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Unlock the Power of Customizability in Field Service Management

March 10, 2023

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No matter how similar people are to each other, each individual is different; this applies to businesses too—especially in the field service industry. While there might be some similarities in businesses, each has its own way of functioning and operating.

Similarly, an effective field service management solution allows companies to tailor their service delivery to meet the unique needs of their customers. At the same time, ensure they help improve the operational efficiency and overall service quality of the company.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tweak and customize your field service management platform to match your exact needs? With the power of being able to customize your configuration, you can access the true potential of field service management.

Custom Configuration and Field Service Management (FSM)

Every business aspires to tweak and customize its software to suit unique business needs; custom configuration can help your field service business focus on the details that mean the most to you. So, what about a customized configuration is so great? Let’s look at the benefits custom configuration provides to a field service management company.

1. Improve operational efficiency

Customization helps you integrate your FSM software with CRM tools which can improve service delivery. You can convert your service requests into work orders in a flash. Since the scheduling and dispatching process varies for each business, changes to the software may be necessary to appropriately meet any specialized needs.

With the freedom to custom your configuration, you can avoid scheduling conflicts, helping to smoothly and effectively manage your workforce.

With custom configuration options, you can add custom fields and customizable elements that are specific to your business needs. Improve your service delivery options by offering checklists and notes to your team. You can also revisit a task by checking the service history should you need to visit the site in the future. This will lead to a better customer experience since you will not need to ask customers the same questions over and over again.

2. Increase workforce productivity

Customization not only helps to smooth your workflow, but it also helps improve employee productivity. It can be daunting for employees to see a screen full of options and not know what to choose. With custom configuration, you can customize the app interface and use conditional access to restrict confidential information.

You have the option of choosing what to share with your employees and the ability to send timely job notifications to your team, helping to keep your technicians on track.

Customization also lets you track individual employees and the time they spend on each task. You can distribute the tasks more evenly across the team and improve your workforce’s productivity. You also have the option to make things easier with a customized workflow.

Your technicians will no longer have to sift through cluttered spreadsheets to determine which asset belongs to which customer. Zuper’s asset management module will provide a holistic view of all business and customer-owned assets. Integrate with field nation to help you assign jobs more quickly and manage a large team available on-demand, from contractors to gig workers.

3. Align with business objectives

Using Zuper’s data sync, you can customize your software to fetch data from various sources, allowing you to maintain a single source of truth in Zuper’s system. It is essential for companies to get the whole picture while they analyze reports. Making better predictions necessitates good data; without good data, it is hard to tell what direction you are heading in.

It can be time-consuming to create reports, but it is necessary; additionally, it can’t just be a one-off—your reports need to occur on a predictable cadence, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Zuper allows setting up recurring reports, which allows consistent reporting and helps you make accurate data-driven decisions. You can even filter reports for the specific information that you need. Monitoring your SLAs and technicians’ first-time fix rate is easy, and overall your customers will benefit from an improved customer experience.

4. Enhance customer experience

Your technicians are the face of your business and represent you in the field. Since they interact directly with your customers, you should ensure that your technicians are motivated and equipped with the right tools to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. Your technicians need to be notified about job alerts and the status of each job.

It is essential to manage your workforce’s daily tasks and requests effectively. Keeping notes and reminders on the calendar will ensure they can effortlessly plan for their day’s calls, keep up with work orders, and easily share quotes and invoices. Staying on top of all these administrative tasks is vital to offering a quality customer experience.

Finally, your customers will speak for you; offering a good customer experience has its benefits. Once they get to see how proactive you are, they will start sharing their experiences with their acquaintances. A great customer experience will help turn your customers into advocates, further enhancing the reputation of your business.

5. Grow and scale your business

Simplicity and effective customer management are the choices for c-suite employees; once you are able to filter information appropriately, running your business will be a breeze. If you are to scale and grow your business, understanding what is currently going on in your business is essential.

This is easier said than done; knowing what is happening every day requires constant interaction and monitoring. Coordination can be time-consuming and frustrating, and if there is some piece missing, the whole thing can fall apart.

Wouldn’t it be simpler if you could access all your company’s information on your mobile device and from just one application? A custom dashboard does just that, allowing you to choose what information you want to see—from your technician’s availability to invoices and your team’s performance. Want more? You also have the option to choose what information you want to see and remove anything you feel is extraneous; this will provide your dashboard with a clean look and feel. Customizing module names will also allow you to use the business lingo already familiar to you, making it easier for everyone across your organization to adapt to the software.

With the growth of technology, we expect to see even more improvements and customizations made available for field service software, from global search and quick filters to an offline mode; these are things to look out for in the future.

Final thoughts

Customization is the cornerstone of success in field service. This blog covered some of the benefits that come with customizable field service software. Integrating FSM software with CRM tools will help improve customer service delivery and convert service requests into work orders with ease.

Custom configuration options allow you to add your own fields and elements specific to your business needs. It also improves the productivity of your business, allowing you to distribute tasks more equally across teams. This ensures the right information reaches the right people, improving your workforce’s productivity. The same solutions can be applied to contractors and gig workers too.

Every business works differently, and customizable software that aligns with your business needs will improve the overall customer experience. After all, enhancing customer experience is the key to making any business successful; ensuring you have the right tools will help you stay ahead of the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a free personalized demo today and see how the most flexible and customizable field service management platform can help you scale rapidly.


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