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WhatsApp Chatbot And Field Service: A Match Made In (Zuper) Heaven

January 22, 2021

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The renowned adage “Silence is golden” doesn’t belong in a field service environment. For, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to schedule a service appointment and receiving deadly silence on the other end. Gone are the days when field service businesses depended on only one avenue to reach their customers. Today messaging apps and online booking tools have changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. Despite the leaps made in booking technology, a customer is often left waiting for an answer when they attempt to schedule an appointment. SMBs can neither monitor their social handles 24/7 nor can they afford expensive scheduling solutions. Mundane online booking tools like Google calendar can neither handle multiple booking types nor can they prevent instances like double booking. Small business owners who strive to prevent booking disasters and offer their customers a 5-star scheduling experience without making a dent in their account can turn to a WhatsApp Chatbot. Yes, WhatsApp Chatbot. With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the number one messaging app used by your potential clients. Having a WhatsApp Chatbot will make the booking experience easy for both your customers and your back-office team. Here’s all you need to know before looking for a WhatsApp Chat Bot for your small field service business.

So, What Exactly Is a Whatsapp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp Chatbot is nothing but a program that will conduct your booking conversations in WhatsApp on the behalf of your business. It will simulate a human-like booking conversation with your potential clients based on pre-trained answers and inherent rules on which it is trained on. Businesses can train their bots and define rules from simple to complex as required.

Types of Whatsapp Chatbots Available in the Market

The type of WhatsApp Chatbot that suits your business will depend solely on how you intend to use them and your unique business processes. An ideal WhatsApp Chatbot for field service can accomplish everything from offering an excellent booking experience to sending out timely promotional messages and performing a regular follow-up with your clients.

Menu/Button-Type WhatsApp Chatbots

Being the most basic type of WhatsApp Chatbot available in the market, it presents your clients with a button-format decision tree which offers them a limited number of options to narrow down and address their ultimate needs. However, button-type Whatsapp Bots neither understand what users type nor are they capable of sending appropriate replies.

Keyword Recognition WhatsApp Chatbots

As opposed to menu-based chatbots, keyword recognition chatbots use customizable keywords and artificial intelligence to understand customer queries and send appropriate responses and choices to them.

Contextual WhatsApp Chatbots

Being the most advanced type of chatbot available in the market, contextual whatsapp chatbots for field service businesses combine machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to remember customer conversations and learn to understand customers over time. What’s more, these types of WhatsApp Chatbots are intelligent enough to improvise and answer customer queries in a relevant manner.

WhatsApp Chatbot by Zuper Inc

Why Use Zuper’s WhatsApp Chatbot for Your Field Service Business?

Since 2018, Zuper field service management suite has helped a ton of businesses irrespective of size and their line of business to streamline their field service operations. Recently, Zuper launched a WhatsApp Bot to help field service businesses deliver an amazing booking experience that not only includes appropriate responses but seamless scheduling options and timely notifications. Zuper’s WhatsApp Chatbot uses historical customer data gathered from previous conversations to not only convincingly respond to customer requests but also suggest other options resulting in upselling or cross-selling additional services—all through WhatsApp. It will replace a human agent’s interaction and would offer your customers a seamless, consistent experience around the clock, in multiple languages.

Wrap up

WhatsApp chatbots are a powerful messaging automation tool that offer an array of benefits to field service businesses and their customers alike. If you’re interested in seeing a WhatsApp Chatbot in action, signup for a free trial of Zuper and see how it can help automate and enhance your customer interactions, improve your lead management, and drive revenue to your bottom line.



Shobhita Saxena
Shobhita Saxena

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