless it is to connect your Zoho Books account to your field service management solution.

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