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Jenefa Sweetlyn
April 23, 2023
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According to a survey by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, residential services will continue to grow rapidly in the US for the foreseeable future. Even though the success rate is increasing, the industry is quite challenging.

Without effective management tools, businesses have no chance of thriving in the midst of stiff competition. Here are seven best practices to help you stand out in the competitive market and to scale your residential services business successfully.

7 pro tips for scaling your home services business

There are many things that you can do to improve your home service business but the tips we are going to read in this article have been compiled after considering the feedback received from business owners in the home service sector.

1. Take a closer look at your existing processes

Even if your company is running effectively, you should always be on the lookout for potential problems with your workflow or gaps in your process. 

  • Your workflows may be slow and need frequent intervention
  • Manual errors may be amping up
  • Estimates and invoices might be inaccurate
  • Your payments cycle may take too long 

With the constant evaluation of your processes, you can avoid potential pitfalls before they occur.

2. Streamline your work order management process

The most common reason for undesirable business processes is a lack of proper work order management. You could already be using CRM and ERP tools but still need a solution to efficiently manage work orders and your workforce. 

A well-defined work order management solution will guide and help you perform all business operations, from scheduling and dispatching to generating invoices. By integrating with third-party apps, you gain access to features like instant alerts, real-time location tracking, and digital payment. 

3. Set a niche and build on quality

The residential services business is vast. There is cleaning, landscaping, HVAC, plumbing, painting, and many others. So, it is essential to narrow down a niche to achieve greater efficiency.

If you focus on more than one niche, you will have unexpected situations to deal with. It may lead to compromising the quality of your service, which is a red flag for business. So, the rule of thumb for scaling up residential services is to focus on one area and provide a quality service you can be proud of. 

Take plumbing, for example, it involves drain cleaning, leak detection, installation, repair, and replacements. To successfully scale your residential business, you should choose a single service type to focus on. Trying to focus on more than one type of service makes it more difficult for you to succeed and grow as a business. 

4. Future-proof your processes with automation

A good way to negate the shortcomings of your business is by streamlining operations through automation. How comfortable would you be doing massive operations, such as scheduling a job, dispatching technicians, and sending reminders manually?

 It sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? That's why streamlining automation is a lifesaver for residential services. It allows you to complete tasks more conveniently. It reduces the possibility of human error and saves a substantial amount of time.

Let's say you have a customer who requires a cleaning service. You can more easily manage all aspects involved in running a cleaning business successfully by using FSM software. 

FSM software streamlines operations—from generating quotes to sending an invoice. It helps dispatches a qualified technician with the necessary tools, products, and equipment to complete a job successfully. Suppose your technicians have used additional products for cleaning. These changes can be easily added to an invoice, allowing your customer to see all the details of their service in one place. 

5. Implement features to improve customer experience

Improving customer experience is key to the success of any business. When we look at the residential services business model, we must be willing to adopt a modern approach and invest in technology that enhances our customer experience.

For example, cash payments are not preferred by most customers. Knowing this, we should implement online payment options where they choose either card-based or cardless options making your customers’ lives as easy as possible. Additionally, you can offer financing options, allowing customers to make payments over time and enhancing your customer experience.

6. Maintain a transparent pricing policy

Many businesses believe that explicitly listing their pricing may have a negative impact on their bottom line. But it isn’t true! Transparency is a way of assuring the customers that they are making the right decision and that you are treating them fairly. Upfront pricing makes it simple for clients to understand what your company offers and what to expect when they choose you.

7. Invest in marketing and win back your customer

Residential service businesses need to invest in marketing tools if they expect to scale up. Implementing marketing into the company helps you reach a wider audience across all channels. Social media posts, paid ads, and campaigns help reach a broader audience and can even win back customers.

For example, Marketing tools provide a clear understanding of leads. Using this, you can identify which strategy is performing well and generating hot leads and which strategy is failing to get results. Online reviews are among the best ways to build brand trust and generate customer loyalty. So, connect with your customer. And once you get a stellar review, promote it on your website. 


Residential services are booming, and there is no doubt about it. Many businesses are looking to capitalize on this opportunity, so it is crucial to use the opportunity to scale up your business wisely. As discussed, if you focus on your existing flaws, examine your workflow, and streamline operations, then you have won half the battle. 

Further, investing in tools and technologies can improve customer experience and earn you customer loyalty. Speaking about modern tools, getting an FSM software product would provide a variety of benefits to residential services businesses.

Zuper should be your first stop if you are looking for a highly customizable FSM platform. Zuper FSM software comes with customization, digitization, automation, and so much more. Zuper helps you overcome residential service challenges, boost revenue and build and scale your business. 

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