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Must-Have Pool Service Tools for Pool Service Technicians

November 12, 2021

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Swimming pool service technicians perform a wide range of pool cleaning services. They can’t expect customers to have pool service tools ready for their usage and it is a best practice to carry all essential tools upon receiving a service request. Pool service technicians should carry basic tools as well as specialized pool tools to be completely prepared for the pool cleaning and pool service job.We have drafted this blog to help pool service businesses shortlist essential pool service tools and create a rock-solid pool technician tool kit. Here you can learn everything about essential tools and replacement tools every pool service technician needs to have in their tool kit.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Pool cleaning tools

Pool leaf rakes

Leaf rakes are the most frequently used pool cleaning tool and your pool service technicians cannot go without them. It is the most effective tool if your pool service technicians want to quickly skim the surface and dredge the floor.Leaf rakes have a larger surface area than the flat skimmer net and have deep pockets to hold a larger amount of wet leaves. Leaf rakes come with a soft rubber rim and a sturdy aluminium frame and that makes them the perfect tool to scoop out leaves, sticks, and even debris.

Pool brush

The pool cleaning job involves a lot more than just skimming. Pool service technicians need different types of brushes to clean a pool effectively. They can pick and attach the right pool brush to a telescopic pole for making the cleaning process easy, ultimately preventing backaches.Pool service technicians must choose brushes with a combination of nylon bristles and ABS plastic to prevent damages to a painted pool surface. For unpainted concrete and gunite pools, pool service cleaners can use stainless steel and aluminium bristles.

Pool vacuum cleaner and vacuum heads

A swimming pool vacuum head is the ultimate solution to clean miscellaneous debris from the pool surface. They come in handy when you need to collect sediments from the bottom of the pool easily. When attached as a special fitting to the skimmer box in the pool, they are capable of performing heavy-duty pool cleaning. Listed below are some of the common pool vacuum cleaners and vacuum heads.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

  • It is a highly recommended vacuum head
  • It recirculates the water and filters the pool water to remove large debris
  • It is considered to be one of the most expensive vacuum heads out there
  • It requires no supervision and offers low maintenance

Suction vacuum cleaners

  • It is not only the most economical option but also the most easy to use and maintain
  • It consumes lower power when compared with other pool cleaning vacuum cleaners
  • It has to be set up in the filtration system and so it needs to be removed every time you use it


Pool skimmers are a vital pool cleaning tool to maintain pool circulation and filtration systems effectively. Above-ground pools cannot be cleaned manually every time. In such instances, automatic pool skimmers come in handy as they filter even a large amount of debris.You cannot expect pool owners to have an inbuilt pool skimmer in their pool wall. Heavy-duty robotic skimmers will be apt to cover such instances as they work well with both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools.

Pressure washer

The pressure washer helps sweep away leaves and dust rapidly. However, pressure washers are suitable only for concrete and plaster pools and they cannot be used on vinyl or fiberglass pools.For indoor pools, a pressure washer with an electric motor will be ideal. As for outdoor pools, you can couple pressure washers with either an electric motor or an combustion engine model. Pool cleaners must choose the right type of nozzle and PSI to ensure that their pressure washer cleans the pool without causing any damage to the pool.

Magnetic pole

Ensure that there is a magnetic pole in your pool maintenance tool kit. When you are working on a pool cleaning task, you cannot jump into the pool every time to pick a dropped tool. A magnetic pole is a handy tool which can be used to snag dropped tools from deep pools. Always have a neodymium magnet and a heavy 550 cord in the toolkit to pick heavier objects.

Blow dryer and blower vac

In pool service repair and maintenance, pool service technicians often face the task of removing wrinkles, especially in vinyl liners. A blow dryer can help you remove the wrinkles of the vinyl pool liner.

Cordless drill

Cordless drills can be used for multiple purposes. They will come in handy while working with vinyl liners or repairing a spinning screw. It is better if you go for an underwater drill or waterproof drill so that you can repair leaks without draining the entire swimming pool.

Cordless grinder

It is one of the necessary pool tools in pool maintenance especially when you are involved in the installation of vinyl liners. Cordless grinders make the pool surface even and smooth. They can be used when you are working with tiny dents.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Hand tools

Set of wrenches

Having different types of wrenches is the key to swift and clean pool repair jobs. Usually, pool service technicians prefer T-shaped hex keys (also known as Allen Wrenches) to L-shaped hex keys. These hex keys or wrenches can be used to raise and lower safety cover anchors based on the season.Pipe wrenches are sturdier and heavy to carry but can help fix pump leakages swiftly. While different sized pumps require different sized pipe wrenches, a standard 10” pipe wrench will always come in handy.


A basic set of chisels are used for cutting bolts, scraping debris, and extracting dirt. While chisels come in various varieties, metal chisel, cold chisel, and stone chisel are some go-to chisels.


Tongue and grooved pliers are also known as water pump pliers as they easily adjust larger nuts and bolts available in slippery water pumps. Needle nose pliers also known as pointy or snipe nose pliers help in tightening nuts and bolts as well as removing scrap from the pump.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Pool supplies


Otherwise known as pool putty, is a multi-use adhesive tool. Cracks and leaks are common in concrete pools. Sealants can be used with a resin to repair various pool parts. Blowing a heat gun over the pool surface after applying the sealant reduces the cure time.Epoxy bond pool putty works best for concrete pools. Rubber-based sealants suit well for plaster or gunite pools.


Pool service technicians must eliminate contaminants and remove algae before starting pool cleaning. Chlorine tablets are helpful for sanitization as well as lowering the pool’s pH. These tablets can be easily applied through dispensers.Bromine tablets are not only excellent algaecides but also do not require frequent dosages. Bromine tablets are more stable than chlorine, especially in hot pools.

Water testing kit

Most pool service repairs can be prevented by performing regular water testing. Before any pool maintenance work, ensure the water is tested with pH test strips. Testing the water with pH test strips shows when to add necessary chemicals. If you’re carrying a liquid test kit, you can control alkalinity and calcium hardness using necessary chemicals. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Productive tools

Pool service software

Managing the operations of a pool service business is always a challenge. In a manual pool service environment, there is no coordination between the field service team and the back office team. What’s more, there is confusion and chaos everywhere from work order management to scheduling jobs and dispatching pool service technicians.With swimming pool service company software, you can streamline end-to-end pool service operations and get actionable insights on an array of metrics ranging from technician productivity to invoice payments status.

Mobile app

Today all pool service technicians have a mobile phone, all that is left to do is install a pool service app. These mobile apps will inform service technicians about the job schedules. What’s more, the route optimization feature available in pool service apps like Zuper will route pool technicians precisely to the customer’s location. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Pool cleaning businesses can enhance their pool service business by investing in right pool service tools. Regardless of the tools you choose to add to your pool service technician’s kit, investing in a pool service software will go a long way than using a disparate application.With a reliable platform like Zuper, organizations can not only optimize their pool service management process but also reduce cost and save time. Would you like to spend more time managing your business and less time on administrative tasks, give a shot on a free trial to know how effortless your operations can be with the right pool service software.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



Shobhita Saxena
Shobhita Saxena

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