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Top 10 Field Service Management Software Integrations You Need

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Cloud-based field service software is transforming the service industry by helping them overcome their business challenges. The most popular field service management software is allowing service-based businesses to become more productive and grow faster than ever before.

To get the most out of your field service management software you can integrate it with a variety of software applications. With these integrations, you can easily access out-of-the-box features from within your field service management (FSM) system. By enabling your different solutions to synchronize you are centralizing your workflow in one place—now you can focus on what is important.


QuickBooks is a software product that allows Field Service Management businesses to organize their accounting, sales, and cash flow. Because it is a cloud-based accounting system, you will have access to your sales and invoicing accounts form from any device with an Internet connection.

Key features of QuickBooks that help FSM business

  • Allows to manage and access your FSM business accounts from any device
  • Creates custom estimates, invoices, and sales receipts
  • Tracks field service technician’s billable hours and adds them to invoices

Why do you need to integrate QuickBooks?

Without FSM software, there will be a disconnect between your field service team and those responsible for accounting. If you are to avoid double data entry and minimize redundancy an integration of QuickBooks with the FSM system is necessary—integrating the systems in this manner has the upshot of streamlining both the accounting and sales process.

By integrating your FSM software with QuickBooks, you can get a variety of benefits. Both QuickBooks and FSM software involves customer information, invoices, estimates, and inventory. When a field service technician updates information in their field service app, it will be automatically updated in QuickBooks on the back end without any duplication of data. This is a two-way sync so changes made in QuickBooks reflects in our FSM software.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with QuickBooks

  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry and cuts down the processing time.
  • Offers complete real-time visibility on the status of invoices and estimates for all stakeholders.
  • Helps to track inventory and automatically updates the status of parts.
  • Allows to import billable hours of field service technicians from FSM software and convert it into invoices seamlessly.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a CRM (customer relationship management) application targeted at sales. Zendesk Sell helps field service businesses efficiently manage their deals and sales-oriented information.

Key features of Zendesk Sell that help FSM business

  • Manage all your contacts, leads, and account information in a centralized platform
  • Convert deals into jobs directly and schedule the same within the deals module

Why do you need to integrate Zendesk Sell?

By integrating with Zendesk Sell you can access all of your customer information, work orders, and the status of jobs all in one place.

Your back office sales team can even create a job in Zendesk Sell from inside a deal. When opening a deal, they can easily associate it with jobs, customer information, services rendered, and more. The FSM integrated Zendesk Sell provides real-time collaboration with sales, support, and service teams allowing for a more complete view of sales operations.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with Zendesk Sell

  • Improved customer handling experience for sales-support-service teams
  • End-to-end visibility over the customer information without relying on multiple apps

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is a customer service software that helps FSM businesses to strengthen customer relationships by providing exceptional customer support. It connects all your customer data and allows you to manage it in a centralized CRM platform.

Key features of HubSpot that help FSM business

  • Customers can easily submit tickets through a secured customer portal
  • The service and support team can chat live with customers in real-time
  • Customers can resolve issues themselves through help articles and instructional videos

Why do you need to integrate HubSpot?

Integrating with HubSpot is a way for an FSM business to grow its customer base, maintain relationships, and provide excellent support to its customers. Integrating field service management software with HubSpot allows your support team to collaborate seamlessly with service teams in the field. It provides a two-way integration so that you can schedule a dispatch without having to switch to your FSM software.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with HubSpot Service Hub

  • Timely response to customer queries and resolve issues faster
  • Organize tickets based on priority and emergency issues easily
  • Reduce customer queries as the customer can help themselves with help articles
  • Complete automation of customer service with live chatbots with predefined response 24/7

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based solution enabling your FSM business to manage and optimize inventory from purchase to payment. It can manage shipments and suppliers and generates reports based on data.

Key features of Zoho Inventory that help FSM business

  • Monitor all your packages, equipment, and materials in a centralized hub
  • Manage stocks at multiple warehouses at multiple locations effortlessly
  • Track equipment and parts with identification number

Why do you need to integrate Zoho Inventory?

With integrated FSM, Zoho Inventory provides a clearer picture of available inventory, simplifying warehouse management. Zoho Inventory bridges the gap between your warehouse and service teams, enabling you to import parts and services from your FSM software into Zoho Inventory. At a glance, field techs know the availability of parts and equipment—all from the mobile app, and without needing to involve the back office team.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with Zoho inventory

  • Optimizes inventory management of your FSM business and sends automated alerts for inventory replenishment
  • FSM business can manage their inventory location and assign technicians for easy accessibility
  • Track defective items and expiration dates with the mobile application
  • Complete access to warehouse and track shipment throughout the supply chain with unique serial numbers

Field Nation

Field Nation is a workforce management tool that connects service businesses with a network of skilled service technicians—nationwide. Field Nation makes it easier to find highly skilled technicians, manage a workforce, and collect payments.

Key features of Field Nation that help FSM business

  • Helps conduct an anonymous nationwide talent search for the right field techs based on the requirement
  • Helps manage a central database of all contacts such as employees, field service technicians, third-party vendors, and customers
  • Allows managing contracts with third-party vendors and sub-contractors, set up KPIs, and tracking work orders

Why do you need to integrate Field Nation?

