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List of 10+1 Essential Landscaping Tools Every Landscaper Needs

November 9, 2021

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Investing in high-quality landscaping tools is going to multiply your returns and also help deliver brilliant service to customers. This might require a fair amount of expenditure from your side as well, but the returns would be worth the investment.If you are looking for suggestions on landscaping tools that a landscaper needs, you are at the right place. The think-piece enlists 10+1 most effective landscaping tools along with their uses.

But before that, here are a few tips on how you can get your hands on the best hand tools for landscaping:

The first thing to monitor while purchasing a hand tool for landscaping is to find a close grain wood handle. You need a well-built and durable close-grain wooden handle for your tool. Try to avoid any sort of decoration or painting done on the wooden handle, because the painting forms a layer on the wood opaque-ing the actual quality of the wood used.

If your budget permits, you can also invest in a metallic hand tool, they provide greater longevity than wooden handles. Ensure that you have a fixed grip on the hand tool. The handle should not slip or slide off your fist. Besides a comfortable grip, the weight of the tool should be bearable and well distributed during use.

Landscaping hand tools

You don’t always need costly high-class technological gadgets for landscaping. Some landscaping tools are not just affordable but are constructed using basic technology. All you need to do is to pick the right ones. Here’s a closer look at some more specific tools used in landscaping:


A shovel is a simple lawn tool used for digging the ground. You can select a wooden, metallic, or a fiber handle for your shovel. All of the handles work equally fine, provided you purchase it from a trustworthy store. It will be a wise choice to select a shovel that comes with a stainless-steel head. It will help reduce the extra weight besides keeping it sturdy and durable.


There are two types of rakes: steel rake and leaf rake. Steel rakes are best used to take up laboring tasks such as shifting soil, gravel, compost, etc. The leaf rake is used for lighter components such as lightweight leaves, twigs, and so on.

Pruning shears

While purchasing pruning shears you must reach out for long handles. Pruning shears are used to shift branches. It’s best to invest in electric pruning shears and gas pruning shears. You may further choose the type of shear depending on the type of work.

Powered landscaping tools

In addition to hand tools, you may work with power tools for landscaping because not all landscaping tools are supposed to be hand tools nowadays. Power tools save time, labor and increase production. A no-brainer suggestion is that you need to invest in a good quality power tool for landscaping. But again, the misery lies in the high costs of these tools.

Don’t worry, this article will give you several suggestions on the same. Power tools from a good brand and trustable stores are rarely going to disappoint you. You can select between battery or gas power tools. The basic difference between them is the noise and strength that these tools provide. While gas tools are robust, battery tools are quite easy to work with.

Lawn mower

Lawn mower is one of the most important and costly power tools that you will require for landscaping. Hence, you must not hesitate from investing in a first-class lawn mower. A strong and efficient lawn mower will definitely cut down your labor to half, saving enough time and increasing productivity. Besides, you also get an edge against your competitors with such specialized equipment.

Weed wacker

Weed wacker basically refers to a grass trimming tool that is used to trim the extra twigs and leaves of trees and lawn plants. This gives a pleasant view of your lawn and attracts viewers.

Leaf blower

Leaf blower is again an important tool to help you collect scattered and dried leaves. This tool saves a lot of manual labor thereby wrapping the stray leaves in no time. You can make your pick between an electric leaf blower and a gas leaf blower. Selecting a gas leaf blower will prove to be power-saving and it is efficient enough for successfully carrying out a whole day’s work as well.

Hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmers are hand tools that are used for pruning or trimming hedges. For best use, make sure the hedge trimmers need to be lightweight and must have a good grip so that you can hold them in your hands for long hours of work.

Lawn aerators

Lawn aerators are basically a tool to help your lawn breathe and inhale oxygen. Aeration is a process that allows the absorption of oxygen, water, and nutrients in the soil. You do get hand aerator tools, but electric aerators are far more convenient.


It is best to use washable synthetic gloves for landscaping tasks. However, cotton-latex and leather gloves are also available. Leather gloves are good for providing protection to the hands when you are dealing with tough landscaping works.


If you work in a snowy landscape, a snowblower is the first thing that you would want to purchase to eliminate the piled-up heaps of snow from your land. However, if you wish to completely eliminate it, it’s best to start your business in warmer months.

Bonus: fertilizing tools

When done manually, fertilizing lawns can be a very exhausting task. So, instead, invest in broadcast granular spreaders that can help disperse tiny fertilizer particles evenly on the large surface areas of lawns.


As a landscaper, it is your behavior, hard work, production, alluring prices, consistency, and commitment that will help you maximize profits. Investing in a premium set of landscaping tools will not only make your processes easier but also provide you with more yields. Infact, if you’re just starting out, field service management can feel like a big task for a landscaping business. In that case, invest in good field service management software like Zuper and it is sure to help you achieve greater ROI.


Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran
Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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