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Digital Invoicing For Faster, Streamlined Payment Collection

June 21, 2023

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As a business owner, generating cash flow is crucial to keep operations running. Unfortunately, collecting payments from customers is not always as easy as it should be. Customers are busy and forgetful, resulting in 60% of invoices being paid late.

So, no matter how much leeway you want to give your customers, you cannot allow unpaid invoices to remain pending month after month.

Because of that, Zuper Field Service Management invoices module makes it simple to create a digital invoice and deliver it quickly, monitor its status, collect payment, and follow up as needed – all from a central platform. Keep reading to uncover all the ways Zuper helps to streamline your business payment collection.


Stop Chasing Payments

When you have a system to get paid faster, you can better project cash flow and equip yourself with the resources you need to serve customers. That is why Zuper provides you with a comprehensive invoice management solution to improve your payment workflow.

With Zuper, you can stop spending hours chasing down customer payments and instead use that time to grow your business.

Create Invoice Templates

Chances are that many of your invoices look similar. So, generating custom invoices for every job creates an unnecessary bottleneck. To invoice efficiently, you need pre-created invoice templates that your field service technicians can quickly update from customer to customer.

Using Zuper, you can create as many invoice templates as you need for routine services, then customize them in only a few seconds for each customer. This allows your technician to prepare an invoice before they even leave the job site so that no invoice is forgotten.

Share With Customers Via Email

If you are still mailing invoices, you are causing avoidable payment delays. And the more customers you serve, the more challenging this outdated process can be.

Instead, Zuper allows you to share your digital invoice with your customers via email. Then, you know exactly when your customer received the invoice and provided the tools they need to pay it quickly without any prolonged back-and-forth.

Monitor the Invoice Status

Allowing pending invoices to sit makes it more difficult to project your available cash from month to month accurately. When you do not know what funds are available, it is hard to purchase new supplies and maintain your assets, which stalls your ability to serve new customers.

Ultimately, you need your invoices paid timely for your business to function most efficiently. Zuper helps your business do just that.

Once an estimate is approved, you can immediately convert it to an invoice so that it will be ready to update and send as soon as the job is complete. Then, you can track its next steps to ensure it never stalls before being paid.

Send Automated Invoice Reminders

Often, unpaid invoices are left pending for extended periods, not because customers do not want to pay you, but because they are distracted. Nevertheless, it is a significant problem for businesses, with 65% reporting they spend 14 hours per week on invoicing tasks, like collecting late payments.

Sometimes, your customers need a reminder or two to settle their invoices. But Zuper believes it should not take time away from your already busy team.

Using Zuper, you can schedule your customer reminders so that they become a seamless part of your payment workflow. These reminders can significantly reduce the amount of time your team spends chasing down late payments and let you better manage your revenue.

Enable Real-Time Payments

With paper invoices, you are always left waiting for your payment. And the longer the time between the service and when your invoice arrives in the mail, the greater the delay. Your customers’ lives move fast, so many want to settle their invoices at the time of service so they do not have to worry about a bill later.

Thus, Zuper enables real-time payment collection through the Zuper mobile app. When you connect Zuper to the QuickBooks or Stripe payment processors, you can collect one-time or recurring customer payments using the customer’s preferred payment method using only your mobile device.

Sync With Your Accounting Software

Recording and reconciling your payments should not take hours. Instead, Zuper integrates with the leading accounting software QuickBooks to speed up your accounting workflows.

When an invoice is paid through Zuper, it automatically logs into your QuickBooks account without toggling between the platforms. This ensures that you never forget to record a payment and eliminates manual entry errors.

Integrate For Third-Party Financing

Zuper understands that some customers do not have the funds they need to cover emergency services. Unfortunately, your company cannot always absorb the cost of serving your customers either.

So Zuper integrates with platforms like Wisetack. Wisetack lets your customers apply for financing with terms ranging from 3 to 60 months.

With the Wisetack Consumer Financing integration, your service technician can send your customers a link to apply. Once approved, you immediately receive your funds – cutting out the risk of offering financing or payment plans on your own.

Take Charge of Your Cash Flow

A streamlined and integrated system provides your business with the capital it needs to serve your current customers and expand your business to its full potential. Zuper allows you to create a payment workflow that keeps you on track without causing more work for your team.

Today, it is simple to send an invoice immediately after your field service technician completes the job when it is top of mind for your customer. In fact, Zuper makes it easy to collect payment on the spot – improving your customer experience and speeding up your average time to payment.

Ready to improve your invoicing, payments, and consumer financing workflows? Sign up for your Zuper demo now.


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