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Harnessing the Power of Custom Configuration in Zuper Field Service Management

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When you cannot customize your field service management platform to fit your needs, you lose what separates you from your competitors. Your experience becomes stale for customers and technicians alike. &nbsp,

Loyal customers are only loyal because you provide a service that your competitors cannot match. So, if your field service experience looks the same as every other provider, you lose a clear reason to set your business apart in a crowded market. &nbsp,

Moreover, a stale experience prevents you from attracting and retaining the top field service technicians, further impacting your customer experience. &nbsp,

Zuper understands that what sets you apart is what drives your business. That is why Zuper’s comprehensive field service management software is the most customizable in its class.


1. Custom configuration without a developer &nbsp,

Not only does Zuper offer customization options, but it does it in a way that is easy for you. &nbsp,

The Zuper platform is simple to configure without the assistance of a developer. Zuper deploys a no-code, drag-and-drop workflow setup so that you can simply move things around and put together a process that meets your needs.

Additionally, Zuper features no-code configurations with step-by-step walk-throughs and 18/5 customer support to provide you with a custom-configured field service management solution.

2. Introduce new workflows and checklists with ease

Introducing a new process is challenging when you manage busy on-the-road technicians. You cannot simply bring everyone into the office for training if you have customers to serve. Instead, you need to create easy-to-follow checklists and workflows that you can instantly share with your field service technicians. &nbsp,

When you choose Zuper, you gain a user-friendly checklist and workflow builder that guides you through setting up a new workflow in minutes, not days. Simply drag and drop the required steps in the correct order, and your field service technicians can implement the new process immediately. &nbsp,

3. Create custom customer fields to refine your workflows further

Are you giving your field service technicians enough information before dispatching them to the job site? &nbsp,

If you do not collect enough information up front, you risk sending an unprepared technician – or worse, the wrong technician – to the job. Using Zuper, you can set up customizable fields to gather the unique customer and job details to help match the right technician to the project. &nbsp,

Simply take advantage of the no-code builder and set up a custom work order form that provides your field service technicians with all the information they need to deliver an incredible customer experience. &nbsp,

4. Connect your platforms for an integrated system

Zuper understands that effective field service management is only possible if it integrates into your larger work processes. Therefore, Zuper integrates with the leading platforms in sales, customer support, accounting, e-commerce, and even hiring. Zuper’s new power apps are created with the intention of satisfying unique business needs like mileage calculation, geo-coordinates capture, and more.

Plus, Zuper automatically syncs its data with third-party tools so that your back-office teams don’t waste time making redundant data entries. Whether you are looking for a smooth sales-to-field service transition or hoping to manage, collaborate, and communicate with your employees and subcontractors from a central location, Zuper has an integration to fit your needs. &nbsp,

5. Build customer communication templates for broadcast messages, delays, reminders, and status alerts

Your customer communications set the tone for your service appointment. However, your field service technicians do not have time to send original messages to each customer. Instead, Zuper empowers you to create custom templates for broadcast messages, delay notifications, appointment reminders, and status update alerts.

Custom communication templates provide your customers with the detailed communications they need without pulling time away from your technician’s busy day – a win-win scenario. &nbsp,

6. Manage user profiles, employee roles, and administrative permissions

A good field service management platform provides you with advanced control, including establishing defined parameters for each user. Thus, Zuper makes it simple to assign the right roles and permissions to the right users.

With Zuper, you can manage your company profile, calendar, and employee roles and permissions, including who can approve technician timesheets, so there is never any confusion between the back office and your field service technicians. &nbsp,

7. Define technician service territories and skill sets for improved dispatching

Often, your field service technicians operate within fixed service territories to simplify scheduling and dispatching and to reduce travel costs. For this reason, Zuper supports assigned service areas to guarantee that your field service technicians are not spending too much time on the road between jobs.

In addition, Zuper lets you add technicians’ skill sets, including the minimum training required for specific jobs. These parameters ensure that you never send an ill-equipped technician to solve your customer service requests. &nbsp,

8. Recover your recently deleted items

The best way to discover everything Zuper can do is by customizing forms, fields, and workflows. But sometimes, while testing the platform, you may unintentionally modify or delete an item (job, estimates, invoice, customers, and more).

To prevent you from starting from scratch, Zuper saves your deleted items for up to 90 days so that any changes or data losses can quickly be undone, meaning greater workflow efficiency.

Work your way with advanced customization

Zuper’s extensive customization options allow you to manage your field service processes your way without compromising functionality. Beyond the robust out-of-the-box customizations, Zuper continues working with customers to develop unique functionalities, expanding its integrations with complementary platforms and rolling out critical features and updates every month.

Zuper helps your service business establish custom workflows and settings, improve technician productivity, and create more satisfied customers. If you are ready to experience the power of Zuper’s customization, schedule your demo today.


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