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The Ultimate Guide to Lawn Care Marketing & Advertising

September 14, 2021

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Looking to give your lawn care business a marketing boost? Now’s the perfect time to take action! Effective marketing is essential for your lawn care advertising as it helps you stand out in a competitive market and attract new customers. To achieve this, it’s crucial to use a mix of traditional and digital marketing tailored to your specific business needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through effective strategies to kickstart your lawn care advertising and supercharge your marketing efforts. From creating compelling advertisements to leveraging social media and online platforms, we’ll cover everything you need to reach your target audience and drive growth.

Amplify your business reach with online and digital strategies

Online and digital marketing allows you to boost the business’s visibility and accessibility. Customers who go online can seek information about products and services with just a click of a button. You must reach them easily through various online and digital platforms. Moreover, online marketing helps you communicate with your customers in real-time. Here are some ways you can market and advertise your lawn care business online.

Create a lasting first impression with an optimized website

A business website is usually the first thing that people check. Even your digital lawn mowing advertisement will direct the customers to the website. So, a well-designed website is a must. Apart from focusing on the design and content, keep an eye on factors like loading speed, bounce rate, users, and mobile-friendliness.

Attract local clients easily with Google My business listings

Google Business Listing allows you to manage your lawn care company’s appearance on Google search results. It attracts and engages customers who search for lawn care companies online. This practice ensures that customers get relevant information about your company on Google. You can even respond to queries, reviews, post images, and special offers.

Google ads Increase conversions with targeted Google ads

Google ads show on Google search results and can be ranked based on numerous factors such as competition, budget, clicks, etc. Google lawn service ads should direct customers to the lawn care website.

Social Media Ads Drive engagement and sales with social media campaigns

Lawn care Facebook ads, Instagram, and YouTube ads work wonders to attract new customers. These ads show up on the sidebar on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram feed. The ads can either be pay-per-click ads or sponsored lawn care ads that you can boost to gain more visibility. Your ads should be visually appealing and give clear information.

Strengthen customer relationships with tailored email campaigns

This is a powerful yet inexpensive way to advertise your lawn care company. Email marketing adds a level of personalization that other methods don’t. Send an attractive emailer talking about your company, services, special offers, with a clear CTA to potential leads and prospects.

Build trust and credibility through customer reviews and testimonials

Leveraging social proof is a must for a successful lawn care marketing strategy. Building brand trust is crucial, and potential customers are more likely to trust reviews and testimonials from existing customers over traditional advertisements. To showcase your credibility, prominently feature customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings on your website. Flaunting these social proofs can significantly enhance your brand’s reputation and attract more customers to your business.

Make videos that educate and engage potential customers

Show off the quality of your services with captivating lawn care videos. These videos are a great way to educate and engage potential customers, letting them see firsthand what you can do. Videos have a huge impact on social media, grabbing attention and keeping viewers interested longer than pictures or text. Use this strategy to create process or how-to videos, demonstrating your expertise and drawing more customers to your business.

Provide visual proof of your service quality

When you show ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, you create a powerful visual impact on your customers. These images provide tangible proof of your service quality and give customers a clear idea of the improvements they can expect. By exhibiting before and after lawn care images on your website or social media, you can attract more potential customers.

Enhance customer loyalty with proven offline marketing tactics

Offline marketing helps in establishing loyalty and building relationships with the customers. It enables your customers to form a strong association with your business. With offline marketing, you can reach customers in ways that digital platforms cannot. Here are some effective ways you can advertise and market your business offline.

Make a memorable impact with professionally designed business cards

Professional business cards are great to advertise your lawn care. Rather than looking at your business card as a means to share your contact details, consider it a marketing tool. A well-thought, professionally designed business card can convey a lot about your lawn care business and even close a deal.

 Tap into a local audience with Yellow Pages listings

It may seem slightly traditional to list your ad on the Yellow Pages, but it is quite effective. People turn to Yellow Pages to find services locally and you would be missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers by not putting your lawn care ad on this medium.

