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7 Powerful Tips for Generating More Pressure Washing Leads

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Most entrepreneurs take on a lot of challenges to get their business off the ground, and thereafter as well. However, the two greatest hurdles they face in their businesses are gaining customers and making a profit.If you own a pressure washing business, your struggles are no different. But, if you want to overcome these challenges and make your business a success, you have to make your services desirable and well-known.

7 Tips to Generate More Pressure Washing Leads

  1. Relationship Marketing Strategies
  2. Your relationship with your customers is a crucial aspect of your business. Good customer relationships translate into loyal customers who stay with you for years. How can you use relationship marketing to get more pressure washing contracts from existing customers?
  3. Call them up
  4. You can call your existing customers to either share a promotion or simply check-in to see if they are interested in booking a service.
  5. Use emails and postcards to re-engage them
  6. Send thank you messages or specific promotions to get your customer’s attention. Try to tell your unique company story through newsletters.
  7. Pro-Tip
  8. Zuper CRM integration lets you maintain customer records and filter them out whenever needed. This makes it easier for your team to pull up customer service records and call up customers who are likely to book a service.
  9. Traditional Marketing
  10. Traditional marketing involves flyers, signs, truck wraps, and door hangers. This type of marketing can help you get more pressure washing leads when you are starting out. Some tips you can use for traditional marketing are:
  11. Every time your team pressure cleans a house, ask them to deliver pressure cleaning flyers to 5 houses in the neighborhood. Interested neighbors, after seeing the results are more likely to book a service.
  12. Print out some simple flyers and post them around town.
  13. Place an ad in the local paper – surprisingly, 69% of the U.S. population still reads the newspaper.

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  1. Automation
  2. Leverage Zuper’s field service management software to automate important tasks such as-
  3. Manage jobs & tasks
  4. When you automate your work orders with Zuper’s FSM, you are able to schedule faster and dispatch the right person to the job at the right time, thus servicing more customers at a given time.
  5. Manage task scheduling
  6. Zuper allows you to gain complete control of your field scheduling and dispatching system and help optimize your workforce with greater transparency and flexibility.
  7. Visualize and analyze the booking funnel
  8. Zuper’s intelligent cart abandonment analysis helps you identify failed bookings and proactively approach those customers to get them back in the sales funnel and reclaim lost revenue.
  9. Generate quick estimates
  10. Zuper empowers your field team and your back office to generate estimates in a click. No paperwork and no redundant manual steps mean more time to generate more leads.
  11. Send automatic invoices and receive hassle-free payments
  12. With Zuper, your team can generate an automated digital invoice and share it with the customers. This efficient method allows customers to make payments without dealing with massive paperwork.

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  1. Digital Marketing Strategies
  2. An online presence is important to let people know about your business and help you garner trust and credibility. Some of the best digital marketing strategies you can implement to generate more pressure washing leads are:
  3. Have a business website. You’ll need a website to allow:
  4. Potential customers to learn more about your power washing business.
  5. Potential clients to receive an estimate, book a service, look at scheduling options or ask questions in just a few clicks.
  6. You to upsell recurring services and recommend add-on services within the booking experience. Read to know more.
  7. Pro Tip
  8. Zuper’s website application builderhelp develop an SEO-optimized website that has a built-in booking experience and powerful tools to improve your website’s search ranking, acquire new customers, drive sales, improve profits and manage your business.Place pressure washing ads on social media sitesAds on platforms such as Facebook,Instagram, andTwitter help you reach your target audience and attract potential customers to visit your website.
  9. Incentives
  10. Whether you are using traditional or digital marketing methods, adding incentives to your ads can make a whole lot of a difference. Here’s what you can offer:
  11. Offer freebies and add-on deals. For example, offer free patio cleaning with a pressure cleaning contract for the house.
  12. Offer package deals for working on the house and the shed.
  13. Offer deals with an expiry date. For example, a 25% discount on home pressure cleaning, valid for the next 5 days.
  14. Offer gift cards and loyalty programs
  15. Zuper helps you create personalized gift cards and loyalty programs for your customers so that you can increase your business and revenue.Geta free trial now.

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  1. Partnerships
  2. Partner with businesses that have ready-to-pass on leads. Your possible partnership can be with any handyman business, such as a painting business. This kind of partnership is usually mutual – both stand to gain customers from each other.
  3. Quality
  4. One surefire way to gain new customers and retain the existing ones is to provide outstanding quality of service. A good customer experience will ensure that your customers will leave a good word for your business, come back for more services and willingly recommend your services to others.

Hopefully, the above tips will give you new ideas and allow you to generate more pressure washing leads. That said, lead generation takes time and effort. Always fine-tune your process, and don’t be afraid of trying new tactics.


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