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How to Approach Facility Management in the Digital Age

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We are always trying to find a better way to provide solutions to our clients. In the digital world, this need has only become more pronounced. As a facility manager, not even a single day goes by without hearing from homeowners about their issues, be it WiFi or plumbing. You may be working with a homeowner when a contractor who is there to perform regular maintenance comes to report an additional issue. At the same time, you may be distracted by another client checking in to ask how long it takes for the escalator to get repaired.

Complaints pile up every day. In order to address these efficiently, you need to adopt smart technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Chatbots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) support systems. These technologies can help to smooth out your workflow making it more predictable. You may already be using some of these technologies, but it is possible you are not using them correctly. By reassuring how they work and work together, you can set your facilities management up for success. This article is about refocusing your approach and properly prioritizing your assets.

Rethinking digital transition in facility management

Rethinking your adoption of digital technologies begins with knowing the limitations of the technology. The human factor is a critical variable in any well-run system. Digitization is not about adopting technology to the exclusion of people, rather the technology adopted should help people work better and more efficiently.

Prioritize asset life no matter what

When it comes to facilities, everything boils down to maintaining your assets. We can kind of say that the value of your business lies in your assets. So, prioritize them over everything. Certainly, you must have an asset management system in place, and we can’t agree more—there is no other way to prioritize your asset life than by using a flexible and customizable asset management software product. Using asset management software will increase the lifetime of your assets. So, get one for your property now. Got any questions about the software? Learn more here

Here are a few things you should do besides having asset management software to protect your assets efficiently.

  • Use automation and direct your focus on more important tasks
  • Add a validation layer to assets
  • Shift to a condition-based maintenance 

1. Use automation and direct your focus on more important tasks

From co-living to co-working spaces, facilities and assets have grown larger. Your duty as a facility manager lies in maintaining these assets, and for that, you need to have all the relevant information at your fingertips. But is it even possible to do that with manual inspection and written records? 

That’s why you need to automate your facility operations. When you automate asset tracking systems, you can track the location, condition, and maintenance history of assets. You will always be updated with the right information, helping you make decisions easier and more efficiently. 

As an example, using the data collected with IoT sensors, you can monitor and collect data about the status of assets, check their condition, and plan maintenance accordingly. That’s an added benefit of using automation—your workload will be reduced. You can use the saved time to focus on implementing more innovative solutions and keeping your clients happy. 

2. Add a validation layer to assets

While automation is important, data plays a pivotal role in digital decision making. Data is what allows you to understand what is actually happening, so you are able to make well-informed decisions regarding what to do next and how to act. If you have read our blog on “Unlocking the power of data for informed decision-making in field service,” you know the impact of insights driven by data. That said, adding a validation layer makes data even more efficient by making sure that your data is accurate and reliable. What better way to make decisions for your facilities than this?

3. Shift to condition-based maintenance 

Transitioning to condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a crucial step in the right direction. The conventional practice of routine maintenance consumes valuable resources and finances, which could be better allocated elsewhere. CBM not only leads to cost savings but also enhances the longevity of your assets. Its merits are unquestionable because it harnesses data from asset sensors, meticulously tracking various metrics like temperature. This meticulous monitoring facilitates the accurate identification of the exact moment when maintenance becomes imperative.

Stay updated with the facility management digital trends

Make it a point to actively participate in conferences that offer the opportunity to connect and engage with brilliant minds from around the world. These gatherings provide an invaluable source of information, helping you stay abreast of the latest trends within your field in a relatively short span of time. An excellent example of such a platform is Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA), which consistently organizes workshops, conferences, and exhibitions focused on facility management. Zuper, being dedicated to growth and networking, never lets these opportunities slip by.

We are happy to take part in the 11th year of MEFMA Confex. The event happened in Riyadh on October 15 and 16. If you have been there, you don’t need an introduction, you must have seen your booth at the exhibit. The agenda of the conference was “FM in the Digital Age-Embracing a Smart Future.” MEFMA 2023 has been a great place for us to meet fellow industry peers, partners, and potential clients. It had participants hailing from across the world. Here is a picture of our team at our booth during the MEFMA Confex 2023 exhibit.

Go from a process-driven to a result-driven approach

Out of all the interesting panel discussions and workshops that happened, what we take from having participated in MEFMA 2023 is that digitization is critically important to smooth business operations and make the user experience more convenient

Secondly, adopting innovative solutions for how clients interact with the property is essential to simplifying operations. Speaking of which, flexibility and adaptability form the foundation of innovative solutions. That said, the result-based approach may be a little risky compared to the process-driven approach, so don’t get discouraged by disappointing outcomes or errors that you may encounter. 

Finally, never give up on knowing your customers. Customers’ expectations are becoming more demanding day by day. The greater your understanding of your client’s pain points, the more successful you can be in offering innovative solutions and scaling your business. 

Level-up facility management with Zuper

Zuper is the most powerful and comprehensive software for fast-growing service businesses. We keep automation, digitization, and customization at the heart of our service. Flexibility is our strategy for long-term success. By focusing on our customers’ experience and needs, we leverage advanced features and flexible services. Even more, we see customer feedback as our pathway to growth. Our relationship with our customers goes beyond our white-glove onboarding services and support. We will be there for you whenever you need us. Connect with us now, and let us help you overcome your obstacles.

Get to know our customers and the ways by which we have helped them overcome their challenges.

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