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NIA Limited Modernizes Workplace with Zuper and Unlocks Its Digital Potential

NIA Limited is an enterprise business dealing in consumer electronics and home appliances with a specialization in HVAC solutions in the …
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NIA Limited is an enterprise business dealing in consumer electronics and home appliances with a specialization in HVAC solutions in the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East regions. They have an installed base of over 2 million units and have supplied the most advanced chillers and VRF systems to nearly 1,000 projects such as airports, power plants, hospitals, universities, and multiplexes. NIA has 250+ employees and a network of over 350 dedicated service providers.

NIA has kick-started its digital journey, and Zuper helps accelerate and enable NIA’s workforce, partners, and customers to quickly experience the benefits of digitization.

NIA has leveraged the full potential of the Zuper platform – ZuperTime, ZuperPro, and ZuperApps to orchestrate and automate workflows across a distributed workforce of sales, service, logistics, and delivery to offer a delightful, modern experience to their customers.


NIA encountered four critical challenges,

  1. Combine fragmented information across siloed systems and tools to improve collaboration across distributed teams
  2. Streamline operations across sales, service, and logistics to gain transparency and improve the productivity of their workforce
  3. Manage a rapidly growing partner network of service providers to improve engagement and collaboration backed by data and insights
  4. Adhere to service SLAs and offer the most delightful customer experience across all channels to all brands


NIA has onboarded the Zuper platform in 2019 as the digital partner for workforce management, customer, and partner engagement.

“We looked into many solutions and platforms before selecting Zuper as the digital partner. Zuper offers the most comprehensive capabilities that enable us to accelerate the journey and offer a best experience to our workforce, customers, and partners. It has been a tremendous journey so far and the platform continues to grow in an agile manner to help us achieve the potential”. says Zaid Ahmed, Head of Marketing.

NIA has implemented the following solutions on the Zuper platform,

Solution #1: Timesheet Management for Distributed Workforce

NIA has 250+ distributed employees across different departments who are mostly working in the field and remote locations.  NIA required a rich solution that could gather timesheet information consistently and reliably irrespective of the location without any device dependency. NIA onboarded “ZuperTime”, a modern remote timesheet management solution that combines the power of mobility, identity, and location intelligence to track the clock time of all the staff irrespective of the location.

“ZuperTime is a powerful solution that enabled us to gather timesheet information reliably and perform hassle-free payroll. Our staff can clock in/out from any location, on any device and can gather real-time insights. ZuperTime includes best-in-class facial biometrics and geo-tagging/geofencing that not only allows enforcement of policies but also meets our compliance requirements. As there is no more messy paperwork or redundant manual efforts, there has been a substantial improvement in the productivity and efficiency of our HR and payroll processes.”

says Wajid Zakir, Head of Business Excellence and HR, NIA

“NIA is one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics companies in the Middle East, and we partner with some of the largest global brands like Blueair, GREE, Haier, and Tecnogas. It is our responsibility and commitment to offer a differentiated experience to our customers and partners. We were using several disparate tools resulting in siloed information across different departments and it impacted collaboration, productivity, and transparency. To achieve consistency, care, and commitment, we are undertaking a digital journey to combine fragmented information that is spread across different silos and improve collaboration and coordination across the different departments to modernize and transform the customer and partner experience.

We have a large distributed workforce and a vast partner network. We need to offer a personalized experience to every staff in the organization irrespective of their location and enable everyone to operate at their maximum potential. Our service provider network is growing and there is limited visibility on the impact of the service we provide. We are looking to improve the collaboration and engagement with our service providers to continue the tremendous growth and increase our footprint”.

Nizamuddin Qureshi, CIO, NIA

Solution #2: Workforce and Field Service Management

NIA has a large field workforce in sales, service, and delivery departments. NIA’s goal is to offer a modern mobile-first experience to the workforce to improve productivity and utilization. NIA onboarded “ZuperPro” which offers the most comprehensive intelligent field service and workforce management to manage, modernize, and transform the field and remote workforces.

“ZuperPro has enabled us to orchestrate, automate, and optimize every part of our sales and service business. ZuperPro has empowered our field staff with the right tools, information, and intelligence to be the best version of themselves and operate at the maximum potential. The smart scheduling and dispatching, rich work order management, location intelligence, and intelligent workflows allow the right person to be at the right place with the right information at the right time, every time. Rich data and insights offered by the ZuperPro platform have enabled us to create a command and control center for making data-driven decisions and actions to proactively grow with data.

ZuperPro has helped us deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in a resilient and proactive manner. Our distributed workforce was ready with the right platform, tools, and processes to be productive in a remote environment. NIA was not closed during the lockdown and continued offering essential services with full force. Our digital vision alignment with the Zuper platform enabled us to be proactive and ready to deal with such an unprecedented situation in a seamless manner. With Zuper, we were compliant and offered the best contact-less experience to our customers.”

says Nizamuddin Qureshi, CIO, NIA

Solution #3: NIA Care App for a Rich After-Sales Customer Experience

NIA is pushing the envelope and disrupting the after-sales consumer experience with the combination of technology, best-in-class service, and stellar support. NIA collaborated with Zuper and leveraged the power of ZuperApps to create a modern application in Android and iOS to enable the consumers to get a best after-sales experience.

“The consumer electronics and home appliances market is undergoing significant disruption and NIA has taken an approach of combining technology, best-in-class service, and stellar customer support towards our journey to pioneer an amazing after-sales customer experience that the industry has not seen before. Zuper has enabled us to create an all-in-one consumer care app that offers a modern mobility experience to our customers for registration of purchased products, get an extended warranty up to 10 years, and request for support from anywhere, anytime.”

says Zaid Ahmed, Head of Marketing

Solution #4: NIA Club App for Improved Collaboration and Engagement with the Service Provider Ecosystem

NIA is building a network of service providers to create an ecosystem of partners to not only help drive sales and service but also better engage with their customers. ZuperApps powers the NIA Club App which enables NIA to govern and manage their service provider network and better engage with the ecosystem.

“Zuper has enabled us to create the most comprehensive experience for engaging with our partner ecosystem. Service provider partners can easily access information using an Android or iOS app powered by the Zuper platform and we are now able to create a personalized experience for our partners. This app enables our service provider partners to report opportunities and sales and seamlessly collaborate with the NIA team.”

says Zaid Ahmed, Head of Marketing

“It has been a tremendous journey with Zuper in the last 24 months and we are amazed at the pace of innovation and growth of the platform. Zuper team has partnered closely with us during the journey, offered white glove engagement, and addressed our requirements promptly with the highest quality. Zuper has enabled us to push the envelope and continue differentiating our brand with technology-driven innovations focused on stellar customer experience.”
Nizamuddin Qureshi

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