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Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran
January 31, 2022
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Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM tool that helps field service businesses to manage deals and deal-related information efficiently. Sales, field service, and support all interconnect with each other. When sales hustle to win deals and field service must meet customer expectations, support will act as a bridge to leverage Zendesk’s customer experience with Zuper.

The Zuper - Zendesk Sell integration caters to the sales-service-support hustle helping field service businesses accelerate growth while saving costs and time. When businesses integrate their field service CRM, helpdesk, and sales CRM, they centralize access to all their customer data.

When FSM businesses open a deal from the Zendesk Sell deal page, they can find links to their work orders or jobs in Zuper. The deal will offer all the necessary job or work order details like technician name, ETA, service address, and more. What's more, all job updates will automatically sync with the Zendesk Sell deal and display the latest status updates in the sidebar of the deal listing.

One Zendesk Sell deal can have multiple jobs on Zuper. Back-office agents or sales reps can create a job from the Zendesk Sell portal associated with that deal. For people associated with more than one deal, Zuper's "Person Deal Sidebar" will help businesses find deals or jobs associated with a specific person. The Person Deal Sidebar will display a list of all the people related to a particular Zuper job.

The Zendesk Sell and Zuper integration creates different teams (sales, service, and support) for success in a field service business. Businesses can leverage the real-time data sync from both tools to gain actionable insights and understand how to offer a better customer service experience.

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