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Empower Your Field Service Technicians at the Job Site with a Powerful FSM Mobile App Experience

September 14, 2022

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As an owner or manager with a field service operation, no doubt you are feeling the pressure of increased costs, supply chain constraints, and the continued challenge of recruiting and retaining qualified employees. Now more than ever it is important to find new ways to improve operational efficiency, increase employee and customer satisfaction and drive better business outcomes.

You are probably looking at your options to enhance the management of your field service operations and having a powerful mobile application to power your field technicians out at the job site will be critical. The ability to arm your team with the right information at the right time in the right way will help you improve productivity and operation efficiencies as well as scale your business for growth.

With Zuper, your service technician will have access to everything they need to do a quality job in an easy-to-use, mobile application called the Zuper Pro app. The ultimate app for field service management (FSM) will enable you to empower your field technicians at the job site by providing customer and job details, updates on schedules and booking times as well as location intelligence, automated accounting processes, communications, and more!

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1. Remove scheduling confusion

Service businesses need to rely on accurate and consistent scheduling processes. Otherwise, missed appointments, double-bookings, and poor time management can potentially run rampant.

Unfortunately, many scheduling tools struggle to manage multiple employee schedules in a way that isn’t complicated and confusing.

For this reason, Zuper’s field service scheduling is clear and easy to follow for the scheduler and the technicians alike. Each appointment can be scheduled based on multiple factors, including a technician’s location or skill set, or if it’s an urgent project, by the fastest availability. Then, the technician always knows where they should be and when they need to be there without any follow-up.

Have a CRM, servicing, or ticketing app already? Great! Zuper offers premier integrations with HubSpot, Zendesk, Zoho, Salesforce and many other apps so your entire team, from sales to service to support and the field team, can all offer a seamless end-to-end service experience from the initial customer phone call to the job-site service completion.

2. Update changing job details

Chances are your field technicians perform various types of services. And sometimes your customer may need a complete installation or just a quick fix, but the only way technicians know what job needs to be done is to have access to all job details. The job details in the Zuper mobile app guide the service professional so they have the information and tools they’ll need to complete the job and provide the awesome customer service expected.

In addition, job specifications may suddenly change, and if you’re simply sending a one-off work order out with your service technician, that’s all they can go on.

With the Zuper app, your service professionals continue to receive job detail updates throughout the day, so your technicians can keep tabs on upcoming projects and adjust accordingly. That way, for example, if a service call turns into a request for new equipment, your technician can manage customer expectations before they arrive and ensure they can deliver on the required service.

3. Create efficient communication with the office

Inevitably, there are times that your service technician will need to contact the office, or the office will need to share a last-minute update with the technician. Often, this results in back and forth phone calls to find a spare moment when the other isn’t serving another customer — leaving all parties frustrated.

Your office and service professionals need to communicate conveniently and reliably. That’s why the Zuper FSM App makes it easy to send messages and receive alerts so that your technician doesn’t miss critical updates while reducing phone calls that interrupt mid-job or time-consuming customer or back office phone calls.

Plus, if you already use Slack, Twilio, Teams, or other collaboration or communications apps, Zuper integrates with these and the other popular ones, so you can still get it all one with only one app for your field technicians.

4. Simplify workflows

When you’re working on the go, tasks like generating estimates and invoices get complicated. Service technicians are trying to do as much as they can from the small screen of a phone, but that doesn’t work out well with most accounting software. So, technicians need pre-set automation and workflows to simplify the processes from start to finish.

Zuper removes unnecessary steps. For example, when a technician creates an estimate, the information in the estimate is pulled to generate future invoices, cutting duplicate data entry, and speeding up the workflow.

Additionally, the Zuper FSM solution enables drag-and-drop, no-code workflows that make it simple to create the most efficient process possible so that the mobile application enables field technicians to stay on track no matter how your company operates.

5. Collect payments hassle-free

Businesses spend an average of 15 working days per year chasing late payments from customers. That’s 15 days that could be used to find and service new customers which would be out the window if you stick with the old way of manual payment collections.

Instead of chasing down unpaid accounts weeks after service, Zuper makes it easy to collect payments right at the service location.

As well, Zuper integrates with Stripe, QuickBooks, and other payment solutions to make collecting payments easy. In only a few taps, customers can settle an invoice or establish a credit card on-file payment method for ongoing service — all without needing to print and mail a paper invoice.

Even better, once you’ve connected your QuickBooks account, all customer payments automatically populate, so your accounting department isn’t left manually reconciling old receipts at the end of the month.

When your service technician focuses on the job and not jumping between multiple apps for information, they have a better experience. But, more than that, they provide a better customer experience to your customers.

By combining scheduling, job details, customer service information, and payment collection in one centralized place, your service professionals don’t face unnecessary obstacles caused by switching apps and can ultimately focus on what they love doing the most– being the Zuper Hero on the job.

Ready to see the difference one app can make? Put it to the test by signing up for the Zuper free trial today!


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