Solar Panel Snow Removal: Tips for Homeowners

snow removal from solar panel

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One of the popular myths that you may encounter is that solar panels don’t work during winter or in cold climates. It may be true to a certain extent, but the fact is solar panels produce more energy with the same amount of sunlight during cold weather.

Solar panels are a great source of sustainable energy. Still, the accumulation of snow during winter can be a significant drawback, as it may reduce the efficiency of solar panels by limiting the contact of direct sunlight. 

If you are wondering how to keep snow off your solar panels, don’t worry, in this blog, we are going to explore the various ways by which you can remove the snow buildup from your solar panels. Let’s get started. 

Effects of snow and ice on solar panels

We all have this question running through our minds, “Will the weight of heavy snow hurt the panels?” Well, all solar panels are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, and most panels have a pressure rate, which measures the amount of pressure a solar panel can possibly withstand. 

Most panels are manufactured with a pressure rate that could withstand the load of 5,000 or more Pascals(Pa), which is two to four feet of snow, depending on its density. However, the accumulation of snow could block the contact of sunlight, which may reduce or stop energy production.

What should you not do? The dont’s 

The real question now is how you can remove the snow off the solar panels. The best thing to do to get the snow off your panel is to do nothing. Yes, you heard it right—zip, zero. 

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t do anything because it works, believe it or not. Just leave it to the winter sun. It does a great job of melting the snow off the panels. It may take a day or two, but it’s worth your patience. 

Secondly, and perhaps the more important reason, is that it could be risky and can cause some serious injuries. Freezing temperatures can create slippery conditions, making for a hazardous situation. You might be thinking of buying a long pole squeegee to combe the snow off the panel, but still, it holds some risk factors. Imagine hard, frozen snow falling on you! The snow that you are trying to remove may weigh around 100 pounds or even more; it may be dangerous. 

Finally, consider that improper cleaning may damage your panel. If you have decided to remove the snow, take great care to avoid scratching the panels. If you find ice buildup on the glass, do not try to remove it by scraping it. 

What should you do about the snow on your panels? The do’s

It is not recommended to remove snow on your own as it may void your panel warranty, or worse, it could harm you. Instead, hire a professional. A professional snow removal service may have the experience and necessary equipment to remove the snow without causing any potential damage to the panels. Moreover, professionals can also check for any damage or issues that may arise from freezing on the panels over long periods, 

Wrapping up

Solar panels are a great investment, but it’s important to take care of them, especially in the winter. Snow and ice can block sunlight and reduce the efficiency of your solar panels. However, it’s important to be careful when removing snow from solar panels, as improper cleaning can damage them.

If you have a lot of snow on your solar panels, it’s best to hire a professional snow removal company. They have the experience and equipment to remove snow safely and efficiently.


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