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Growth Secrets: How Customer Feedback and Surveys Drive Your Business Forward

customer feedback
October 30, 2023

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Amazon’s journey is quite impressive, isn’t it? They started as an e-commerce website and now have things like the Echo smart speaker, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Andy Jassy, the big boss, revealed their secret weapon is a customer-focused culture.

In a chat with CNBC, he made it clear that they are absolutely obsessed with their customers. And that they are always on the lookout for ways to make things better and easier for their customers. That’s why they collect a ton of data and feedback from their customers. They want to know what customers want and need, and they aim to deliver it in the best way possible.

This is a lesson to learn. To build a strong and loyal customer base, you have to pay attention to what your customers are saying. And there is no better way to do so than through feedback and surveys.

Why collecting customer feedback is essential for a service business?

Every business revolves around its customers. The main aim is to keep them happy by offering great products and services. But how do you know if you’re succeeding? The answer is simple: you need to hear from your customers. Customer feedback is like your compass, telling you if you are going in the right direction. It is your starting point for fixing any issues in your business, from developing new products to enhancing your service.

Your employees are also key players in making your customers happy. They are the face of your brand, and they represent what your business stands for. To understand how your customers see your brand, you need their feedback.

But that’s not all. Customers’ demands can change over time, and your products need to keep up with them. Your customers are the only ones who can tell you what they want. So giving them a way to share their needs with you is critical. Lastly, when your customers share their reviews, and you put them on your website and social media, it helps others trust your products and services. After all, people tend to believe in something more when they see others have had a good experience with it.

Are your customers willing to provide feedback?

While customer feedback is important, you do not want to annoy or badger them in order to get it. According to a 2022 survey by Qualtrics, “95% of customers say that they are willing to provide feedback if it is easy and convenient to do so.” In whatever way you collect feedback, remember to keep it short and convenient for customers and make it easy to answer, navigate, and add information.

  • Focus on the most important questions. Don’t ask customers to answer more than 5-10 questions, and make sure that each question is relevant to your business goals.
  • Use simple and clear language. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that your customers may not understand.
  • Provide multiple answer choices. This will make it easier for customers to complete the survey quickly and easily.
  • Make it easy to skip questions. If a customer doesn’t have an answer to a question, allow them to skip it without having to complete the entire survey.
  • Use a mobile-friendly format. Make sure that your survey can be easily completed on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Send the survey at the right time. Don’t send the survey immediately after a customer has made a purchase or contacted support. Instead, send it a few days or weeks later, when the customer has had time to use your product or service, and form an opinion.


Ways to get customer feedback

Long form-based surveys: These surveys allow customers to express themselves fully, giving you deep insights into their thoughts and helping you understand what’s working and what’s not. Imagine a restaurant wanting to know not just how the food tasted but also the ambiance and service quality, so they can continually improve.

Short in-app surveys: In-app surveys are like a quick chat with your users. They’re convenient for your customers, and you can ask them about their experience right at the moment they’re using your service. For example, a mobile game could ask players how much fun they had after completing a level.

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) Surveys: These are like a virtual thumbs-up or thumbs-down. It’s a simple and efficient way to gauge immediate satisfaction. Picture an online clothing store checking in with shoppers to see how happy they are with their recent purchase.

Exit-intent survey popup: This is your last chance to make things right before a customer leaves your website. Maybe a hotel booking site uses it to discover if there were any specific issues that prevented someone from completing their reservation.

Website feedback widgets: These provide an ongoing channel for customers to express their thoughts. It’s like having an open suggestion box in your store. Imagine a tech blog with a little tab on the side that says ‘Tell us what you think.’

Customer interviews: This is where you truly connect with your customers. Face-to-face, or screen-to-screen, conversations allow you to dive deep into their experiences and concerns. For instance, a personal finance app could chat with users to understand their financial goals better.

Transactional emails: These are a friendly nudge to share their thoughts after a specific interaction with your business. A gardening supply store might ask customers how well their recent purchase helped their garden grow in a follow-up email.

Suggestion boards: This is where you empower your customers to shape your future. By letting them suggest and vote on features or changes, you show that their opinions matter. Think of a social media platform asking users what features they’d love to see to make their experience better.

Get insights from sales calls: Sales calls are a goldmine of customer feedback. Your sales team can gather valuable information by listening to what prospects and customers have to say. For instance, a software company’s sales team might notice recurring questions or concerns about a particular feature during their calls, indicating the need for improvement or better communication.

Learn from a chatbot: Chatbots can be more than just automated responders; they can collect feedback too. You can program your chatbot to ask questions and gather information from users. This will help in identifying pain points and areas for improvement.

Remember this when you collect feedback and survey

When it comes to getting customer feedback, let’s break it down into simple steps for success. First, start by setting a clear goal. Think about what you want to learn from your customers. Having a specific goal in mind will help you focus your efforts. Next, choose the right way to get feedback. This can be as easy as using surveys, talking to customers, or looking at online reviews. Just pick the method that works best for your situation.

Once you have gathered feedback, don’t forget to look at it. Regularly take the time to review what your customers are saying. It is like checking the score in a game to see how you are doing. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Experiment with different ways of collecting feedback to see what works best for you. Sometimes, you might need to change your approach.

The most important step is using what you have learned to make improvements. Turn the feedback into actions that make your products and services better. That way, you show your customers you are listening and making things even more awesome.

At Zuper, we value all kinds of feedback from our customers. Feedback help our business run smoother and make our customers happier. Feel free to contact us, and we will show you how we can help your business succeed. You can get started for free now.

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