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Improve Customer Satisfaction With Automated Workflow

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Automation is not just about time savings and reduction of errors; it extends far beyond that in field service. In this article, we’ll explore how.

Have you ever wondered about the complexity of your workflow? Start by asking your field technicians. Is it an intuitive experience for them? How about your customers? Have you simplified things as much as possible, or are there still pain points in their process? If your customers are still struggling, it is a red flag signaling the need to streamline your workflow.

The time has come to integrate automation into your workflow. Automation is not difficult to implement. In fact, it’s now a fundamental requirement for businesses. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the benefits of adopting automation tools for the field service industry.

How automation elevates the customer experience

1. Keeps your customers informed about every activity

Customers want to be kept in the loop and know what is happening and what to expect. With the power of automation and advanced solutions, like field service management software, customers are provided with complete visibility of their service requests. They know to whom the task is assigned, as well as it is status and that of the technician. Estimated times of arrival are automatically updated, and the parts and services associated with a job can be updated in real-time.

2. Gives them the autonomy to streamline their experience

With the emergence of customer portals, everything has become much easier for customers. Even if they have missed automated notifications or alerts, they can simply log in through the customer portal and track the complete details of all their service calls, past and present. Instead of needing to place a phone call or drop by a service center, they can now open a service request themselves and schedule appointments according to their convenience. What could be better for the customer experience than the ability to schedule and monitor their own service appointments?

3. Simplifies payment process using digital methods

A job is considered done only when the payment is completed. Payments are one of the critical steps where customers often face dissatisfaction. Sometimes card payments don’t go as planned. To give an example, field service management platforms support various payments such as ACH; , Buy now, pay later; consumer financing options; and so on. The power of automation is that a technician can simply send a payment link to customers for them to complete the payment at their convenience. And that’s not all—automated payment reminders can be sent to them, helping to ensure that payments are processed on time.

How automation improves service delivery

1. Eliminates communication gaps

Automation is like having a super-efficient messenger. It helps everyone on the team talk faster and clearer. Whether it’s customers, employees, or the office team, automated systems make sure messages reach the right people quickly. This way, there’s less chance of confusion or things getting lost, making the whole process smoother.

2. Enhances technician’s efficiency

Automation frees technicians from doing tedious tasks like confirming appointments, updating job details, and filling out manual work orders and invoices. Further, IoT sensors and remote monitoring tools provide real-time data on equipment health, allowing technicians to identify potential issues and plan repairs before even arriving on site. Now, technicians twirl with the freedom to focus on what matters most: solving complex problems and delighting customers.

3. Avoids delays leading to happy customers

Automation gives field service operations a turbo boost to get them done faster. It helps finish tasks much quicker than doing them manually. This speed is especially helpful when your customers are waiting. Quick responses and speedy service mean everyone’s happy. So, automation isn’t just about being fast; it is about making sure things happen on time, and customers are happy with the service they receive.

How automation streamlines workflows

1. Allotting a job to the right technician in a fraction of a second

Scheduling a job and dispatching the right resource is a challenging task to do for managers everyday. It is hard to imagine how it was done without automation. Now, with automation,  the once hectic process of scheduling and dispatching is done smoothly, making workflows much easier. Through automation, jobs can be set recurring. You can schedule updates for multiple jobs with a single click, reducing the complexity of workflow.


2. Transforms manual processes into digital ones

Digital transformation of field service is guaranteed with automation tools like inventory and asset management. Inventory and asset management help with systematic stock management and the implementation of preventive maintenance strategies for assets. Besides, automation also tackles the challenge of tracking job statuses, eliminating manual efforts like note-taking and copy-pasting. With detailed job records, it not only streamlines operations but also supports insightful analytical reports, making field service more efficient and data-driven.

3. Supports technological integrations

Enterprise businesses are actively seeking seamless integrations, and this quest is where the power of automation truly shines. Take, for instance, Zuper FSM software, which seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Hubspot, QuickBooks, and Freshdesk, among others. The integration is bi-directional, meaning if you create a ticket in Freshdesk, it automatically transfers to Zuper. This streamlined connectivity showcases the transformative power of automation in simplifying and enhancing field business processes.

Automate your Way to Success with Zuper

Zuper empowers field service businesses to automate various tasks and processes, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency. Here’s how:

Is this the solution you’ve been searching for? At Zuper, we live by the mantra of ‘Field Service, Your Way.’ Our commitment to customers includes delivering seamless integrations, automation, and customization. Don’t waste any more of your time, test drive Zuper now or book a free demo.

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