Reach homeowners directly with customized door hangers

You can advertise lawn care business through door hangers which allow you to reach the homes of potential customers directly. These are tags with a hole at the top that can be hung on a doorknob. These can be text-heavy, as making an impact through an image on such a small space can be tricky. However, don’t skip adding a small image to give them a visual reference of your work.

Increase visibility and trust with high-quality lawn signs

Lawn signs are a great advertising tool to show the quality of your work first-hand. Put up lawn signs in areas you already have a presence. Display the sign in people’s lawns for an incentive. Better yet, put up signs on those customers’ lawns whom you’ve serviced.

Attract new clients with attention-grabbing lawn care flyers

Flyers can generate excellent results. Keep the communication direct and crisp to maximize the limited space on the flyer. Ensure your brand is distinguishable, list the services clearly, and convey why you are the best in the business. Add an offer to attract the customers and use eye-catching imagery of lawns you’ve worked on.

Boost brand awareness with strategic magazine and newspaper ads

One of the best ways to advertise lawn care business is by putting up ads in local magazines and newspapers. Choose magazines targeted towards homeowners or those focusing on gardening and landscaping. You can also target the local newspapers to achieve better visibility.

Expand your reach with local TV and radio advertisements

Since your lawn care services would be targeted to specific locations, put up ads on local television and radio channels. This helps in boosting awareness without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, this will help you target customers who aren’t on digital platforms. The ads should be memorable and relatable. They should feature good storytelling along with a clear call to action.

Capture the market’s attention with eye-catching billboards

Billboards placed at the right places can bring in numerous customers. However, billboards have a few seconds to make an impression since the customers are usually on the move.Therefore, the lawn mowing ad should have strong visual imagery and bold text to drive your message.

Maximize brand exposure with attractive vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are like moving billboards. They have the potential to increase your exposure and target new customers. Choose the right ‘wrap’ for the vehicle so that none of the message or imagery gets hidden. Convey the message through the imagery while keeping the text minimalistic it’ll be easier to comprehend while the vehicle’s moving. One catchy headline, offer, and contact details should be printed in a large, contrasting font.

Leverage customer testimonials for powerful word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-Mouth (WoM) is a powerful advertising tool as it is authentic and trustworthy. This is when the existing customers advocate your services to others. You can get customers’ feedback and testimonials and publish them online or offline. Adding social media and website links where they can leave behind reviews would be a great idea. New customers usually trust and rely on existing and past customers’ reviews more than anything else. Setting up a referral program where you incentivize customers to refer someone is also quite effective.These WoM techniques will build the credibility of your business.

Ensure your marketing hits the mark with key information

Every marketing campaign and advertising message should consist of information that highlights your business details. Whether they are social media and Google ads for online marketing, billboards and door hangers for offline marketing, or a website and business card as a marketing tool, you must include:

  • The company logo and business name
  • Accurate contact information
  • Strong visual elements like a photo or graphics
  • Your slogan or motto, if any
  • A special offer or promo code, if any
  • Clear, strong call-to-action

Allocate your budget wisely for optimal marketing performance

According to a Marketo study, only 23% of B2B marketers feel their marketing budget is very effective. The advertising budget depends on your overall budget, business profit margins, and yearly business goals. Calculate your current revenue and the revenue you wish to generate in the coming year, the number of people you want to target, and customers you wish to acquire. Based on these factors and past advertising results, you can allocate your budget for a mix of advertising techniques mentioned above. If you aren’t sure which advertising tool to choose, allocate a small budget to a select few and run ads. Then, calculate the ROI of each method and direct your budget to those techniques that generated great returns and results.

Pair marketing with key business activities

Choosing the right mix of advertising and marketing techniques will certainly boost your business. However, they need to be complemented with other business activities to run and manage a business successfully. Such tasks include scheduling, workplace collaboration, and, most importantly, improving customer experience. Get in touch with us if you need any assistance with the same to take your lawn care business to the next level.

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