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Zuper Unveils New Features, Refined User Interface

December 19, 2023

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 Zuper is thrilled to unveil an extensive array of robust new features. Paired with a carefully crafted and refined user interface for both mobile and web, these upgraded capabilities aim to significantly simplify and enhance the oversight, monitoring, and reporting of all field service activities. Moreover, Zuper’s enriched flexibility and user-driven customization options empower companies to accelerate growth and scalability.

Zuper’s modernized web and mobile user experience results from a comprehensive redesign of its previous user interface. The new design enables rapid configuration and customization and delivers blazing performance. Zuper highly values our customers’ opinions and recommendations; their input profoundly influenced these enhancements.

These exciting platform advancements improve usability, enhance data accuracy, and speed data entry, maximizing Zuper’s value for every user. Moreover, customers piloting this updated version have reported a nearly 2X improvement in performance.

“Our goal has always been to provide the most flexible end-to-end FSM software that businesses can easily customize as they scale,” said Anand Subbaraj, CEO of Zuper. “

Ease of use is paramount for organizations with field service teams that are on the go, managing customer requests in a variety of different locations and situations. Our platform enhancements integrate feedback from Zuper users with the goal of providing an even better experience for their employees and end customers, which in turn drives long-term success.”

Key platform enhancements 

1. Advanced, modern UI

An enhanced Zuper user interface built from scratch for both web and mobile applications. This revamped UI elevates the user experience and provides expanded capabilities for viewing, filtering, organizing, searching, and sorting crucial field performance data.

2. Customizable Dashboard

The adjustable dashboard features new KPIs and dashboard widgets, which can be added, repositioned, or removed from each user’s dashboard view. This adaptable view gives field service dispatchers and managers real-time insights into key metrics, and a comprehensive, bird’s eye view of the entire field operations landscape.

3. Innovative Dispatch Board

Zuper’s intelligent dispatching seamlessly integrates mapping and route optimization, incorporating crucial details about employee locations and skills, job locations, job durations, travel distances and times, and much more. Dispatchers have new and dynamic filtering, searching, and sorting options, empowering them to customize the dispatch board and map views to match their exact needs.

4. Industry Leading Mobile App

The refined mobile user interface ensures smooth screen navigation, promotes data accuracy, and expedites data input. Zuper mobile now includes an optional “Dark” mode, easing data input and screen visibility even further for field service technicians. Moreover, Zuper mobile works seamlessly offline. Field engineers can still access and update service data when a network connection is unavailable or lost. All updates made in both the mobile and Web apps are automatically saved and synchronized across both platforms once a connection is reestablished.

5. Service Tasks

Unique service tasks can now be added to service jobs when required. Tasks are optional, but they can add more elaborate technician assignment and tracking requirements to a service job when necessary.

6. Proposals

Proposals have been added to Zuper’s long-standing Quotations feature. Zuper users can now generate proposals for customer review prior to creating a final quotation or invoice. Proposals show customers various options for consideration. Customers have the flexibility to request additions, deletions, and other modifications.

7. Service Requests

End customers can now open “Service Requests” via the Zuper customer portal. Customers can specify the type of service they need or want and the dates and times they prefer the service to be provided. They can edit the requests as required and track the status of the requested services via the customer portal. Customers can also use the service request feature to request quotations for services.

8. Advanced Filters and Global Search

Find exactly what you need quickly using Zuper’s powerful global search and advanced filter capabilities. An extensive range of filtering options empowers you to define and constrain searches precisely. Save filters and searches for future use, and easily share them across mobile and web applications.

9. Bulk Actions and Custom Lists

Update multiple records quickly and simultaneously. Zuper’s new bulk update feature streamlines the process of making necessary changes for numerous records.
Format lists to your liking. Add, delete, rearrange columns, and sort list data in columns to fit your specific needs.

10. Reporting and Analytics

Zuper offers expanded reporting options, providing customers with comprehensive insights. With the added capability to preview reports before downloading, customers can analyze data, spot trends, and make informed decisions faster.

Other Notable Enhancements

These significant improvements are also included in the latest Zuper release:

  • Improved form factor enables uniform views across mobile devices
  • Create new customers, jobs, quotes, invoices from primary screens
  • Specify discounts and added fees
  • Live Chat with every Zuper user
  • Enable optional Tips for service technicians

Uplevel Your Field Operations with the New Zuper

Zuper FSM integrates seamlessly with over sixty complementary applications, including prominent CRM, Accounting, Calendaring, Collaboration, ERP, Marketing, Payment, Survey, and many other compatible applications.

The depth and breadth of functionality Zuper can provide, combined with its flexibility and user-driven customizability, position Zuper as a robust engine to drive your scalability and growth.

Learn more about the new, enhanced Zuper; book a free demo today.



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