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Secure Service Contracts With Ease Using Zuper

April 28, 2023

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Your service contract is what binds you to your customer. It is what gives you the final approval to start the project. So, your contract process must be clear, fast, and accessible.

However, research shows it takes businesses an average of 30.8 hours to generate and manage each customer agreement. That is almost one full week of work per contract. But those businesses are not using Zuper.

Zuper’s robust contract management features cut hours of work off of every customer contract through customized templates, digital sharing, automated follow-up, and more. Here, we look at how Zuper upgrades your entire contract management workflow.

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Execute Contracts Quickly With Customizable Templates

Once you have come to an agreement with your customer, you do not want to keep them waiting on a formal contract. However, creating a new contract for every job takes time. Instead, you can speed up the process by creating a series of contract templates that include standard agreement terms and conditions that you can customize with only a few quick changes.

When you create contract templates for services you regularly provide – especially your high-value, low-risk jobs – you save your field service technicians countless hours of administrative work.

Plus, every contract template is available for your busy field service technicians on the mobile app so that customers are not waiting for technicians to return to the office before they can prepare the document.

Generate Contracts Directly From Estimates

Many customers have already accepted an estimate before you begin contract preparations. So why not use those estimates to speed up contract generation?

To save time, Zuper allows you to automatically convert your completed estimates to service contracts in only a few taps. This means that your estimates can quickly transform into ready-to-be-signed contracts that are exactly what your customer expects.

As a bonus, you guarantee that anything you referenced in your customer-accepted estimate makes it onto your contract, ensuring that no service or add-on gets forgotten.

Share Contracts For Easy Self-Service Approval

Forget waiting on mailed invoices that require a physical signature. Instead, Zuper allows you to email your contract to your customer for self-service. A self-service option makes accessing your company’s documents convenient for your customers – a convenience they will appreciate.

Once you have sent your contract, your customers can use the self-service option to digitally sign and submit the contract whenever it fits their schedule.

Establish Rule-Based Workflows For Seamless Progression

An approved contract means it is officially time to begin the project, so you want to create a smooth transition to scheduling. That is why Zuper lets you establish rule-based workflows.

A rule-based workflow allows your job to progress to the next step once it has met established criteria. For example, once your contract is signed, you can set a notification that lets your team know it is time to schedule the job with the customer. Zuper’s rule-based workflows act as an automated guide that keeps your jobs on track from start to finish.

Set Up Contract Expiration Reminders

If you have submitted a contract but have yet to receive a response, it is time to follow up. However, too many businesses do not have an efficient follow-up process in place.

After all, your field service technicians and back-office staff are busy serving other customers, so it is easy to forget about the ones who never follow through.

Zuper lets you add customer reminders to your workflows to prevent your business from losing potential customers. The automated reminders give your potential customers the nudge they need to approve the contract but do not take any additional time away from your workforce.

Improve Contract Visibility and Organization

Do you know how many of your contracts will expire next week? What about next month?

You are missing an opportunity if you do not have a process for flagging your expiring contracts to get them renewed or offer additional services.

Zuper improves your contract organization and visibility so that you can spot expired contracts at a glance. Additionally, Zuper allows you to set automated alerts so that you get notified of an expiring contract with plenty of time to reach out to the customer in advance. This is especially valuable if your business offers recurring services or asset management to your customers.

Locate Past Contracts With Ease

Sometimes, a contract does not work out. But, then, that customer will follow up a few months later, ready to move forward. Or, a customer might contact your office requesting a contract for past work.

Thus, Zuper lets you save all of your contracts – signed and unsigned – and archive them for a later date. Using Zuper’s user-friendly features, you can quickly locate any past or present contract and share it with customers.

Zuper’s easy contract search and find features means that every contract is always at your fingertips when you need it.

Gain Detailed Contract Data

One of the greatest benefits of transitioning to digital contracts is the data you gain. When you understand the themes in your most successful contracts, you can better optimize them for future customers.

Robust contract data helps your business increase profitability while improving your customer experience by giving them more of what they need. For example, you can narrow down which upsells customers opt for most often and focus on those service upgrades moving forward to refine your customer journey.

Refine Your Contract Management Workflow

Ultimately, your contract is what sets the standard for your services. The information included in the contract establishes a defined set of expectations for your customers and protects your business from any disagreements.

For that reason, a clean and clear contract is of the utmost importance. Zuper’s contract templates confirm that each document you send includes the correct terms and conditions and is accessible to you and your customers whenever you need it.

Zuper’s user-friendly contract management features let you control your customer experience through expedited contract generation and approval. And it does so without adding extra work for your already busy field service technicians.

Zuper’s comprehensive field service management solution streamlines your contract workflows so that you know every contract delivered to your customer is accurate and timely.

Discover what Zuper can do for your business by setting up your complimentary Zuper demo today!


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