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How to Streamline Your Payment Collection Using Zuper?

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Navigating through and managing a field service business is a lot of work. In addition to scheduling and managing your workers, you may be dealing with the financial aspects of running your business, like invoicing and collections.

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One of the most critical and often tedious parts of running a field service business is payment collection. It’s estimated that 60% of small businesses face cash flow issues, and over 44% of small business owners consider late payments their biggest obstacle.

The worst part? Only one out of three small business owners get paid after 30 days.

If you’re still using paper invoices and manual payment processing, it’s time to make sure you’re getting paid on time.

The Challenges of Payment Collection

Some of the challenges you may be facing with payment collection as a field service business manager include:

  • Having to chase down payments from customers: Chasing down payments can be a full-time job in and of itself. You must keep track of when payments are due, follow up with customers, and send reminders.
  • Difficulty knowing when a payment is due: If you’re manually keeping track of expenses, it can be easy to lose track of when a payment is due.
  • Wasting time and money on manual billing and invoicing processes: Manual systems can’t keep track of updates in real-time. For example, if a field technician completes a work order, the information may not be updated in the system for days or weeks. This can cause a lot of confusion when trying to track payments.
  • Late payments: Late payments can cause serious financial strain on your business. They can prevent you from being able to pay your bills or make necessary purchases for your business.
  • Duplication of effort: You may find yourself doing the same tasks repeatedly, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

There is good news, though!

Zuper can help you streamline your payment collection process and overcome these hurdles.

Zuper is the world’s most powerful field service collaboration software that helps field service businesses manage their invoicing and payments on one platform.

With Zuper, you can create and send invoices in real-time, track payments, and set up automatic reminders.

Invoicing and payments are seamlessly integrated into Zuper’s software, so you don’t have to worry about losing track or dealing with late payments.

But wait, there’s more!

invoice in zuper

Ways to Deliver the Zuper Experience – Everytime

Zuper offers several other solutions enabling exceptional service for your customers.

Hassle-free automated digital payments

You can create invoices faster by having your back-office staff and field teams use pre-defined templates in Zuper. The invoice can be generated with just a few clicks as soon as the work is completed. You can even set up different templates for different types of work, making the process even more streamlined. And since Zuper is always up to date with the latest tax rates and regulations, you can be sure that your invoices are accurate. Automating your invoicing process can save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Best in class workflow management

Field service businesses can leverage Zuper’s workflow engine to automate invoice creation, internal, external communication, contract and payment collection, and customer reviews. Workflows can be customized to match your specific business processes, and you can use them to manage tasks for your employees and your customers.

Stripe integration

Now you stop chasing pending payments and get paid quickly and easily. Zuper’s field service software provides a secure integration with Stripe. With Stripe, you can accept all major credit cards and debit cards from your customers.

Easy checkout process

When you save customers’ credit cards on file, they don’t have to enter payment information every time. This makes the checkout process faster and easier for them. You can also take advantage of Stripe’s encrypted fraud protection features, so your business remains safe while keeping things simple for customers.

Auto-charging for pending invoices

Following up with customers for outstanding payments can be tedious. Streamline your payment collection by auto-charging your customers digitally using the credit card stored on file. Let the system auto-charge customers for pending invoices while you get other tasks done.

Digital payments will benefit your field service business resulting in:

  1. Significant reduction in the amount of labor around billing, contract, and payments
  2. Increased rate of payment collections
  3. Improved customer experience and enabled field technicians to process payments at the job site
  4. Increased back-office staff visibility into the status of the payment in real-time

Finally, we want to remind you that Zuper offers a 14-day free trial so you can explore all of the features we have mentioned and see how they can help streamline your business processes.

So, what are you waiting for? The perfect solution to hassle-free payment collection is just a click away.

Schedule with us to learn more about automating invoicing and payment processes with Zuper.

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