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Reduce Errors with Zuper Timesheet Management Software

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You may think that timekeeping is a small part of your business, but inaccurate timesheet entries have far-reaching consequences. From timekeeping errors carrying over and creating flawed customer invoices to the compounding costs of paying technicians for unproductive time, poor time tracking creates significant issues for your business.

That is why Zuper Field Service Management Software offers a user-friendly timekeeping module designed for busy service technicians. In this article, we’ll look at how Zuper’s timesheet management can upgrade your current time-tracking procedures.

Modernize Timekeeping Practices

Manual timekeeping that relies on your field technicians entering the time they arrive at the job site can be cumbersome and often times ineffective. Even the best timekeeping entries can include unintentional mistakes that create errors along the process.

Zuper makes it easy for your field service technicians to log their start time, stop time, and breaks in seconds, reducing timesheet errors that slowly siphon your resources. In addition, administrators gain improved visibility and access to employee timesheets to locate and fix timesheet mix-ups. They can even create new timesheet entries for unavailable technicians as needed.

Improve Punch-In and Punch-Out Accuracy

Your field service technicians have a lot on their plate, and sometimes, remembering to clock in and out promptly gets overlooked. So instead, they log their start and end times hours later, hoping they remember correctly.

With Zuper, though, your field service technicians can use the easy punch-in and punch-out features to improve accuracy with exact timestamps. For example, suppose your field service technician forgets to clock in once they arrive at the job site and attempt to update the job status. In that case, Zuper sends them an automated alert that prompts them to punch in before they can begin – eliminating the opportunity for error.

Zuper can also track the punch-in location to verify that your field service technician is at the right place at the right time, every time.

Additionally, Zuper allows administrators to set up geo-fencing that blocks field service technicians from clocking in until they are within their assigned service territory, along with in-app facial authentication, to avoid accidental false start times and unauthorized user access.  What’s more, the administrator can easily turn the features on and off based on their current needs and preferences from the back office.

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Ensure Maximum Technician Efficiency

While delivering superior service is the utmost priority for your field service technicians, providing the service efficiently is a close second. After all, inefficient technicians limit the number of customers served per day and increase wait times, so identifying technician efficiency issues is crucial.

With detailed timesheets, you can spot problems with individual technicians early and intervene with additional training or other necessary measures. Then, you can continue to monitor the technician’s efficiency without interrupting their workflows and slowing them down further.

Track Employee Breaks and Overtime

Precision timesheets allow you to track your field service technicians’ breaks and overtime to better understand your service coverage and allocate the right resources to the right areas. With improved timekeeping, you can discover issues, such as concentrated overtime requests limited to a small group of technicians, signaling you need to reposition your workforce to optimize coverage of your busiest field service territories in order to reduce costly overtime.

When you see how your field service employees spend their time, you can implement better management practices that maximize your workforce without risking technician burnout.

Manage Time-Off Requests

Managing employee time-off requests is a challenge when you oversee field service technicians that are primarily out of the office. Your field service technicians need a simple, organized method to communicate their time-off needs.

Fortunately, Zuper makes it easy to submit a digital time-off request from the mobile app. Your technician submits the requested date range and reason for their request, along with any additional remarks, and sends it to you for review in seconds.

Once you review the time-off calendar – displaying all the currently pending and approved requests at a glance – you can approve or reject the request based on your technician availability.

Understand Employee Attendance Patterns

By understanding your employee attendance patterns, you can predict future coverage gaps and refine your time-off request approval processes. So, Zuper makes it easy for you to discover time-off request trends through its advanced reporting features.

Zuper’s pre-defined time-off report displays every time-off request by the employee, including the current request status. The time-off reports can help you identify which employees have already utilized their benefit time without wasting time combing through each request individually.

Enable Hassle-Free Payroll

Payroll administrators need a quick and easy way to access timesheets without missing or inaccurate data. They do not have time to chase down your field technicians for clarification, nor do they have time to constantly make corrections after payroll has been disbursed.

Fortunately, Zuper’s robust time reporting features make it easy for your payroll to be distributed timely and error-free through easy access to digital employee timesheets housed on the Zuper platform. Thus, by improving your timekeeping procedures, you save your field service technicians time and streamline administrative tasks, including payroll and benefits management.

Plus, Zuper makes it simple for you to export and audit your employee timesheets for quarterly or annual compliance reviews.

Upgrade Your Timekeeping Practices with Zuper

Ultimately, your field service technicians’ timesheets impact your entire business. From monitoring efficiency to improving administrative workflows, understanding how your technicians use their time is critical. Zuper’s superior timesheet visibility ensures you utilize your workforce to its fullest potential to create more satisfied customers.

By modernizing your timekeeping workflows and removing error-prone manual entries, your resources go further. If you still use outdated timekeeping management practices, set up your Zuper demo and see how a comprehensive field service management platform can transform your business today.

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