Field service businesses often face challenges when expanding their service area. Employing technicians costs, and is not always affordable for a company whose resources are already stretched. Gig workers are some companies’ solution; but since contractors are paid differently, record keeping becomes complicated. This is where Field Nation shines.

By integrating Field Nation with your FSM system, you can easily manage a mixture of workers; full-time technicians, third-party vendors, and contract workers can all be centralized and managed in the same system. And using Field Nation also helps with finding and recruiting the right technician for your needs—it is a win on all fronts!

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with Field Nation

  • Expanding service across the country with cost-effective on-demand technicians
  • Managing thousands of service calls using the workforce of on-demand technicians
  • Reducing overhead costs of service delivery by utilizing contract-based service technicians


Twilio is a customer communication and engagement platform that helps FSM businesses communicate with customers through a variety of channels. It supports SMS, email, as well as WhatsApp. Twilio also provides for both voice and video communication, for a more personal touch when needed.

Key features of Twilio that help FSM business

  • Offers features like voice and text messaging, audio and video calls within mobile or web app itself
  • Sends Estimated Time Alerts(ETA) notifications, invoices, and estimates to customers

Why do you need to integrate Twilio?

By integrating your FSM software with Twilio your team is able to contact customers by telephone or text messaging. Twilio can send customized text alerts, details of estimates, and invoice customers in an efficient, cost-effective manner—freeing up time for other things and benefiting your bottom line.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with Twilio

  • Keep customers in the loop about appointments, provide job updates, ETA alerts, and payment reminders
  • Your back office team can respond to customer queries within your FSM software

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is a piece of Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) that helps organize and maintain employee data throughout their tenure with the company. It centralizes employee information including, but not limited to, salary information, job history, tax declarations, and start date.

Key features of Bamboo HR that help FSM business

  • It acts as a centralized employee database that integrates with multiple programs to stay updated
  • Employees can use the self-service portal for leave applications, payroll slips, and tax declaration
  • Employees can clock in and clock out and view their shift details in a mobile application while on the go

Why do you need to integrate Bamboo HR?

By integrating Bamboo HR with your field service software, managing employee timesheets becomes possible. Employee timesheets can be converted to payroll slips and the integration will reduce manual processes—such as double entry. FSM businesses will also benefit from being able to optimize their hiring processing and manage applicant information without relying on a separate software product.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with Bamboo HR

  • Eliminates errors in timesheets simplify payroll of your field service technicians
  • Synchronizes time login with your FSM software to process payroll and analyze performance seamlessly
  • Automates human resource data, smooths onboarding of employees

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a widely used calendar. It provides a variety of features that make scheduling easier and field service businesses can benefit from these. With the FSM Google Calendar integration, a business can easily schedule events and keep their job calendar updated.

Key features of Google Calendar that help FSM business

  • Schedule meetings on the go
  • Set up reminders about upcoming activities
  • Share schedules and synchronize with multiple calendars

Why do you need to integrate Google Calendar?

Google Calendar can tie in with the scheduling calendar already built-in to FSM software. Details such as job and customer information can be pulled using a two-way sync so that meetings, tasks, and events created on either platform will be updated on the other, easing accessibility and making consistent information visible across your workflow. Field service technicians are able to import a job calendar in their mobile app and sync it with their own Google Calendar along with customer information and service details.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with Google Calendar

  • Field or office staff can easily view their schedules, tasks, and job orders in their own Google Calendar without logging into the mobile app
  • The back office team can view the field service technician’s availability to schedule a new job.
  • Updates made in Google calendar reflects in your FSM software so that it can be used at convenience


Slack is a messaging application for businesses used to bring people in an organization together where they can communicate and collaborate. Slack is not limited to simple communication, but supports integration with a variety of applications and software products.

Key features of Slack that help FSM business

  • Separate channels allow conversing within a group for more clarity of work
  • Screen share, group video calls, huddles within a group
  • Communication and collaboration with other partner companies easily

Why do you need to integrate Slack?

With a flexible app, field service teams and other stakeholders can collaborate across departments in one place for effective communication. Slack transforms how teams collaborate anywhere, regardless of the company’s size. You can share job updates, project details, files, and even more in a secure environment with integrated apps.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with Slack

  • Stay connected with your field service teams anytime, anywhere
  • Send reminders on job orders and meeting details with an integrated calendar


SurveyMonkey is a tool to conduct surveys and collect feedback according to user requirements. The surveys created could give insightful data in many aspects and integrate with a variety of platforms to provide better performance.

Key features of SurveyMonkey that help FSM business

  • Customizable survey and feedback forms
  • Real-time reporting and analytics

Why do you need to integrate SurveyMonkey?

Customer reviews can help an FSM business determine customer satisfaction levels and suggest appropriate ways for the business to scale. Smoothing out your customer service experience requires gathering customer reviews and feedback at the completion of each job.

By integrating SurveyMonkey, you can collect customer feedback, ratings, or reviews and analyze them all in one place, linked to a specific job. This data will automatically be displayed visually to help you understand your service better.

Here are the top benefits of integrating FSM software with SurveyMonkey

  • Easy spotting of customer service experiences
  • FSM businesses can ensure the inconveniences are identified and resolved quickly


Regardless of what software your business uses it is likely an integration is available for it. By integrating these platforms with field service management software you can boost your team’s performance in ways you never realized were possible. Collaboration and streamlining your operations are closer than you think. Get the most out of all field service management features and start scaling up your business today!

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