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Year in Review: Zuper Highlights of 2023

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Did you know how awesome 2023 was for us? It is a year worth remembering and cheering from start to finish. We had so many new things – new customers, features, team members, events, connections, more revenue, and more recognition. Hold your cheers, we are not done yet. In 2023, we didn’t just meet our goals; we went above and beyond, making sure our customers were smiling and more than satisfied. Looking back, all we see are
BIG dreams coming true, BIG wins showing off our hard work, and BIG smiles pushing us forward

Exciting Chapter of 2023

Here is that jolting chapter of 2023 for Zuper. It is indeed jaw-dropping news that can’t be put into a few words of ecstasy. We proudly announce that we closed $32 million in Series B funding. Whoa! You may be wondering how we did it. Our product has the flexibility to manage a diverse workforce and provide automated workflow. Curious about the ‘how’? It is the magic of our flexible field service management product, engineered to effortlessly manage diverse workforces and automate workflows. And that’s not all—we’ve already introduced ZIVA (Zuper Intelligent Virtual Assistant), an AI-powered chatbot currently in its alpha stage. With this substantial funding, we’re on a sprint towards the goal of bringing Gen AI to the forefront of field service management. A big thanks to our investors FUSE, Prime Venture Partners, Peak XV Partners, Kin Ventures, and Zendesk, for believing in our product.

Our Newest Features

As your go-to field service management platform, we’re all about making things awesome for you. We love bringing you top-notch products and services, and we’re super excited to keep making your experience even better. In 2023, we’ve packed in a bunch of new features – too many to list! But here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorites—hope YOURS too.

Zuper-Freshdesk Integration

Facilitating seamless communication among agents, back-office staff, business owners, and field technicians is now simplified with Zuper-Freshdesk Integration. Freshdesk tickets can be seamlessly pushed to Zuper to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Service Tasks

Effortlessly divide complex tasks into organized and manageable subtasks. You have the flexibility to structure them either serially or in parallel. In a serial execution, each subtask must be completed before moving on to the next stage. In contrast, parallel execution allows for the simultaneous completion of subtasks, streamlining the overall process.

Zuper-Shopify Integration

Experience the convenience of Zuper-Shopify Integration for work orders and asset management, ensuring top-notch security for your customer data. Initiating work orders directly from Shopify is a seamless process, with Zuper taking care of scheduling and dispatching, simplifying field service operations.


Experience the ease of managing multiple items within a package using Zuper proposals. Customize options, adjust prices, apply discounts, and create limitless service packages like bronze, silver, or gold, each offering unique product and service combinations for your proposals

Zuper-Sprinklr Integration

Zuper-Sprinklr integration ensures a synchronized exchange of information. Job notes from Zuper seamlessly integrate with Sprinklr’s case notes, establishing a cohesive two-way flow. This integration allows for the assignment of field technicians and real-time progress tracking through an interactive map.

Zuper Web & Android App V3

This year, we introduced a new and enhanced Zuper Mobile App for field service management—an innovation featuring Offline Mode, Improved UX, Advanced Filters, and Chat Support. This robust application delivers multiple functions into a single mobile application for managers and field technicians.   

A Glimpse into Our Activities


INBOUND, a yearly event by HubSpot, brought together smart people to learn and connect at the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center. Team Zuper was part of it as one of the sponsors.


The MEFMA CONFEX is the Middle East’s most anticipated Facility Management event. Our team had an incredible time there connecting with new faces. It was a big step for us as we are expanding across the GCC. 

Partner Connect

Centered around the theme “Reconnecting for Success”, the event not only promised to be awesome but also gave us a special chance to connect with our valued partners. We took the time to acknowledge and reward our partners in different categories, celebrating the collective success that we’ve achieved together.

Sponsored Seattle Orcas Team

Seattle Orcas, a professional franchise cricket team based in Seattle, United States, competed in the Major League Cricket, and we officially sponsored them for this season.


Zuper Hack’23 was our debut hackathon event, and the theme for this year was “Zuper and AI.” The experience was nothing short of an epic rollercoaster of innovation, coding, and fun for Zuperhumans. We were overjoyed to see the groundbreaking ideas and the remarkable teamwork displayed by our Zuperhumans. 


Zuper engineers had a great time at Google’s DevFest in Chennai. They explored the newest tech trends and made valuable connections with other tech enthusiasts. It was an exciting experience that fueled our passion for staying up-to-date with the latest in technology. 

Voices of Satisfaction

Eduardo Samayoa  Co-Founder, Simplo We are really excited about the customer portal By choosing Zuper as our field service management platform, we are looking for two criteria. Number one, it can encompass various areas of our company and operations. Second we could customize the experience of our clients. By integrating Zuper and Shopify, Simplo can now streamline its entire service workflow, from order placement to installation and beyond.
Vicken Daghlian Technical Manager, ISCENT Zuper helps me keep track of what’s going on during the day and how much time certain jobs are taking this way, I can fine-tune the schedule to increase productivity and efficiency without overworking my team since I can see how the jobs are progressing in real-time I can assign emergency tasks to technicians who are ahead of schedule or have the availability to perform these jobs.
Isaac Laronge CEO, Skyline Services What keeps me up at night is the concern that we are always delivering quality service to our customers. As the company grows, it is more difficult to ensure that the front-line staff are delivering the same quality of service in the same way. In our business, communication is always a challenge because we have a lot of employees spread out over a large area and a lot of people doing tasks every day. When we introduced the Zuper app, it really helped to efficiently communicate job information to the front line team.
Francois-Oliver Houle President, LOGIC group We had too many applications to try and imitate an FSM, which made our business inefficient. What was very important for us was to centralize our databases and regroup them in one place. We chose Zuper because it was easily integrated with our other applications. We didn’t lose a date anywhere. The way we see the future is that we are a growing business, and Zuper allows us to keep integrating without losing data anywhere. Zuper allows us to keep growing as a business

A Sincere Thanks to All

No one can predict what the next year will bring, but what we do know is that Zuper will continue to support field service businesses with Zuperised experience. Our customer obsession promises customization, digitization, and automation at every step of your field service operations. A sincere thank you extends to our customers, partners, investors, and employees who have played a pivotal role in making Zuper what it is today. Your support made 2023 a year of success.  Wishing everyone a New Year filled with blessings and joy. Our customer obsession knows no bounds. We are ready for more in 2024!
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