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It’s challenging to start a home cleaning business and even more complicated to manage to handle support requests manually and use various tools for multiple tasks- be it creating an invoice, following up with your customers, and scheduling work orders. Using cleaning software tools with a more complicated setup, it takes a longer time to learn the tool and more unmanageable when you cannot handle all the tasks you need. You end up spending more money and thrice the efforts putting tools together where you must be focusing more on your customers and increasing the efficiency of your maids.

Customers prefer Zuper over other tools since Zuper has a better interface and more features. The scheduling function in Zuper Pro works like a charm. Zuper automatically assigns incoming job requests to the respective teams so that the right job is mapped to the right team. All you need to do is to map the job to the respective team and Zuper takes care of the rest. You needn’t take the hassle of manually employing a person to route the requests and employees save 20% of their time doing more productive jobs following up with their customers.

Customer satisfaction is important for your cleaning business. To transform your growing business from good to best, it’s immensely important to provide stellar satisfaction to your customers.

Zuper has a customer satisfaction feature, which lets you send a survey for feedback from customers and you and your employees get to track the same. What more, whenever your customer isn’t satisfied you can quickly follow up and inspect what went wrong in your service to rectify your service. What more, you also get to export your review ratings to show your new clients how many customers are in love with your maid services.

Not satisfied with the survey we provide? No problem! Zuper is also integrated with tools such as Survey Monkey to enable you to collect customer feedback using the tools you have already used.

Zuper integration with SurveyMonkey

Just as how you value your customers, we too value you. Every customer of ours is given utmost importance and that’s why we have a dedicated team to provide 24*7 support for you. Gone are the times when you have to knock on the doors of third-party providers and ISVs to install the tool for you. It can be excruciating when your problems are unattended after buying the tool and many of our customers have spent much of their money just for implementation and setup via a third party. We believe that it’s our responsibility to provide the best support and that’s exactly why you can trust us. No setup fee. Just the monthly license.

Gone are the days when end-user portals have clunky UI and bad experiences. At Zuper you can host an end-user portal just like that of H&amp,G. Blogs must have pages and too much content and large fonts make your UI clunky. That’s exactly why many cleaning companies make the switch from launch 27 to Zuper to get a more aesthetically appealing portal and host their entire domain customized to their requirements on Zuper.

Once you gain popularity through website marketing and great customer reviews, Your business gains popularity and people start flooding you with a large number of queries. Zuper is also adapted to handle a heavy volume of traffic as your company scales. There will be no issue of website lags or downtime, ever! Take our word!

Your money is hard-earned and that’s exactly why Zuper is nominally priced compared to its competitors. Zuper pro for Field Workforce enables your field team to collaborate in the most hassle-free manner. Get access to the real-time location of your employees and create and email the invoices on the go at just $45/user/month. No hidden fees. No installation fee. No strings attached. Stop spending $200 to $300 on expensive tools like Launch 27. Why go for an expensive tool when you can get better features and a seamless and visually appealing portal at less than 20% of the price?

Zuper offers a modern gift card experience for residential cleaning businesses. Gone are the outdated Gift cards of launch 27. You get to integrate your digital gift card with Google Pay, Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal making the process much easier. Your customers can create a gift card on the go at your website.

Overall, you must have a tool that creates a positive impact on your workspace-

  • Minimizes the hassles
  • Solves the underlying issue
  • Easier to operate and
  • Makes your employees focus on other tasks at hand.

It’s complicated to manage a home cleaning business when you have to handle support requests manually and use different tools for multiple tasks. You end up spending more money and thrice the effort putting tools together where you must be focusing more on your customers and increasing the efficiency of your maids.

Customers prefer Zuper over other tools since Zuper has a better interface and more features. Keep an eye on our resources for cleaning business- we can help you save time and increase efficiency in your work!

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