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How Does Zuper’s Field Service Management Software Support Solar Industry Growth?

August 26, 2022

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Solar Industry Research Data shows that solar has grown by 33% annually. There’s enough current capacity to power over 23 million homes, and that’s only the beginning. In the emerging ultra-competitive solar industry, the companies that will win the most significant market share are the companies with the best systems in place.

Solar technicians must be able to keep up with the increasing demand. But that becomes near impossible with the wrong systems – systems that slow every step of the process down with no chance of successfully working at scale.

Systems that cause bottlenecks in productivity, such as:

  • Uncoordinated communication between sales and field service teams
  • Project management mishaps stemming from a lack of required details
  • Poor adherence to workflows due to unclear next steps
  • Unsatisfied customers that prevent technicians from efficiently completing a job

In an industry with as much upside as solar, these bottlenecks place a massive cap on potential revenue that competitors will scoop up if they go unsolved. Here, we look at Zuper’s blueprint for preventing workflow barriers in your business.

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Create Satisfied Customers by Seamlessly Transitioning From Sales To Install

How seamless is the transition from sale to installation for your team? For example, is your CRM integrated with your field service management so that the job details automatically sync for the technician?

Too often, sales teams use one software to manage customer accounts, then the field services team uses another… and there’s no connection between them. And because your service technician doesn’t have all the details your salesperson already collected, the customer becomes frustrated when the technician arrives at the job site, and they have to repeat the same information a second time.

Zuper understands that your technicians rely on receiving accurate, detailed job information from your sales and customer support teams to provide the best service.

With Zuper, all you have to do is set up a simple integration with your CRM software. Then, whenever a new installation or repair is scheduled, the job details entered in your CRM are sent directly to Zuper – eliminating the information gap between sales and technicians. There’s no room for repeated workflow steps in efficient field service work.

Remove Redundant Tasks That Slow Installation and Service Technicians Down

Service technicians already have enough on their plates to provide first-rate services and on-site customer support. The last thing your technicians should struggle with is redundant administrative tasks.

Zuper makes the “paperwork” side of technicians’ jobs easy. For example, technicians can use already-created estimates to auto-populate invoices in just a few taps instead of recreating a document from scratch.

Plus, Zuper features no code, drag-and-drop custom workflows, and job checklists to ensure that technicians always know the next steps without the need to be tech-savvy or hire a developer. And, with 24/7 support and full-service onboarding, Zuper helps you set up the workflows that work for your business – providing endless configurations that keep up with fast-paced industries like energy.

Keep Your Technicians In the Know While On-the-Go

Every installation and service technician knows that things can change quickly. Customers request new appointment times; projects go slower than anticipated; sometimes, your schedule goes off track. And, if you’re on the road, it can be challenging to keep up.

That’s why there’s the Zuper app.

The app lets technicians stay in contact with the office and the customer. All the technician needs to do is open the app and fire off a quick update. Everyone is on the same page in a few seconds without the back-and-forth that halts productivity.

Beyond that, technicians have access to an easy-to-follow scheduling tool to stop bouncing around apps to figure out where they need to be and what’s next. With all the information they need in one place, service technicians get to put all their focus on the customer’s job.

Take Control of Your Customer Experience

Service technicians are your brand representatives. Your customers associate your brand with your technicians’ professionalism and the project’s overall success. And when you send a brand representative to your customer’s home, you want them to be well equipped.

You control your reputation when you have complete control over your customer experience from the first call through the successful installation and beyond. But disconnected teams working through a mismatch of technology aren’t giving you that control.

With today’s technology, customers expect your processes to be fully integrated. This is especially true in solar, where your customers appreciate advanced systems.

Admittedly, it’s no secret that renewable energy like solar needs to take over within the next decade. The need for a better option is evident as the world braces for ever-increasing energy costs and grid overloads caused by extreme weather patterns. It’s also why the competition is so high. Ultimately, the leaders in the solar industry will be the companies that can deliver quickly and efficiently with sensational service, and Zuper is designed to help you do just that.


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