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Zuper Field Service Management Meets HubSpot Service Hub

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It’s time to elevate your entire customer experience to the next level with Zuper’s new HubSpot and Service Hub integration. Now you can pair the field service management automations you need with the robust CRM capabilities of HubSpot and service capabilities of Service Hub all within your HubSpot instance.

Zuper’s comprehensive product offering and integration with HubSpot Service Hub helps service businesses consolidate their technology stacks to remove bottlenecks, drive better efficiency, and maximize the ROI of existing software investments.” – Zuper CEO Anand Subaraj

While Zuper saves your team hours by streamlining field services workflows and communications, HubSpot and Service Hub hones the efficiency of your customer relationship management, services and support.

What HubSpot Service Hub Offers

Zuper’s strength is world-class field service management that partners with the best tools on the market for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payments and more.

This is why the HubSpot Service Hub is an ideal connection—it creates a superior experience for your team and customers alike. Here, we look at what you gain when you pair Zuper’s field service management with the dynamic customer service and support experience enabled by HubSpot.

Helpdesk and Ticketing

When customers need help, the last thing you want to do is misplace their request. A centralized helpdesk and ticketing system ensures timely and accurate customer support every time. Beyond that, you can organize tickets by priority—ensuring urgent requests don’t get buried. As you address support tickets, you can immediately use Zuper to schedule your technicians without missing a beat, all within the HubSpot interface.

Live Chat

For the times your customers can’t wait, there’s live chat. Live chat gives you the opportunity to support your customers in real-time. In addition, every live chat is saved and stored for your support, service, and sales teams to refer back to along the journey.

Paired with Zuper’s functionality, your support staff can update your technicians on changes and dispatch them to urgent requests without frustrating back-and-forth.

Knowledge Base

Let your customers help themselves with a curated knowledge base. The Service Hub lets you upload support documentation, help articles, and explainer videos for your customers to access on-demand. Having a regularly updated knowledge base can help you cut your customer service inquiries on frequently asked questions and concerns.

You can use the information gained from customer support, along with the analytics and reporting features in Zuper, to identify the critical knowledge base articles and videos your customers need.

Customer Service Automation

You’re already using Zuper to automate steps in your workflow, but now with the Service Hub direct connection, you can automate more of your customer service as well.

From organized support tickets to live chatbots and automatically stored responses, you don’t have to worry about slow or lost communications. Without any time pulled away from other tasks, your customers get the timely support and service they need.

24/7 Support

Both Zuper and HubSpot Service Hub offer 24/7 support. So if at any point during your integration or account lifetime you have a question or need technical assistance, Zuper and HubSpot are available to dive in – even if it’s well after business hours.

Read more about the Zuper + HubSpot Service Hub Integration (link: Apps & Integrations with FSM Software | Zuper)

Case Study: Why Sail Internet Chooses Zuper + HubSpot

Sail Internet is a relative newcomer in an industry of big players, but that hasn’t slowed the company down. Having experienced steady growth since its start in 2015, Sail Internet’s leaders recognized the need to improve operational efficiency to support continued expansion. Quickly jotted notes and spreadsheet tracking just weren’t cutting it anymore.

After careful reviews and multiple team demos, Sail Internet knew Zuper was the right choice.

What’s more, Sail Internet had recently switched to HubSpot for its CRM and has since enjoyed the integrated functionality that has had great results. The company continues to grow and has had a tremendous response from its employees and customers to their newly, streamlined customer and field services experience.

Read the full Sail Internet story (link: Customer Stories | Zuper)Zuper is proud to help support Sail Internet’s success, and we’re always striving to find new ways to enable our customers.

That’s why Zuper prides itself on seamlessly integrating with the best tools available while focusing on providing top-tier field service management features. The integration with HubSpot Service Hub is another example of how you can elevate your business your way.

Have HubSpot already? Go link Zuper to your HubSpot Service Hub account to experience what the full integration can do for yourself. (link: Apps & Integrations with FSM Software | Zuper)

Don’t have HubSpot yet but you are thinking about taking your customer experience to the next level? Learn more about the Zuper HubSpot marketplace app here: App Collections for HubSpot

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