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Top 7 Field Service Influencers to Follow in 2023

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The field service industry is constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. That’s where field service influencers come in. These experts share their knowledge and insights with the field service community, helping businesses improve their operations and provide better service to their customers.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to seven of the top field service influencers to follow in 2023. These individuals have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and they are passionate about helping businesses succeed.

The top influencers changing the business game of the field service industry are John Carroll, David Nour, Sarah Nicastro, Rod Cook, Jim Robinson, Michael Blumberg, and Michael Israel.

Seven Top Field Service Influencers You Should Follow

1. John Carroll

John Carroll is the founder and CEO of the Service Council, a global community of field service leaders.

The Service Council is a great platform to share knowledge, create solutions, and develop skills. The Service Council offers an opportunity to learn about different approaches used by field service leaders across the world to scale their businesses. It is no wonder that his community has grown to cover 6 continents and 30 nations. You can join Service Council if you are looking to learn more about the service industry and network with industry experts.

Follower count: 2191



Services:  Service-Centric Solutions, Customer Experience, and Global Networking

2. David Nour

David Nour is a well-established name in the service business. His expert views have been seen in well-known publications such as The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. He is a successful author and an adjunct professor at Goizueta Business School.

David is a mastermind at addressing strategic relationships in corporate leadership and believes that relying on old business solutions will no longer work in the current environment and that companies must incorporate more technological solutions if they are to thrive.

If this idea resonates with you, you may be interested in listening to his talk on the value of technology relationships in field service management to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

Follower count: 4897


LinkedIn Profile:

Twitter Profile:

Books: Published 12 books on growth, innovation, and strategic advice.

Services: Management and Business Consulting

3. Sarah Nicastro

If you like podcasts, you will like Sarah Nicastro!

Sarah Nicastro has a wealth of expertise in field service organization, making her a fantastic host. Thanks to her 10 years of experience as the publisher and editor-in-chief in the service industry. What’s unique about her podcast is that she sees every conversation as a way to obtain more knowledge and discover new ideas.

Listening to her podcast, The Future of Field Servicewill help you learn more about service businesses and field operations. It is a fantastic place to learn about the people in the service industry and their personal journeys.

Follower count: 4737




Services: Digital Transformation, Marketing Strategy, and Sales Management

4. Rod Cook

Red Cook, Director of NA Service Operations, is the person to go for expert opinions on the HVAC industry. Cook has been in the HVAC business for more than 24 years. He knows the ins and outs of the HVAC industry and is an expert in managing field service operations efficiently.

If you want to make your business better, consider adopting modern technologies. Today tech solutions enable connected services and give you the ability to transform field operations. Look to Rod Cook for inspiration in what you should do next, he is committed to streamlining service operations and overcoming unprecedented challenges, all while taking the long view of implementation and success.



Services: Operations Management, HVAC Controls, and Sales Management

5. Jim Robinson

Jim Robison is the research director at Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field service industry. His area of expertise is in field service integrations and implementing SaaS infrastructure.

Robinson’s attention to every aspect of business, from customer feedback to finding the best partner, speaks volumes about his experience in the industry. Apart from that, he is an expert in implementing change enablement systems, one of the proven tips for successful technology adoption for businesses.




Services: Program Management, Project Management, SaaS, and IT Strategy

6. Michael Blumberg

Michael Blumberg is the president of Blumberg Advisory Group, a management consulting firm that specializes in the field service industry. With years of experience in the service industry, he has supervised marketing, planning, and product delivery.

Blumberg has the ability to simplify the complex decisions business owners must make. For example, how many take the news of inflation in stride? If you have listened to Michael Blumberg speak on “Inflation’s impact on the field service industry,” you know how brilliantly he walks you through running a business efficiently during difficult times.




Services: Management Consulting, Lead Generation, Marketing Consulting, Growth Marketing, and Executive Coaching

7. Michael Israel

Michael Israel is the Head of Field Service Evangelism at Zuper. Israel’s deep understanding of the critical drivers of the field service industry and strategic planning lays a strong foundation for Zuper’s success in the US market. He has spent the majority of his career managing field operations.

Israel’s proficiency goes beyond service operations, customer engagement, and financial planning. He is well-versed in implementation and product design. Experience has taught him the importance of field service management software to empower service businesses. You can check out the Zuper FM site to hear Michael Israel discuss the field service industry.

LinkedIn Profile:

Services Offered: Change Management, Brand Consulting, Business Consulting, IT Consulting, and Customer Success

How to Follow Field Service Influencers

There are a number of ways to follow field service influencers. You can:

  • Read their blogs and articles. Many field service influencers have blogs or write articles for industry publications. By reading their work, you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices.
  • Listen to their podcasts. There are a number of podcasts that feature interviews with field service influencers. By listening to these podcasts, you can learn from the experts and get their insights into the industry.
  • Attend industry events. Many field service influencers speak at industry events. By attending these events, you can hear from the experts and learn about the latest trends.
  • Connect with them on social media. Many field service influencers are active on social media. By following them on social media, you can stay up-to-date on their latest thoughts and insights.

If you want to improve your field service operations, I recommend following these influencers on social media; read their blogs and articles. They are constantly sharing new ideas and best practices that can help improve both your efficiency and effectiveness. By following their lead, you can provide better service to your customers—ultimately growing your business.

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