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Effective Pest Control Methods For Residential Properties

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Despite your best attempts to address the problem yourself, pests are persistent and always seem to find a way into your home. The question of how to effectively deal with invading pests is a very real one. What methods are most effective? Is anything foolproof? Evidence suggests that it is much easier to prevent an infestation than to deal with one once it has occurred.

To further substantiate this claim, a study by National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has revealed that Termites cause about $5 billion worth of property damage in the US. This shocking revelation challenges the notion that pests are merely small nuisances, as they can wreak havoc on your health, environment, and economy.

Find answers to all your questions in this article. We have discussed the various way to prevent and eradicate pests, and we are sure that if not one method, the other will work out for your home. Keep reading! and turn your place into the one you have always dreamed of.

Initial pest inspection for a healthy home

Ants that march through your kitchen, creepy crawly spiders that spin webs in corners, and the dreaded house mice that somehow manage to get into every crack and attic are typical in residential areas. Oh, and let’s not forget the bed bugs that torture you at night. These pests have become a common sight in everyone’s home that we fail you realize their dangers. If not addressed right away, these typical bug issues can transform a beautiful house into a nightmare.

Preventive measures to control common pests, like ants and bed bugs, are in the later part of the article. First, let’s see what is the step ahead to prevent pests– regular inspections!

How to do a pest inspection at home?

A pest inspection is an easy-peasy task, as far as you know, every setup of your home. Yes, what we are trying to say is if you know your home has pests, you will know where to look for them. That said, certain areas cannot be overlooked while doing the inspection process—standing water, overgrown vegetation, foundation, walls, storage spaces, and many more. We have carefully designed a pest inspection checklist, ensuring no essential areas are overlooked.

<<Download the pest inspection checklist for free>>

Preventive pest control measures

The commonly known method of pest control is using harmful pesticides. But there are other preventive measures for pest control, such as biological, physical, and professional methods. Let’s look in detail at each one of these procedures to create a pest-free environment.

1. Biological pest control

Have you experienced any respiratory problems after exposing your home to pesticide treatment? If yes, you should know about the biological ways of preventive pest control because, in biological methods, there is no room for chemicals! Instead, certain microorganisms and natural predators are used to hunt down destructive bugs. However, this method works if the pests are on the exterior of your building.

Natural predators of pests

In the world of pests, beneficial insects are the good guys. We call these microorganisms or nematodes, which can destroy the undesirable insects that want to settle in your house garden or tree trunks as natural predators. By keeping these beneficial insects, a.k.a foes of harmful pests, you can prevent pest entry from the exterior of the building.

Planting plants that repel pests

Did you know there are certain plants that can prevent the entry of pests? Yes, pests cant simply stand near the plants like Basil, Allium, and Lemongrass, to name a few, because of their mysterious power. Using these plants also, you can prevent the entry of pests from the exterior of your home.

2. Physical methods of pest control

People often argue about whether it is safe to use harmful chemicals such as pesticides. The concern is that pets or small children may accidentally injest the poisons and become sick—or worse! To avoid the risks involved, it is better to use physical methods of pest control, like barriers and traps.

Traps and barriers

Traps and barriers are one of the most effective physical methods of pest control that people can do easily. Of course, you have to spend some money to buy a suitable trap for the pest as there are various traps like lifts and electric traps. Think of the bright side, using traps and barriers avoids unnecessary problems as you can safely get rid of the pests easily without using pesticides.

Blocking entrance

Physical exclusion methods aim to keep pests away from areas you want to keep secure. You can accomplish this by blocking off potential pest access sites and regions. It is similar to setting up a fence to keep them out.

3. Professional pest control

If the physical and biological methods of pest control do not work out, it is an indicator that your home needs professional assistance. Many people hesitate to spend money on professional services because, as said, awareness of pests is still vague. People simply don’t care about pest control unless they are infected with a disease.

In truth, seeking a professional pest control service is a smart option to choose a pest control service because trained eyes figure out the severity of infestations through in-depth inspections. They know various techniques to prevent and remove pests. Instead of you buying traps, they will take care of everything. Importantly, reputable businesses place a high priority on safety and provide follow-up visits as necessary to guarantee successful outcomes and safeguard the property.

To give an example, to remove bed bugs, professional bed bug extermination services usually take a systematic strategy to get rid of the issue. Experts in pest management employ specific insecticides that eliminate bed bugs completely by hitting them at every stage of their life cycle.

In addition, they might use non-chemical techniques like heat treatment, which raises the temperature to a point where bed bugs can no longer survive while keeping occupants safe. Furthermore, to effectively prevent future bed bug infestations, pest control experts may recommend preventive measures like using mattress covers and doing routine inspections.

Only experienced hands know the insecticides in the market and which treatments would work to remove pests. So, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance from a pest control business.

Cost of pest control

When it comes to dealing with pests and their costs, you want to make sure you are well-informed before seeking a pest control service. Typically, eight factors determine the final price of your pest control service. They are,

  1. Type of service (Extermination, Removal, and Prevention)
  2. Frequency of service
  3. Type of pest
  4. Type of treatment
  5. Size of the property
  6. Severity of the infestation
  7. Experience of the service provider
  8. Location

During the first appointment, the focus is primarily on conducting a thorough inspection and identifying the problem. As the severity of the infestation and the required treatment become clearer, the pricing can vary accordingly. So, the cost of the initial visit and the follow-up visits are lower compared to the treatment cost. Find below the average cost of pest control services for common residential pests to get a better idea of what to expect.

Prevent common pest infestations

Ants, cockroaches, and rats are common pest infestations in residential buildings. Dealing with these pests can be really frustrating, but there are simple ways you can do to prevent them from invading in the first place. Instead of waiting until they become a big problem and trying to kill them, it’s better to use preventive methods to keep them away completely.

1. Ant infestations

Professional exterminators have a methodical approach that they use when dealing with ant infestations. To create a focused strategy, they first identify the species of the ant and their nesting locations. Using the proper insecticides or baits, pest control experts are able to reduce the infestation. Additionally, professionals will also advise sealing entry points and eliminating potential food sources that may attract ants to reduce the possibility of ants returning. Through routine monitoring and follow-up inspections, they can quickly discover new ant colonies and destroy them.

2. Controlling rats and mice

Rat and mouse infestations are dealt with by professional rodent control services by using a complex strategy. By carefully arranging bait stations and traps, professionals are able to catch rats and eliminate infestations.

Along with addressing the current infestation, professional exterminators thoroughly analyze the premises to find potential entry points that rodents might utilize and seal them off. Additionally, they offer cleaning procedures to help eliminate safe havens for rodents and lower the possibility of further infestations.

3. Cockroach elimination

Professional pest control services apply tailored pesticide sprays to places where cockroaches are active and prone to hide. They frequently employ insect growth regulators and baits in addition to insecticides to interrupt the cockroach life cycle and stop reproduction. Professional exterminators advocate improving sanitation, caulking cracks, and getting rid of potential food sources—reducing the chance of future infestations. In order to maintain a cockroach-free environment and quickly handle any new issues, routine inspections, and follow-up visits are made.

Keep residential properties pest-free

As we conclude our journey through the world of pest control and the preventative measures that you can take, remember that a healthy home begins with inspecting thoroughly for pests. But it doesn’t end there. Regular follow-up inspections are needed to make sure that your home remains pest free.  If you think the problem is simple enough to resolve yourself, you can use physical and biological methods without the need of resorting to harmful chemicals that can affect the environment. However, for more complicated infestations, connecting with local pest control services is the wise choice to control pests effectively.


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